The Wolves are at the Door

Conservatism did not lose in November, and I’m thoroughly sick of the same cast of people who told us Mitt Romney was the superior electable ‘severely conservative’ candidate, now tell us that conservatives have to give up core principles and Christian beliefs in order for the GOP to ever win again.

The idea goes like this: Romney was the best possible, and since he couldn’t win, the entire Republican brand is out the window.  So, in order to win, we have to back pro-abortion candidates, push for amnesty, back gay-marriage, raise taxes, give up on Second Amendment rights, subsidize the healthy non-productive, increase the debt, and more.

Since Romney was the farthest left on all of those issues, and still lost, the entire premise is ridiculously bogus.

As I read the headlines of how the GOP plans to cope with this loss, this humongous, painful, extraordinary loss, this monumental, terrifying, tragic loss, I see a party whose leadership does not believe in its own platform, nor its founding.

I had a tough time wondering if I should stay with the GOP or not, but my sense of responsibility got the better of me, and I became, once again, my county’s chair.  But I will not be dragged along with the party’s ‘new’ agenda.

Giving up on the abortion issue will lose a large percentage of the base of the GOP, because the right to life is as central a notion of liberty that any can ever be.  The Republican party argued, early on, that slavery was a horrible scar on this nation, and formed to abolish it.  Back then, Abraham Lincoln asked the question, how can the ownership of a person be considered the same as ownership of a mule?  To the screeching left, I ask, how can your ownership of your body be the same as ownership of a person within you?  And if you regard the ownership of another, grounds to have that person killed, you are no better than the slaveholder who tortured what he regarded as property.  To those who regard a ‘fetus’, which literally means ‘offspring’, only tissue, and that conception is not the beginning of life, you have lost that argument when you acknowledge having sex produces offspring, hence the ‘morning after’ pill.  To those who say you could not force a woman who was raped to carry a child to term, the answer is, then don’t.  Nobody is forcing anyone to do such a thing, and even if Roe v. Wade was overturned, the matter would go to the states, which is where the matter should be dealt with.  The fight against abortion will always be contentious because we citizens were never asked, and the arguments for its legalization were based on lies, half-truths, and motives.

But beyond all that, those who are very opposed to abortion consider it a good rule of thumb on which to judge a politician’s overall character.

Speaking of character, is it right or wrong to allow non-citizens to vote?  Because unless the GOP begins to deal with its apathy toward voter identification, all the amnesty in the world will not help win elections.  Even in GOP states, Secretary of State offices refuse to deal with who is voting in elections.  How about we at least start with that issue, instead of trying so hard to bend our own laws to accommodate?

The gay marriage issue is hot because it is considered by the left to be a civil rights issue.  There are people on both sides of the aisle who hate gays.  But Christianity pushes the mindset of loving one another, so the idea that those opposed to gay marriage are just hate-filled evangelicals is bogus.  The issue is very religion-centered, but it too, is a state issue, it makes no difference on whether the entire GOP becomes pro-gay marriage.  The argument is that it should be a matter before each state, instead of forcing a very conservative state to accept something it cannot abide.  Whether you are gay or straight should not be the issue on whether you are accepted into a community, and therefore, should not be the issue on whether you can work in the Republican party.  The idea that gays should not be accepted is indeed a civil rights issue, and any suggestion that because a person is gay, they cannot work to make a life is outrageous.  However, marriage is a societal issue as well as a religious issue.  My own interpretation of what should and should not be allowed is irrelevant.  I only caution the gay marriage proponents that using the Supreme Court is not the way to gain acceptance.  People very opposed will always consider the contention of forcing the issue federally or through the court, as a feud that will never end, just like abortion.

If the Republican party wants a never-ending feud with parts of its base, it will continue to lose elections, and worse, will, with an already brewing opposition, create a third party.  In fact, there are so many in the ranks of the party now that have that idea in the back of their minds, that as soon as there is a meaningful action on it, it will spread like wildfire.

Christianity is the basis on which Western Civilization is founded.  The GOP is threatening to give up on Christianity and the rule of law to follow a path that has been blazed by the opposition.  But in order for the opposition to win on their pathway, they must lie to the populace and treat them as a faceless mass.  If the GOP, a party whose main principle is honoring the individual, wishes to use lies for political expedience, it has no existence apart from the left.

