Leftist Mommy From Wisconsin Got Me Fired Up

Ok, why should I care? I was notified a while back that I would be in the top 25 Circle of Moms Political Mommy Blogger race, where we are supposed to get people to vote for us to win…nothing. Big deal, right? However, my first inclination was to try to gather those whom I thought would vote for me and ask them to keep voting, (you can vote once a day,) until the competition ends at 4pm PT, 7pm ET on April 4th.

So, like most things in my life I forgot about it, until a couple of days ago, I noticed there was no way in hell I was going to win by popular vote, no big deal, but a conservative could.

So here is my appeal you all of you. I don’t even know Lonely Conservative, never met her, and just now found out she has a blog. She has been working hard, quite obviously, and is in a good spot in this competition to win.

I just wanna beat the leftist!

Oh Jen, you are so mean, that’s not fair, leftists are people too….um, no, look here.

The leftist in question is Monologues of Dissent, I’m not linking to her, look it up. I personally enjoy calling her ‘Monologues of Dissentary’ (yes I know it’s spelled wrong) ever since I read her hateful blog.

Besides the fact that “Heather” writes way too many words to get to her point, (a liberal tendency) and she is obsessed, completely, with Scott Walker, she really is ashamed to be a woman.

In her front page post seeking votes for her blog, Heather says, “But choose carefully, as accidentally voting for the wrong blogs could lead to who only knows what kind of trouble down the road, including, but not limited to: perpetuation of the stay-at-home-mom-myth, senseless infighting among women who should otherwise be aligned, unhealthy exposure to dangerous “family values” hypocrisy, defunding of Planned Parenthood, dismissal of sexism and racism as “myths of the left” and legal mandates that school lunches include the “Parents’ Choice” package (Twinkies, walking tacos, freedom fries and a Bible). So vote for me if you oppose any of that and I’ll do my best to fight it.”

I suppose she was trying to be funny, but she just attacked everything that a woman is all about. Child-rearing, family-values, the culture of life, right vs. wrong, freedom and God.

On the other hand, we have Lonely Conservative. Her recent post, “Conservative Bloggers Really Need Your Vote in Top 25 Political Moms Contest – Say No to the Commie Mommies” is spot on, and much more loving and decent. Of course, calling Heather a Commie isn’t a nasty thing to do…it’s the truth.

The top bloggers from the left aren’t your mom’s Democrats. They’re radical progressives. The one in the lead describes herself as “Leftist. Very, very leftist” and has made it her mission to see Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker defeated. I’m sure she has no problem with the vicious way her side has treated Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish. The website running the contest says they have millions of followers. Do you really want that “very, very leftist” winning and sending the message to millions of moms that her views are mainstream? Don’t you want to do something, no matter how small, to show that there is no conservative war on women?

Heck yeah, and that’s why I beg you to vote for Lonely here and do it again tomorrow as we watch the voting in Wisconsin, we can be taking down the leftist, and again Wednesday before 7pm ET.

I’m going to do it, I’ve informed Lonely Conservative, and I hope you all spread the word.

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  • http://lonelyconservative.com Lonely Conservative

    Oh, and nice to "meet" you! 😉

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      Nice to meet you too! Keep up the great work! I love the layout of your blog:)

  • http://marezilla.com Zilla

    Did you see that dissentary even trash talks the Circle of Moms website that is hosting the contest from her blog post that says all those other nasty things about us (and traditional families and moms everywhere)?
    Also notice that in the side bar at the contest page it shows the amount of members in the communities at the Circle of Moms site, check the #s for the two sides of the political spectrum:

    Republican/Conservative Moms
    43,423 members

    Liberal/Progressive Moms
    139 members

    And yet a blogger who HATES moms and HATES families and even disparages the Circle of MOMS website is the frontrunner in the MOMS contest. Seems a bit odd, doesn't it?

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      yes ma'am. thanks for the heads up:)

  • ricci

    Came to the contest voting page via Chicks on the Right. So glad to see so many of yall out here!! I have never been to Circle of Moms, or most of the blogs listed. A gold mine, LOL, mostly, with only some liberal slag. Will be visiting here again, look forward to wandering these new blogs.

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      Thanks! Just perused Chicks on the Right yesterday, very cool! Make sure you vote! today and tomorrow until 7pm ET is all we got!

  • brawkalicious

    Hey are any of you considering attending the July conference of Smart Girl Politics? I'm really tempted … it'd be a feat from Alaska, but I like their style from what I've read.