The Dumbest Answer in the RNC Chair Debate…And It Got The Most Applause!

While I did not get a chance to watch the whole debate last Monday, I took the time to watch it this morning on youtube.

The most applauded answer of the debate was given by Ann Wagner when asked how many guns she owned.

She answered that she just got a new gun safe for Christmas, and she has 16 guns in total including a glock and an assault rifle.

That was the dumbest answer of the debate.

My father-in-law and I do not agree on much. He is a Democrat, I’m a Republican, but he taught me a very valuable lesson.

Do not ever tell anyone how many and what kind of guns you have, and never buy a gun cabinet.

If you do, everyone will know where to find them.

I was also disgusted by Cino and Steele’s answer, which was zero.

Stupid. Telling everyone you are unarmed is probably the second dumbest thing to do.

Hey, but now everyone knows exactly where to get an assault rifle.

What is also maddening is the fact that the whole place erupted in applause. The Republican Party of non-thinkers?

Preibus and Anuzis answered the question better by just giving a number, but I would have liked to see an answer like the one my father-in-law gives.

“Oh, I don’t know…..” which means, none of your business.

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