It occurred to me that all of the issues that the GOP is pushing the grassroots to accept, against principle, is exactly how the left is pushing for gun control.  The shooter at Sandy Hook broke every law, so they are going to punish those who obey the law.  The GOP will cease to exist if when they lose with a moderate non-ideologue, they attack the very principles that led to Lincoln and Reagan.


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  • Jennifer Lawson

    Jen, as usual, you hit the nails squarely on their heads! Keep on keeping on, Lady! So glad you are able to put into written words what many of are thinking about!

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      Thank you Jennifer:)

  • wrongheifer

    Squarely, honestly, accurately and surely…I'll not give up my Conservative Convictions…Ever! Thank you Jen…Sharing!

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      thank you:)

  • wrongheifer

    accurate and excellent!

  • colliemum

    This is excellent, Jen – you really brought the issues facing the GOP to the point. Not that the party establishment will listen – but the grassroots surely will!
    Keep up te good work!
    God bless you.

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      Here's to the grassroots! Thanks:)

  • Johnny Blade

    This notion that Romney is liberal isn't supported by facts. While he has been pragmatic on governance instead of dogmatic, he has consistently supported issues right of center. Is he a conservative icon? No. But he is a far cry more conservative than John McLame who had Palin out there knocking the stump on how great he was. Romney was the first general election candidate that actually had my support since Reagan, as opposed to voting against the other guy. Once you get away from the LSM portrayal of Romney what you will find is a very competent business man, who is faithful to family and God, who puts his money where his mouth is without the photo-op. He is a man of much virtue and infinitesimal vice. Its a sad day for America when such a man is defeated by the likes of Obama.

  • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

    I said he was a moderate non-ideologue. He's not a conservative, so conservatism didn't lose.

  • Gee Vee

    I thoroughly understand your position, but in the end, I respectfully disagree.

    Obama was such low-hanging fruit that any REAL Conservative – not a timid, northeastern Republican – could have knocked him out of the park. You state, adamantly, that Romney was a weak and ineffectual candidate, but in the end you are sticking with the Party that selected him and will select another just like him in 2016.

    I see no reason at all to continue supporting a party – the GOP – whose "leaders" despise everything I stand for, and are actively working against the interests of Conservatives within their own ranks.

    To expect a sudden turnaround in the inside-the-beltway GOP-establishment is pure folly, and I will simply not play that game anymore. Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, etc, have proven that they do not understand the enemy we face and do not have the stomach for the fight that lies ahead. Ultimately, they are big-government, statist Republicans who are more interested in maintaining the status quo than in reforming our system and restoring America's greatness.

    To those who say a 3rd Party "will not work," I say it only won't work if you don't support it.

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      Just as conservatism cannot stay within the GOP if you leave. But do whatever you wish.

      • Gee Vee

        I have; I quit the GOP after the election.

        Regarding your reply, Conservatism cannot stay withing the GOP if Conservative principles are to survive. That's because the GOP will attempt to wring endless concessions out of Conservatives for the sake of "the team." And this relationship is always a one-way street; the Moderates always abandon (or actively sabotage) Conservative candidates who are victorious in the primaries.

        A Conservative 3rd-Party that caucuses with the GOP, rather than being part of the GOP, is the best solution. That enables the GOP to maintain the Speakership and control the House/Senate but prevents them from stabbing us in the back…again.

        If you see signs that the GOP "leadership" is willing to perform a few Mea Culpas and welcome Conservatives back into the fold, then please, share the information. But the tenor of your own article indicates that you know this to be a false pretense.

        • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

          This fight is going to take decades, whether you stay in or not. Joining the grassroots is different than accepting the leadership, isn't it? If every State GOP is taken over by conservatives and libertarians, it changes things, doesn't it? Anger is warranted, and I can feel yours. If they didn't win this go-round, then they won't win next go-round with more of the same. If a third party forms, the Dems will win for a very long time, and you must be ready to accept that, I cannot, not yet.

          • Gee Vee

            I've been in the grassroots; I was very active in the Tea Party after 2008, and it was an eye-opening experience to not only see the Left's vitriolic reaction to normal, everyday Americans supporting the Constitution, but the GOP's reaction as well. Ask Sharon Engle or Christine O'Donnell about that; the latter was stabbed-in-the back by Mike Castle when he lost the primary and cast his support behind hard-left candidate Chris Koonz. Dick Lugar did the same thing to Richard Murdouch in Indiana last November. Oh yeah…real team players, the GOP-elites…

            Yes, you're right – this fight IS going to take decades. But it's NOT going to be won by the GOP; that is a baseless assumption.

            And saying the Dems will win "for a very long time" if a Conservative 3rd-Party forms doesn't resonate with me because the Dems are already winning NOW, and are poised to keep winning unless the GOP is willing to fight them hard on every issue, regardless of what the idiots in the press will say about them.

            Be honest: Do you actually see that happening? Sorry, but I don't.

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            Is your fight with me, or with the GOP? Are you going to label good people as enemies for staying with the GOP?

          • Gee Vee


            Sorry, where have I labeled you as an "enemy"?

            I disagree with you; my first reply said I do so "respectfully," albeit adamantly.

            I fault no one for staying within the GOP; that's their choice. But I don't have to agree with them.

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            Unintended consequences. While you are fighting for a third party, conservatives lose strength because you aren't there in the R party. A self-inflicted self-fulfilled prophecy. The establishment never wanted Reagan, they had to be defeated.

          • Gee Vee


            Conservatives have already been thoroughly purged from the GOP-leadership in DC; currently, they have very little strength within the Party, and if the Party has anything to say about it, that's not going to change.

            I think you don't really understand my position; I don't give a DAMN about the Republican Party. I never have. It was merely the only available medium for Conservatives to use to influence the direction of our country.

            Well, that's over. The GOP wise-men read the Tea Leaves and see something completely different than the rest of us. They are no longer on our side, so I (and millions like me) will no longer be on theirs.

            Self-inflicted prophecy? You mean like Ford's landslide victory in '76? Dole's in '96? McCain's in '08? Romney's in '12?

            Oh, wait…those things never happened.

            But we should simply abandon the idea of a viable, Conservative 3rd-Party because…why, again?

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            I have no idea why you are fighting me. You are angry with the leadership, I just wrote this article laying down my arguments against them. Go fight someone else, because I'm not your target. I wrote what I believe and you are fighting me, for some reason I will never know. Your arguments are predicated on the leadership in DC. My arguments are predicated on the actions of the grassroots. Go argue with the leadership, and I will work with the grassroots.

          • Gee Vee

            I'm not fighting you.

            Presumably, you have a comments page because you want comments, right?

            And presumably, you're a Conservative, so you're not afraid of divergent ideas, right?

            I wish you the best in your grass-roots efforts. However, the grass-roots are doomed to fail when the Party actively works against them at every turn.

            To that end, ask yourself two simple questions:

            1. If the Tea Party had been the sole, driving force behind the 2012 GOP nomination, would Romney have been the nominee?
            2. Will the GOP-establishment be receptive to a Tea-Party preferred candidate in 2016?

            If you can answer these questions honestly, then you'll understand where I come from.

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            Have you ever read anything I've written besides this article? I'm grassroots tea party, baby.

            Of course the establishment won't accept us. As I have said, and you ignored, they didn't accept Reagan.

            Nothing is doomed to fail. The world isn't ending tomorrow, and life was dark during FDR too.

          • Gee Vee

            No, I've never read your articles, before. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I've never heard of you.

            I was directed to your page via a link on Mark Levin's FB page. Levin, whom I greatly respect and admire, gave your article major kudos. It wasn't until I read the article that I understood what he meant by the term "cut-and-run" crowd.

            In that regard, it's probably the only major issue that I find myself completely disagreeing with "The Great One's" opinion, for all of the reasons I've listed.

            Ok…so you're a Tea Party activist? Excellent. And you believe the establishment will never accept you (us)? Wise conclusion – they won't.

            And no, I didn't ignore your reference to Reagan, anymore than you ignored my "Two simple questions." To use your own terminology, I simply think it's a non-argument.

            That's because Ronald Reagan hasn't been in the White House in 25 years, he's not coming back, and the country has changed immeasurably since that time.

            And sure…life was "dark during FDR, too," but let's not oversimplify things. The things that united the country back then in times of turmoil – patriotism, belief in God, American exceptionalism – are the very things that divide us, today.

            Today, we have a major political Party that is actively working against the interests of 50% of the American people, and the other Party is too gutless to come to the people's defense.

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            You asked questions that were obviously answered within my article. I don't believe Mark meant you were cutting and running from the GOP, I believe you felt guilty and thought so. I think Mark meant those who have cut and run from conservatism after the election.

            The country is not too far gone when we educate ourselves, and then others.

            I have no interest in trying to move forward with the thought that the future is desolate, because people are not inspired to act when that is the case. We know the left may take us right to the brink, that is why the States are so important.

            Fight Obama. Speak the truth. Primaries are important. Unless the conservatives have a leader we will always fight. We need unity, and confident leaders to come up through the ranks.

          • CindyRowse

            Gee Vee, Jen is trying to reform the Republican party. Why should we, the conservatives, cut and run? Screw them! Make the RHINOS leave! Winning as a third party isn't feasible because the money isn't there. And what party would we go to? Libertarian is great economically but you won't be happy with the social aspects and any other party is just as a waste of time. For Conservatives to leave the Republican party is WHAT THEY WANT. Again – screw them! Kick the idiots out of office in two years, get conservatives in there, support the Tea Party and defeat liberalism in and outside of our party.

    • New Party

      Gee Vee

      You are exactly right! If only the grassroots would realize they hold the power. Stop supporting the GOP and the GOP is dead. So the question to ask is whether or not all this talk about standing on principle is talk or are people willing to truly stand on principle by walking away from the GOP.

      Sometimes we fight the evil we cannot see and ignore the evil around us. It is through the actions of the GOP that we are in this mess… they are the evil we can see and is around us i.e. the fiscal cliff — yep GOP allowed… no budget in 4 years — Yep GOP allowed… over 5 trillion added to debt — Yep GOP allowed… NDAA — Yep GOP allowed… etc….

      You see when the GOP capitulates WE lose. I want nothing more to do with the GOP… they serve ZERO purpose in restoring our individual liberty…

      • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

        I personally believe that the long view of this nation resides in State politics. DC is dead to liberty, yes, but being against conservatives within the state parties is no way to move forward.

        • Gee Vee

          I think that you're stating your hope for the long-view of this nation, not the reality.

          The reality is that for now, the long-view of this nation resides in an increasingly powerful centralized government that will continue to abuse the Constitution and abrogate the authority of the states with the state's implicit consent.

          I wish you were right; I'm a HUGE supporter of states' rights. However, unless Washington undergoes a radical Conservative transformation – which involves a massive loss of power for the Federal Gov't and the Fourth Estate – I simply don't see how the states can regain the initiative.

          And I don't see the GOP leading that charge. They have too much to lose.

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            Reality? You can't forecast reality. I know what reality is, I just wrote this long argument that I assume you agree with other than staying with the GOP. Yes, we both know that we are beyond the Constitution now, but the States are not complying on all levels, and with effective grassroots efforts, that sort of thing will continue. We might well have lost all rights except those that belong to the states. We had better fight effectively in the state we live in. This article is not an argument to stay with the GOP, it just got your ire that I'm staying, for now. I don't think an attitude against the good conservative is a good idea.

          • Gee Vee

            It did not "get my ire" at all; I have nothing "against" you. I think you're projecting.

            Leave, stay, whatever…it's your choice, and I respect it. I simply disagree with your conclusions, and I've explained why.

            Your replies to my position are not dissimilar from the replies I get from practically everyone else that shares your conclusions. From my perspective, I think you're all squeezing lemons but expecting orange juice.

            And yes, I can "forecast reality." It's not magic, it's simply based on observation and experience. You seem to make the same observations and have the same experience but arrive at a completely different conclusion.

            The state I live in is too far gone, and I see no benefit in fighting it. I'd prefer to "shrug," and relocate to a state with a thriving, free-market economy.

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            What am I projecting? Did I tell you what to do? no, I simply pointed out where the fight is, it's not with me. If your state is 'too far gone' than I don't see how a third party is going to help you in a post-Constitutional nation. But the constant stress that you have about the future is mighty grim, and a mass movement is based on hope for the future, not despair.

          • Gee Vee

            But you think the GOP will help in a post-Constitutional nation?

            What do you base that assumption on? History? Precedent?

            America's political future IS grim; baseless optimism will not help the situation.

            A mass movement based on "hope"? I've heard that before…

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            with teaparty members and constitutional conservatives at its helm, yes, I think the GOP can help.

            Mass movements are based on hope, whether you like it or not, just like Reagan envisioned, and it was his optimism after carter that helped him defeat moderates and democrats….

            the game is in the states.

  • NEW Party

    We must stop fighting the GOP and raise up a NEW party. A party that stands and fights for our founding principles. A party that is focused on individual liberty NOT party power and control.

    Image if all the time, effort, and dollars were spent on raising up a new party instead of defending the GOP. The GOP establishment does not take conservatives serious because out of one side of our month we speak of standing on principle yet out of the other we continue to support the GOP; thereby, not demonstrate the courage to stand on principle.

