Palin Should Join Trump In Debate

The National Journal has an article about the Trump debate that is to happen on December 27th. Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman aren’t going to be there, and now Romney says he won’t “kiss the ring” of the Trumpster either.

You know, if I was Trump, I’d ask Sarah Palin to join him to moderate the debate. The left in the media are talking about how Trump is just a publicity hog, and how he’s not a serious journalist who can moderate a debate, forget that, if Sarah Palin, who did go to college for journalism’s sake and knows a lot about every single issue was to join Trump, well, we’d have us a great debate.

It’s a joke that well-known anchors and so-called journalists get to moderate debates for whatever network they are on, they don’t seem to internalize much in the way of actual knowledge of the issues. In fact, Newt Gingrich has called them out for their sleazy tactics when questioning Republicans.

If Trump wanted to up the ante, he’d ask Palin to help. Then, we’d get a real debate, what with her knowledge of this issues and her connection with the American people. And it would infuriate the Republican establishment because Romney just said he wouldn’t do it. If he won’t kiss the ring of Trump, he will sail far away from getting the nod of the American people if he decides to not kiss Sarah’s ring.

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  • Anna

    Excellent suggestion!

  • ArleneArmy

    There may be 1 problem .. Palin is currently on contract with foxnews. If Palin shows up at televised Trump / NewsMax debate she might be in violation of foxnews contract.

    Key word is TELEVISED. I seriously doubt fox will grant her the permission.

    • Jen Kuznicki


  • Bernard Webb

    Finally! "You're fired" meets "I quit".