Democrat Vaginas Want To Be Noticed

Hey ya’ll come to Lansing, there’ll be plenty of vaginas.

This whole controversy disgusts me, but hey, it’s part of the reason why I’m not a Democrat.

The false narrative that the media is running with on the vagina controversy in Lansing is basically what the Democrats say it’s about. According to female Democrats, women are being censored on the House floor for daring to say the word vagina.

So, in order to really really get those evil male Republicans to pay, the women plan to talk about taking mirrors to view the female genitalia, how the hair feels, orgasms, and on and on and on. And at no time will they suggest that any of this is a social taboo.

As a man commented on one of my posts, if a man talked about his penis the way these women are going to talk about their vaginas, he would be arrested for assault and taken away.

It’s pornographic. And if you don’t want to hear it, they are going to yell it, and force it, and make you.

Now let’s talk about rape.

Every woman who is in her 40’s knows that the phrase, “No means no,” is a slogan that has been used to raise awareness of date rape. Every one of us.

And might I add, if Lisa Brown was interested in using “anatomically correct medical terms,” to describe what she views as an assault on her religious views, she would have said “uterus” instead of “vagina.” Not to mention that Judaism is not a pro-choice religion, but a proud pro-life religion.

So, when Lisa Brown said, “interested in my vagina,” and “no means no” on the House floor, how did she expect the men to take that? And why is it that men’s feelings have to be ignored? To them, she suggested they were abusing her, or wanted to abuse her, why do they have to sit there and act like they deserve to be talked to that way? They represent women too, most of them have wives and daughters. It’s the day after Father’s Day! They barred her for speaking for a day, big deal, did she learn? NO.

Now, we have a bunch of scared media types suggesting that this will end poorly for the Republicans. Why? Because they expect a modicum of decency?

I expect decency in government, but when a whole slew of women say they speak for me, and then bring themselves and the rest of their sex down into the gutter, I’ve got something to say about it.

I wonder if the female Democrats, or the rest of the Democrat Party in Michigan wish to hold the play in their local senior center? How about at the kindergarten? Try it at a mosque, synagogue or parish.

I wonder if the female Democrats take offense at being viewed only as vaginas? There is a facebook event inviting all to come to the embarrassment titled, “VAGINAS TAKE BACK THE CAPITOL!

If you allow men to look at you as a vagina, you have set back women’s rights a thousand years.

Abortions are legal in this country, much to my disgust, but look at what happens when you try to make them safe and rare. The women of the Democrat Party revolt.

It occurred to me that the women in the Democrat party are so interested in sticking it to the men who run the House, that they are degrading themselves and the family to make a point.

And what is the point?


This whole sick charade is designed to gin up emotional shouting women to give to the Democrat Party.

The issue began to address abortion on demand, Brown made it a religious rights issue, and now the vulgarity will be on full display at the nation’s capitol.

Stay classy, Democrats.

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  • Mercedes

    Wow, what century are you from? This isn't for money. I don't have and never will have absolutely any interest in throwing money at the democratic party, and neither do any of my peers; we're simply interested in why so many of you are offended by your own anatomy. This isn't a political issue the way you people always make it out to be (because apparently that's all it is for you), it's a human rights issue. Stay out of my body.

    • Jen Kuznicki

      so you believe that it is wrong to expect privacy for our bodies? You make no sense, just like Brown.

  • Mercedes

    Always black and white, Democrat and Republican. Not the way it should be and not the way it is for me. Don't you worry, I won't be sending my money any which way, only supporting the ideas. Because we've been at this for a few millennia too long.

    • Jen Kuznicki

      well, Mercedes, perhaps you don't want this to be about money, but, rest assured, the Democrat female legislators are using your emotions on the subject to make money. How does that make you feel?

      • Mercedes

        It makes me feel like it's politics doing its thing.

  • Teresa Cook

    I have participated in the Vagina Monologues on three occasions and really cannot understand how you considerate to be pornographic in nature…it's about empowering women. But I guess you're entitled to your opinion. However, let's not loose sight of the fact that Rep. Brown was barred from speaking when men using similarly offensive language have not. Do you agree with that?

    • Jen Kuznicki

      your comment speaks for itself. You wished to be viewed as merely a vessel.

      • cassie

        that makes even less sense than your petulant, um, essay. Btw, vaginas aren't "vessels" — they're conduits. You're welcome.

        • Jen Kuznicki

          tell that to Lisa Brown, she’s the one with the embarrassing lack of knowledge.

    • Terri Eagen-Torkko

      I agree–it's empowering! And, Jen, I'm not a vessel. I've never birthed anyone and won't.

  • Athena

    To add some facts to your post – The Vagina Monologues have nothing to do with woman wanting to be seen as a vagina. In fact the opposite is true. It is a movement to recognize women as a whole and to end violence against women. From their website:

    "V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex slavery.

    Through V-Day campaigns, local volunteers and college students produce annual benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues, A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer, Any One Of Us: Words From Prison, screenings of V-Day's documentary Until The Violence Stops, and the PBS documentary What I Want My Words To Do To You, Spotlight Teach-Ins and V-Men workshops, to raise awareness and funds for anti-violence groups within their own communities. In 2011, over 5,800 V-Day benefit events took place produced by volunteer activists in the U.S. and around the world, educating millions of people about the reality of violence against women and girls."

    My mother and Grandmother have gone to the Vagina Monologues.

    Emily Dievendorf says it best on the Facebook page "Vaginas Take Back the Capital"

    "the Vagina Monologues aren't about wanting to be seen as a vagina, they are about wanting to be recognized as whole and to have all of the parts of the whole be respected. It it about not condoning the our exploitation by others and celebrating the diversity of the female experience. You should see it sometime. It celebrates women like you too. Keep writing. Keep embracing your voice. But consider what purpose your writing serves when it involves shaming. You are, of course, welcome to the show and community being offered tonight."

    • Jen Kuznicki

      you and she may not want it to be viewed that way, but human nature is what it is. now, either you are a thinking woman who has something to add, or, you want everyone to focus on what's between your legs.

      • you know it

        if you think that Republican men see you as anything other than a woman – 2nd class baby vessel, DEFINED by her dirty vagina – then you are seriously ignorant

        • Jen Kuznicki

          WE HAVE A WINNER! No, people with male genitalia who say that and think that are not men. You have serious issues.

  • Jen Kuznicki

    OK, it's clear that liberal feminists have no class, I will not be posting your filth on my site, good day.

    • Terri Eagen-Torkko

      Oh, I'm not a liberal feminist. I'm a radical feminist.

  • Sara

    What about women? Are we people with rights the same as male human beings? Do the unborn (including female unborn!) have more rights than women who ARE born? Should laws force women to risk death or other irreparable harms to their bodies, minds, and lives against their wills by being forced to maintain a pregnancy even if doing so endangers their lives beyond a shadow of a doubt, or if it puts them at risk in other ways? Should laws be made requiring men to risk their lives or their well being against their wills, and in what sort of situations? What is so special about men that they should try to control a medical situation that can never happen to them? Can't you feel important on the basis of something other than your sex? If you really want to be more important in women's lives than they are in their own, do something to make us LOVE you (e.g., do something to improve the lives of children who are already born!)…or would that just be too easy?

    Also, it would be possible for a situation to arise where the word "penis" could be used on the House floor. Should circumcision be made illegal, or mandatory? Should a man have a right to choose, or is it okay to do this to an infant who has not choice in the matter? Should women have a say about this issue?

    • Jen Kuznicki

      well, I suppose if a man said on the house floor, "I'm so glad you women are all interested in my penis, but no means no." They should definitely bar him for speaking for a day at least.

  • Leslie

    I have something to add… If we were going to vote/discuss a bill on how ice is regulated in Michigan. However, the words 'water' or 'cube' or anything to describe it is banned from the discussion, how can you discuss it?

    • Jen Kuznicki

      nice try, she replied to gentlemen saying, "I'm glad you are so interested in my vagina, but no means no." Date rape reference, men interested in her vagina, gee, your point really means the same thing. The men were offended, so am I.

  • KMontreal

    Jen, you are very wrong in one very important thing: a vagina is NOT a uterus! Plus you are wrong about assuming that you have to be pro-abortion to support the event today. I am pro-life and wholeheartedly support today's event. The whole point of today can be narrowed down to telling our politicians that there is nothing dirty or wrong with the word vagina in itself and that if you want to legislate it's use/access/services, etc. you will need to hear it, say it, write it, etc. And then making someone be quiet for a day for it??? wrong, wrong, wrong.

