Stabenow Is Squirming

Stabenow is squirming under the heat of this EPA vote so much that she is working on her own amendment. Her amendment seeks to delay EPA regulation of CO2 for two years. Interestingly enough, that is exactly the amount of time needed to campaign for her next term.

Right now, there are three Democrat amendments that are serving as cover amendments for the McConnell/Manchin bipartisan amendment. Rockefeller, Baucus, and now Stabenow each want to obfuscate and implement Cap and Trade.

The Detroit Free Press reports,

“U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow is proposing a two-year delay in the enforcement of new greenhouse gas regulations proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a move that could help moderate Democrats with business interests in their states while denying a Republican attempt to derail EPA’s plans to regulate carbon emissions altogether.”

Why doesn’t Stabenow just vote for Rockefeller’s amendment? His is a two year delay deal. She wants to be the author of this one because she knows she is Ag Committee chair, and if she doesn’t try to make a big deal out of this amendment, ie. offering it herself, she will lose face. She can’t just vote for someone elses amendment, that wouldn’t be big enough. No, right now, she is trying to concoct an amendment all on her own to really be the bestest ever.

But, the bestest ever is being offered by McConnell, and Stabenow has to vote for his bipartisan amendment, or she loses re-election, it’s that simple.

The National Association of Manufacturers is running ads in Michigan, targeted at Levin and Stabenow.

Hmm. Manufacturers are asking Stabenow to vote with McConnell, and she is offering her own amendment to delay, delay, delay.

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