John Boehner needs to be dragged out of the Speakership NOW!

Enough of this garbage.

And this, which includes a lot of infuriating things and I roughly transcribed a little bit of it.

BOEHNER: This has been the most underreported story ever. The truth is, we don’t have a tea party caucus. All of us who won in 2010 had tea party support….but we’ve all come a long way in the past two years, and I think we understand each other a lot better.

This man is handing us over to serfdom. I’m not exaggerating.

The truth is, that John Boehner co-opted many of the new Republicans in 2010 and massaged them to break away from the ideas that got them elected. He came up with a grand plan of repeal in 3 stages during the Budget Battle of 2011. When Michele Bachmann said that defunding Obamacare would be possible, he and his puke staffers put the beat down on her and word went out that little Miss Bachmann is just trying to run for President, and she is “dipping her little pedicured toenails” into the pool because of that fact.

How did the budget battle pan out? Pretty badly. Not just because we got NOTHING but a downgrade and a lifted ceiling and more debt, the Republican party effectively killed their chances at tea party boots on the ground. So what does Boehner say here? He says that there is no tea party caucus. Why would he say that?

Boehner says there is no tea party caucus because Michele Bachmann is the head of it. Boehner says they all have tea party backing in the House because they USED TO in 2010, until we all saw with ‘clear eyes’ what they did with their mandate then. I said it before, and it is extremely important that everyone understand, John Boehner lost the budget battle to lose the tea party. He does not care for conservatives. Period.

I was told over and over during the battle of 2011, “cool it, we have a plan.” After the first CR, “cool it, we have a plan.” After the second BS debacle, “cool it, we have a plan.” Then my representative said, hey, we aren’t raising the ceiling unless we get something big. Then when the something big was ignored in the Senate, McConnell cut deals. And then, when Cut Cap and Balance was forgotten, the “something big” turned out to be absolutely nothing and we STILL downgraded.

Enough, this is BS, there is no way this nation can turn around with this pathetic loser in charge. Even if he needs me to grab him by the scruff of his neck and toss him out, HE NEEDS TO GO. NOW!

Anyone can become Speaker, but let me assure you, Boehner didn’t just bite the hand that fed him in 2010, he created a monster that will take down the party because of his useless grand schemes.

We need a speaker with a brain and a spine, right now, I’m thinking Bachmann because she is what Boehner is targeting, and has been targeting forever.

The RNC did not help Mrs. Bachmann during her re-election. She was up against a multi-millionaire who was funding his own campaign and the Democrat party was targeting her too. She won in a blue state against all odds, and without his damned support.

Who needs him? Kick his ass out.

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  • Old Rod

    I would have done it last year! He makes Nancy look Conservative. BTW they are *BOTH* leftys.

  • Pat c

    Can i do it?

  • gettimothy


    Let go.

    The republican party is part of Codevilla's Ruling Class; you (amd me) and the Tea Party are Codevilla's Country Class.

    We are not losing our grip on the GOP; They have lost us. Time to move on.

    First principles, JK; The GOP sold those out long ago. We tried to bring them back and we are worse off for it.