    The most obscene word in any language to me is the word war… what would happen if I was in charge and decided to quiet everyone who dared say it out loud??

    • Jen Kuznicki

      No, Lisa Brown said vagina, she’s the one suggesting they are all interested in it.

  • Sara

    Normal pregnancies occur in the uterus, most abortions are done via the vagina. Ergo, this bill attempts to control what women and their doctors do with women's vaginas. (Maybe that's too obscure for male legislators, who are not required to have any knowledge of anatomy, let alone obstetrics and gynecology, to get their jobs, but who still expect , for some reason, to be able to make laws about subjects of which they are totally ignorant?)

    • Jen Kuznicki

      Yes, it attempts to regulate abortion and make it a rarity. Republicans took over the House, in part, because most people agree with them. Heck, even Obama claimed he wished abortions were rare.

    • Jen Kuznicki

      So, if I agree with the Republicans in these measures, I don't know my own anatomy, never heard of obstetrics and gynecolology? I want them to restrict abortion, I believe God has a role in conception. I don't think that directing this type of nonsense at men does anything but bring people down to the level of, "here's my vagina.." It's stupid. and embarrassing.

  • a southern boy

    My take has nothing to do with whether or not Representative Brown’s choices of words were appropriate or not. What bothers me is that she was barred from speaking the next day on a totally separate bill. If she broke decorum on the abortion bill is a matter of opinion, but why not impose sanctions, punishment, or whatever to that specific topic? The punishment levied simply denied the constituents in that district any manner to be heard on record for all matters discussed the following day. If it had been a matter of censure, the constituents from that district would have alternative methods to have their voices heard on the floor. Given the actions which took place, the constituents had no knowledge they had been denied rights for that session. I do not feel the subject of Democrat or Republican matters, nor do the words she chose, if considering the more important issue of representatives deciding that a group of voters in their state would be denied any right to have their voices heard on record the next day.

    • southern boy

      Saying vagina, penis, uterus, and so on might be comical to some and serious to others, but that issue can be decided by the individual with little if any effect on others. I would rather be informed of when it acceptable to deny an area representation in a representative form of government in the United States? Regardless of one’s views on abortion, gender, or party affiliation, why should the opportunity to speak on retirement be denied the following day? What’s to prevent anyone from deciding to silence the voice of your district next? Next time the denial of privilege might be based on whether your elected official is a Wolverine or Spartan fan. That might sound stupid, ignorant, or crazy, but the precedent has been established.

      • Jen Kuznicki

        She implied the male Republicans wanted something to do with her vagina, and included a date rape reference, I would take offense to that, and I’m a woman.

      • Jen Kuznicki

        southern boy, stop trying to act as though Ms. Brown walked out onto the House floor and yelled, "penis, vagina, uterus!" instead of, "I'm flattered you are so interested in my vagina."

        That's offensive, and has no place.

        But let's not forget that she started out saying that the Republicans were trying to stop women whose lives were in danger from having an abortion, and that it violates her Jewish religious views. they weren't, none of the bills did, and to hide behind her religion on the false premise is unconscionable.

    • Jen Kuznicki

      So you agree her comments were out of line. Good. Me too.

      • southernboy

        So in your opinion, the usage of the terminology is more important than the right for the people of that district to have their right to representation on a retirement bill the next day?

        If the calendar had been arranged in a different order:

        Would your perspective be different if anyone (man, woman, democrat, republican) had been banned from speaking on the abortion bill after making a comment on the retirement bill the previous day?

        • Jen Kuznicki

          No, you are wrong, and are being intentionally misleading. It's not the terminology, it's what she said, where she said it, and to whom it was directed at.

          She was barred from speaking, not because she was a woman, but because she was outrageous in a place where there should be decorum.

          She doesn't understand that, and that produces a problem.

  • Jen Kuznicki

    Dear Sara, I have to work, please wait for me to reply to your comments, thank you.

  • Jen Kuznicki

    Whitney S. You do not have the freedom to debate on my blog. I own it.

  • grace_nearing

    ** As a man commented on one of my posts, if a man talked about his penis the way these women are going to talk about their vaginas, he would be arrested for assault and taken away.**

    I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think that would qualify as "assault."

