What Is Stabenow Afraid Of–Voters?

She should be. She is the Chair of the Agriculture Committee in the Senate, the most liberal Senator of all 100, and she votes with environmentalists 100% of the time. Which of these things don’t go together?

The National Farm Bureau is very opposed to the ever-increasing power of the EPA, and they are more pro-active about it than ever before. But then, the strangulation of farming interests and industry by the EPA created that friction.

Yet Stabenow probably believes she has covered all of her bases in her cover amendment to the small business bill. She delays the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide (needed for all living things to exist) for two years, enough time to get herself re-elected, and exempts farmers from dealing with the EPA’s stringent rules on emissions from equipment. But farmers are not stupid, carving them out of certain regulation only works a short while.

Most farmers see radical environmentalists as people with too much time on their hands and uptight. They have no understanding of nature, the natural ebb and flow of God’s earth, as most farm families do. And when the agenda of these types of environmental do-gooders makes them have to work harder on their own property and makes their budgets bust, they tend to become very opposed to any politician who sides with this radical group.

Isn’t that what Debbie Stabenow is doing? Siding with the unrealistic and utterly ludicrous suggestions made by the EPA? When they have no say in it at all except to sue through the Farm Bureau? First of all, Stabenow wanted an amendment of her own because she couldn’t get anywhere with her friends who gave her the 100 LCV(League of Conservation Voters) score if she voted along with McConnell’s amendment. But that is exactly what farmers want her to do. They want her to stop the EPA from implementing rules that are unchecked by Congress. If she doesn’t vote with McConnell, she will be telling them that their votes do not count, that they don’t get representation in Congress, and that she is representing the EPA, not them.

Who are the best conservationists? It’s not the LCV, it’s the farmers, the ranchers, the hunters! Not these uptight, micro-managing, soft-handed environmentalists.

The radical environmentalists tell us that to vote against an over-reaching EPA is to please “corporate masters.” But the opposite is true.

The American Farmer, Miner, Factory Worker, Trucker, Lineman, most skilled tradesmen are being attacked by the EPA. It is our jobs that are in danger if the EPA has it’s way. We are the ones who will inevitably lose our professions if the EPA can use it’s power to regulate business, and our air for pete’s sake. The EPA wishes to regulate our very air. Enough!

That’s why moderate Democrat voices are voting with McConnell R-KY (if Reid ever allows a vote) and Manchin D-WV. Stabenow will create a force to put her out of office if she continues palling around with radical environmentalists.

When it comes time to campaign in 2012, who would you trust to understand who to vote for? A politician who represents the EPA? Or a farmer who knows a thing or two about nature.

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