Conservatives need to use better tactics and language.

The portrait above was depicted on a war diary website, as an example of Francis Marion’s guerrilla warfare during the American Revolution.   I put it here because I was inspired by a man named Ron who called in to Mark Levin’s radio program last Friday.

Ron pointed out that we need to change tactics, as conservatives, and he zeroed in on the language.

But the vision that his words conjured was of just this painting.

We, as conservatives, have been following the rules of proper political warfare for far too long, and taking direction from subversives within the Republican party as well.

We certainly do need to change tactics, and fast.

But first, it would help if we got out of our slump, and our depression, and remembered who we are.

The following is transcribed from Mark Levin’s radio program from 11.30.12

We are the American People. We founded a nation. We created the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. We did it without the New Deal, we did it without the Great Society, we did it without Obamacare and the EPA, we did it without any of them.

The most successful, the most powerful, the wealthiest nation on the face of the earth, long before Franklin Roosevelt became President, and obviously, long, long before Barack Obama became President.

We’ve allowed the daily, incessant media reporting of what government does and how important government is, to change who we are.

We’ve allowed the politicians to string us along, decade after decade, taking our money and then giving it back to us in smaller pieces, as if we can’t survive without it(government)? Many people can’t survive because of it(government).

Ladies and Gentleman, we don’t need this big government. We don’t need these hack politicians. We don’t need two million bureaucrats. We don’t need all these regulations, we don’t need all this spending. We don’t need all these taxes.

We are self-sufficient individual human beings. We’re not the upper class, we’re not the middle class, we’re not any class. We’re Americans.

We’re not jealous of our neighbors who may make more money, good for them! If anything, we want to know how they did it, maybe we can do it too!

We’re not a jealous people, we’re an industrious people.

Look at what these politicians are trying to turn us into! Animals! Fighting over crumbs, constantly growling and gnarling at each other. That’s not who we are.

We’re the resistance! We resist this.

The fate that Obama and his party seek to impose on us and every future generation is neither acceptable nor tolerable.

We reject the perversion of our Constitution, our law, our economics and our language in the pursuit of absolute centralized power by Obama and his party in Washington D.C.. We reject it, in all of its forms.

We are tens of millions strong. We did not vote for our individual and societal suicide, and no politician, no President has the authority to under our Constitution to destroy this nation from within, I don’t care how many people voted for him.

This President and his party have ceased to be virtuous. They are a direct threat to our liberties and our rights. They are a direct threat to our well-being and our property.

We refuse to accept the Marxist Propaganda of the rich and the poor and the middle class. We believe in free-market capitalism. We believe if you work hard and you make a billion dollars, good for you! Who cares!?

It’s time, folks, to get our priorities in order.

We the people come first!

We have unalienable rights, not government!


The following is a partial transcription of a caller from Mark Levin’s radio program on 11.30.12 that I have labeled, “Language is Key.”

We’ve got to change tactics. During the American Revolution, we were losing every traditional battle that we fought against the British. But then when we started picking off their leaders, because you know the leaders always got dressed up more than the infantry.. If they could get at the leaders, it would cause dissension among the ranks, that’s just one way of changing the tactics.

What we need to do to defeat the left is to understand their use of the language. They use language in a different way than we do. They have certain key words that mean the opposite.

(Listen to the rest of the call using the player at the bottom of this post.)

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  • task

    Exactly what rhetoric change is going to restore Constitutional literacy? When I hear a Levin caller attempt to discredit the republican House majority by stating that the total plurality of the vote for the majority is less than what the minority received you have to wonder how rhetoric can fix dumb? Or is it Constitutional disrespect? It does not matter because the desire for the President to break down what remains of fiscal competency by asking for unlimited authority to spend without regards for what he knows is illegal tells you what the President, at the top of the chain, thinks about the incompetent media and a public too dumb to know it. But most of all it tells you that what remains of our Constitution is in serious trouble. And now we have to wonder if Speaker Boehner is up to defending the very easy task of what is left.

  • Desert Rat

    It's obvious that our elected politicians cannot and will not comply with a conservative agenda. Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy are feckless, and talk a big game, but in the end, ultimately cave in to the left. They cower in fear about what the Obama compliant media will call them for standing up against the Marxist regime that is currently running the show in D.C. Since I have zero confidence in the GOP and their leadership, I have decided in the past few years to become personally pro active, and conduct my own form of "guerrilla" warfare to battle our adversaries.

    When you are armed with facts, truth, logic and a huge dose of common sense you have the tools necessary to totally disarm a liberal. My goal is to win as many local, "small" skirmishes that I can. This means challenging county commissions, the local media, and winning any personal confrontations that I have. I highly recommend calling a liberal a "liberal." They detest this term. We need to be on the offense, and always frame the argument. Our "conservative" leaders never do this, and always end up on their heels, and act defensively. I have found out that when they start to call you names (racist, hater, denier), I have won the battle. I wear their name calling as a badge of honor.

    As we can all plainly see, trying to "work across the aisle," and "compromise" has gotten us nowhere. How much worse off can we be, by using "non politically correct" language, and call things as they are? In the end, I may end up going down, but I am making every attempt to at least make my "enemies" as uncomfortable as possible, and at the best possibly effect change in public policy, and discourse. Game on!

    • task

      If there was and antidote to the post election depression syndrome Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy are not it. The Egyptians are doing a better job against Mursi.

  • task

    if it unfortunately requires populism to rewrap conservative principles, for a politically illiterate voting majority, then this article addresses how: