My fellow Americans,
Eat your peas, you aren’t that smart, everybody works hard, you aren’t special, you can’t keep your thermostat at a comfortable temperature because you don’t deserve it, stop whining, stop being lazy, we aren’t as good as we once were, China is better, you are just a cog in the murder machine, you aren’t selling hard and hustling, you’ve lost your ambition, your imagination and your willingness to build things, you’ve gotten soft, you can’t drill because you’ll ruin everything, you can’t drive whatever you want, let’s be real. Now I have to apologize for you to every country that will listen. Thanks for nothing.
Barack Obama


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  • Pat C

    he forgot to tell us to take a pain pill! /s.

    I could always use one after he speaks.

    • task

      Pat, I do. I don't need him to tell me to do it; also an anti-nausea pill; sometimes I take two… of each.

    • Bert

      is it the pill that makes you better or the one that makes you drift away? your old and well you know ?

    • Swannee

      Ask Rush for a few.

  • Don

    Absolutely correct! When Obama is calling Romney a felon, all Romney need do is hold up a copy of Obama's own book where he admits to buying and snorting coke, smoking dope and on and on while Romney was out making a living. Until Romney does this he gets no money from me.

  • Greg

    the truth does hurt.

  • blablah

    kiss my ass

  • http://www.slickdeals.net The Raddish

    Forgot "It's not my fault!"

  • Bert

    Right on Right on Right on >>>>>>>

  • Redwine

    Mark Levin just read this on the air! Thanks, Jen. You wrote exactly what the Community Oraganizer-in-Chief thinks of We the People.

  • Aaron

    Mark Levin Sent me here. I love it!

  • Courtney

    Think you should have ended with "please vote for me."

    it would be funny if it weren't so depressing :p

  • Chris H

    The truly sad thing is that Obama could have been really great. He had the potential to be one of the greatest motivators to ever hold the office, persuading millions to push this nation into a great new era of productivity and unity within the bounds of the Constitution. But, alas he was so set in his ways and so politically immature, that the entire four years will have been a waste. What a shame for all of us.

    • bob

      he needs a teleprompter to spell great

    • Danny Tennison

      the really truely sad thing is that you think obama could be great at anything other than socilism !! wake up idiot !!

  • Martin M. McMartin

    Wow, four miserable years in one paragraph!

  • OdetteCares

    I pray the registered voters of the United States of America wake up & vote out this BHO in November. That's about 50% of the population because the other 50% have not bothered to register while they live off undeserved government entitlements.

  • https://www.mittromney.com/user/jason-mitt/fundraising/believe-america Jason

    lol, I need one too. Whats sad is that this is actually what this jerk ..excuse me Mr. President thinks when he sits at home(our home) late at night and lights up God knows what?

  • Linz

    113 days and counting Barry. Then the criminal indictments will begin. Good luck with all of that…..you fooled a bunch of jaggoffs the first time……they have learned, as have we all.

  • alnjen

    Jason–do not say "excuse me Mr. President". Just like anyone else in this world, people EARN respect. Yes, there is such a thing as 'respecting the office', but there are those who DON'T respect the office and abuse their power. Obama is one, of many, sadly. Just because one occupies the 'office' doesn't give them blind respect of the People. Actions speak way louder than words! :)

    • alnjen


  • Jan Johnson

    This alleged quote is either a lie or something said Tongue-in-cheek. Pres. Obama simply does not talk like this. Could be he was quoting what an opponent said he said taken out of context which clearly distorts Obama's true thought. I can't believe that people still believe this garbage.
    Wake-up & lookat who puts out these lies. Lokk at the whole context. THINK!

    • Marc

      Jan, you are dumb and amusing. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Steve Radonich IV

      Jan, I'm sorry but you're the one that needs to "Wake-up & lookat who puts out these lies. Lokk at the whole context. THINK!" Was that even English? Obama straight out said that in Roanoke, Virginia. He has nothing but contempt for the American people. The American people work their butts off each and every day just to make ends meet. Barack Obama gets out there as the President of the United States of America and tells those that produce products, which in-turn creates jobs and stimulates the economy, he attacked those of us who are struggling to make ends meet, and he says that no one is responsible for their success but they relied on some one. This is an absolute insult to Americans and he should be ashamed of himself and resign from the Presidency without even being asked to. I fail to understand how anyone can so enthusiastically support a guy that hates them.

    • paul

      O has said every word, actually in context that Jen wrote.

    • FedUpLibBS

      Jan you dumbass… I believe it, because every line was a Quote… not out of context, and not quoting someone else.. that is your FUHRER.

  • deadpammy

    fabulous :)

  • HWGood

    Think, people. This could not be an actual speech from the Glorious Leader. There is no demand for money.

  • Justsomebody

    "you can’t drive whatever you want". Meanwhile pay no attention to the fact I just flew
    AF1 90 miles. Bwahahahaha!

  • Totally FedUp

    You forgot the part where he says, "hey, at some point you've earned enough money, don't you think. enough already!"

  • Nettie Deatherage

    HWGood & Totally FedUp, kudos!

  • Kels

    Shit-head. There is no other word

  • http://freerepublic.com smokingfrog

    The Great One likes this.
    He has good taste.

    ' frog

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      Hi 'frog:)

  • Danny Tennison

    'the great one' keeps sending more people to jen, AWESOME !!!! We The People are growing !!!!

  • Brenda

    I first read this alert from Mark on my iPhone while I was in my car, I just came from my granddaughter's soccer camp, we were getting McDonald's Cherry Berry Coolers at the drive through. I had to park so I could read it. WHEW, for a split second I thought Mark was calling the election based on Romney's campaigning!

    Great post!!!
    I hate peas!!! Unless they're fresh picked!

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      I love Cherry Berry Coolers and fresh peas! We didn't plant peas this year though. dang.

  • Kathleen Wrobel


  • Swannee

    How about some substantive discussions about real things instead of this tripe.

    • task

      You mean like unfunded liabilities, new debt, expanded entitlements, porous southern borders, new regulations, new taxes, new bureaucracies, executive orders, unconstitutional mandates, health care or lack of it, the economy, bailouts, nationalization of businesses, stimulus spending, outsourcing, the mortgage debacle, and unemployment? All the proceeding and more are here and if you don’t like what you see no one is preventing you from going elsewhere.

  • http://www.venusfactorsystem.net/ Venus Factor

    fabulous :)

  • http://www.jumpmanual.co/ jumpmanual

    Great post!!!

  • http://www.jennyboostyourbust.net Jenny Bolton

    Wow, China is better than America Now!