I Stand With Jase Bolger; Michiganders, Rise Up!

On this point, the Governor must not bend to special interests and do what is right for the sovereign individuals in this State.  Speaker of the House, Jase Bolger is willing to go toe to toe with the Governor, to stop him from implementing a Healthcare Exchange.

The Governor says that if we don’t act by the end of the year, the Federal Government will impose an exchange upon us.  However, if he agrees to expand Medicaid, it will drown us financially in the years to come.

This assessment by the Cato Institute is the right way to look at this, as all or most of the rest of the Republican Governors are holding a tough line to save taxpayers money at the Federal AND State level:

Here’s another complicating factor: Most states have not yet set up an exchange. Many, especially ones with Republican governors or legislatures, may refuse altogether. By most estimates, as few as 15 states are likely to have exchanges in operation by the 2014 deadline.

ObamaCare gives the feds the authority to step in, setting up and operating an exchange in any state that doesn’t set up its own — but there is reason to doubt that they have resources to do so in so many states.

Anyway, federal subsidies are available only through exchanges that the states set up. The feds can’t offer subsidies through a federally run exchange.

Thus, if states neither expanded Medicaid nor set up exchanges, that would effectively block most of ObamaCare’s new entitlement spending.

Block it!  Stop it!  Look, the union bosses that Tim Skubick is so fond of quoting are going to turncoat the union members anyhow, they will drop their push for companies to give health insurance as a benefit, and pocket the money.  How do I know?

The UAW has always been for socialized medicine.  Walter Reuther pushed heavily in the 60’s, just as this current clan is now.  Do you think that union members will be allowed to keep their nice benefits?  No way in hell.

Union members will not be exempt from the new taxation that will be a part of our Federal and State obligation from here on out.

The ONLY way we can stop our taxes from dramatically rising under this monstrous law is to stand up against the Federal government and REFUSE to be subjected to this mess.


Jase Bolger must hold firm against the implementation of Healthcare Exchanges in the State of Michigan, or all is lost.


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