Mark Levin at A Reagan Forum 3.9.12

Mark Levin participated in a Reagan Forum on Friday, 3/9/12. I have embedded the video here, first of all, because he’s a great friend and this video is engaging and shows his personality, humor and intelligence. Mark teaches complex political philosophy, and explains it so most can understand. Thanks to the Reagan Foundation for this discussion with Mark Levin on his blockbuster book, Ameritopia.

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  • Pat C

    It would be audacious of anyone to try to add to a work of the ages that is Ameritopia, so I'll just say this; If you can't see God's hand in the struggle for liberty, you cannot see. Knowledge is power and Ameritopia is one of the most scholarly works on Gods green earth. Thank you God, for Mark R Levin.

    • Jen Kuznicki

      Pat, you hit the nail on the head. We have to fight for God and country, the two things that the left is systematically trying to erase. They tear down our institutions brick by brick, and I believe with all my heart and soul, that our love of country is because of our love of God and his plan for us all. This nation was founded upon our God-given rights. We cannot let the left secularize our nation in order to fundamentally transform it.