Major Media Puffs Rapist Mike Tyson

The Walt Disney Company owns ESPN radio.  I cannot believe that the great name of Walt Disney has been reduced to such disgusting filth as ESPN Radio in Las Vegas.

Mike Tyson, former boxer, convicted rapist, son of Islam, said vile, violent, putrid things about Sarah Palin, all the while laughing with the radio hosts, who took no offense when he said he’d like to see Dennis Rodman,  “Pushing her guts up in the back of her head.”  From the audio, you could tell they were holding their sides, laughing so hard it hurt.

Walt Disney was a name synonymous with wholesome entertainment every weekend when I was a child, and at the movie theater when I was lucky. I know there are plenty of egregious examples of how ABC/ESPN/Disney has fallen from such heights of sweetness and light, and I know there won’t be much done about it, but it makes the average person wonder if there is any American goodness out there.

It would be silly to look to today’s media and try to believe they look for the good and wholesome.  They do the opposite, they take the steaming piles of dogshit and serve them up on a plate with an aperitif.   Even the recent television show from CBS, “Same Name” tried very hard to make Tyson look like a regular guy, a nice guy, a wholesome, good guy.  The show’s premise was to find people whose names were the same as celebrities, Kathy Griffin, Mike Tyson, Reggie Bush, and switch lives with them in hopes of both parties understanding each others lives.  But if you watch the CBS promotion of the Tyson episode, he is nicely portrayed as a “misunderstood”, “complex” man whose media portrayal has been unfair.  The announcer goes through his past, sidestepping his rape conviction, and refers to Tyson’s longtime barber who said, “Some people think he’s crazy or something, because of the media, but he’s definitely not that, he’s a lot smarter than people think he is.”

Oh, so now he’s smart.

The announcer goes on to say that Tyson is reclaiming his reputation and name at 45, with Tyson saying in an interview, “I’m not as reckless as that guy before.”  The CBS interviewer says, “It’s important that people know that about you?”  Tyson says, “I can only inform them by my conduct.  I can’t tells them, I’ve told them a million times.”

So ESPN/ABC/Disney allows his comments on air, laughing and all, and CBS does puff pieces about him, for him, for his reputation, even going so far as to reiterate that the folks just don’t know the real Mike Tyson.

Yes, we do, and we see that major media like CBS and ABC and Walt Disney have twisted, sick agendas, giving cover to steaming piles of dogshit like Tyson.


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