Newt On Environmental Progressivism

What is Newt Gingrich’s environmental policy? He has not abandoned his stance that between he and Nancy Pelosi, “we do agree that our country must take action to address climate change.” Newt told Fox News is that he does still believe government has a role in addressing climate change, and that he took somebody’s advice to call the commercial dumb.

From the Congressional Record, April 19, 1990:

Mr. Gingrich: Mr. Speaker, I rise to say that I think that Earth Day is very important. I used to teach environmental studies. I think we are making progress. I think the recent action of the other body on the clean air bill is an important first step in the right direction on a very major issue.

But there is something a little sad and almost pathetic about some of the organized Democratic Party efforts in this Chamber to partisanize Earth Day. The fact is in the Senate there were 34 Republicans

and 16 Democrats who gave Senator Mitchell the key victory on getting a signable clean air bill out of the Senate.

The fact is there is a bipartisan coalition working on the clean air bill. I would call on the Democratic leadership to join Republicans in putting into effect more recycling activities here on Capitol Hill and working to improve the environment , instead of trying to exploit the environment for purely narrow and partisan purposes.

Newt’s performance in current debates and radio and TV interviews would give all of us the impression that he is against any overtures with the left. Is he being sly with is wording of answers to hide his actual agenda?

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  • Ge0ffrey

    1990? You have anything more current?