    The guy would probably be given a psych evaluation, though, and maybe a writing job on the next Adam Sandler movie.

  • Sarah

    The way I see things is this: everyone's situation is different. Should people be allowed to do terrible things (like killing unborn babies) for no good reason? Of course not. But I want to look further. WHY do women have abortions? Should we pity them and accept that sometimes this course of action is for the best? Or should we abolish the practice because it only hurts those involved for no good reason? We should all be able to have a dialogue about this. Preventing people from speaking out (and Brown was not the only one silenced) ends that dialogue, and I don't think that's okay.

    I wish our system was less polarized, so that we could have meaningful conversations and get some proper news sources. I wish republicans and democrats and conservatives and liberals didn't hate each other and refuse to talk to one another. Then maybe we could move on and get something done about all of this.

    I looked into this, and I've decided I'm going. I am not a Democrat (just so that you know they aren't the only ones going), and I do not consider myself to be a strong feminist (though I would be upset if someone paid me less than a man with the same credentials doing the same job). Nonetheless, I will be there tonight for the first ever political gathering I have attended. This will also be the first time I have seen the Vagina Monologues, though I have heard of the general concept previously.

    I hope that you can be strong enough to consider where other people stand, and maybe you can even learn to be understanding of different people's situations. I would bet that, "Oops, I forgot to use a condom, and I want to go on a vacation 9 months from now" is not the main reason that people have abortions. I think that women as a whole aren't evil or stupid enough to do something terrible for trivial reasons. Do you think we are?

    • Jen Kuznicki

      Abortion was declared legal by the Supreme Court. States then adopted laws. The American people never got to vote up or down on the issue.

      The legislature has every right to try to minimize the practice of abortion on demand, which is seen as loathsome to their constituencies and their conscience. If they did not have the backing of the people who voted for them, that would be another issue.

      You can argue all you want about whether abortion is a right, I personally do not agree with the Supreme Court ruling, but it is now law. The "right to privacy" does not exist in the Constitution, because, as I have learned from Mark Levin's Men In Black, most crime is committed in private.

      Now, if these women wish to use the government buildings for such a display, that's fine, but on the House floor, decorum is necessary. Nearly every commenter so far has defended Brown's right to say vagina, but they get a bit squishy when they realize that she directed at men, who have wives and daughters, saying the men were interested in her vagina, and then included a date rape reference.

      I read a couple pages of the monologues script, I think it's vulgar. That's my view.

      Many commenters decided to label me as out of the mainstream, ignorant of my own body, embarrassed I'm a woman, and that I do men's bidding for a pat on the head.

      They can think what they want to think about me, I'm modest. So what. We are talking about the outrageous behavior of female Democrats on the House floor and how they crossed the line into indecency.

      If you don't think it's outrageous, we will not agree.

  • task

    When men have to refer to their sexual organs in order to prop up bad law and women do the same they lose both respect and veracity and they offer nothing worthwhile by creating an argument as a substitute for the original real and germane issue.

    Beyond the aforementioned sexual organs may appear to have relevance in terms of desire, love and commitment but that detracts from their real biological function which is procreation. It is a lot easier to understand if we turn biology on its head and women were required to have children before they could enjoy sex. The World’s population would rapidly diminish to nothing. Of course this cannot be the case but it should become apparent that gender distinctive differences, sexuality, all the different sexual organs and anatomy involved, the physiology, the psychological commitments and eventually the family and the socialization of offspring is intrinsically involved around our progeny. Considering this it seems almost insane that some think that they can bypass biology and even justify infanticide. A long time ago, God and/or Nature recognized that individual organisms could not be trusted to live forever and evolve and improve while doing so. Accidents are too commonplace. It became a lot easier to devise a system that enabled reproduction of facsimiles that are equal or better than the original(s). In order to be successful such a system had to encourage interest that advanced all the way to commitment, sexual activity and the family. Without well socialized children as a final purpose, sex would be unnecessary and could not be part of our psyche because we would not even exist.

    There are strong and powerful cultural anthropological reasons regarding sexual innuendo, how we dress for different occasions (as opposed to nudity) and how we keep our bathroom habits private. Brown’s comments were not suitable for the circumstances and the rules she broke were associated with the reprimand that she justly deserved and received.