    If after all the evidence of the capitulation by the GOP at the expense of our individual liberty one is not moved to defect from the GOP then I suggest you have become one of them. Restoration will only occur if the grassroots raises up a NEW party.

    We must demand principled leadership and no longer support anyone who runs as a GOPer…

    Today is the day. The question is who are the leaders within your city, county, and state? Will they lead or continue to follow. Will you lead or follow? Will you continue to be part of the GOP at the local, city, county, and state level? Our future is up to us.. while many believe playing it safe is to stick with the GOP this is the most dangerous thing one can do. History has shown us that problems must be confronted or they grow exponentially. The GOP is a problem and it must be dealt with… it is time to disbanded county GOPs…

    If you take nothing else… take this… we hold the power. We can talk about the political machine all we want but if we keep playing their game by their rules we have no reason to complain.

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      Why would you punish a conservative within the GOP for being in the party? As I pointed out, the party began with the best of intentions. If you believe working within it cannot produce a conservative candidate, then you don't believe anything can change, ever.

      Disband the county GOPs? You are a nut, especially when the grassroots is where conservatism is. Unless you are a lib troll interested in annoying me.

      • Gee Vee

        Anything can change; that's not the issue. And I don't believe in chasing after "good intentions."

        If history serves as a guide, why would anyone expect the GOP to suddenly embrace Conservatism? The GOP has run from Conservatism since 1988, when Reagan left the White House, and even then the establishment, northeastern elites despised Reagan.

        Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. That said, I fail to see the logic in expecting a different result from the GOP in 2016. The track record since Reagan – Bush 41, Dole, Bush 43, McCain, Romney – attests to this assertion.

        • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

          THATS MY POINT! it never 'accepts' it, FREEDOM MUST BE FOUGHT FOR. Reagan and those that supported him had to fight like hell.

          • Gee Vee

            You are speaking in circles; you admit that the GOP has lost it's way by turning it's back on and even attacking Conservatives and Conservative principles, but you're still willing to give them just one more chance to prove that they really, finally "get it."

            Sorry, but that makes no sense, and has no precedent. The GOP has repeatedly proven that they cannot be trusted to uphold Conservative principles.

            If we are going to find another Reagan, don't look within the GOP. That's because even if he/she is to be found within the GOP's ranks, they will NOT allow it. Just ask Sarah Palin.

            This omelette is not going to be made without breaking some very large eggs.

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            No, I am not speaking in circles. You are assuming I'm going along with the leadership when clearly, via this article, I am not. You are purposefully being blind to Reagan, and the fight it took to put him in office. The fight isn't over, it's just begun. Wanting great results takes time, just as you will find out in a third party effort. Don't tell me what happened with Palin, I was there too. She has done more for the party than anyone.

      • NEW Party

        I believe we can restore our country but not by standing hand in hand with evil.

        The Republican party was created in 1854 because the Whigs would not support equality of rights. As George Washington warned… the parties would soon lose sight of individual liberty and focus solely on their power and control. Is this not what we are experiencing today?

        Conservatism is at the grassroots which is why their continued support of the GOP will NOT lead to restoration. Grassroots support of the GOP will only lead to more people removing themselves from the corrupt process which will lead to more corruption and more infringements on our individual liberty.

        What makes anyone believe that the GOP can be reformed? What evidence is there? What we have seen is anytime achievements have been made the establishment comes after those who are trying to stand firm… only to get slapped down… the re-election of John Boehner should be enough to stop supporting those dopes…. but no it gets worse… John Boehner then removes conservatives from chairmanships…

        Explain to me again how restoration can be accomplished by working inside the GOP party?

        Our times requires leaders not followers.

        Thank you for allowing me to respond. This is a very serious discussion and could be the milestone of the turning back these federal encroachments.

        • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

          you don't belong to your local GOP , nor have you ever, am I right? Because if you had, you would know what is going on.

          • NEW Party


            Actually I did belong and after the many intrusions on my individual liberty by the GOP I decided that supporting those that take from you never ends well. I have selected a different approach.

            My approach allows me to have peace with my GOD… my approach never asks me to compromise my principles…. my approach never asks me to make a decision between the better of two evils… my approach is what our founding fathers demanded of us… my approach is about accountable…

            My question for you is this… you mentioned you have been an officer for your county GOP so is it possible that you may be too attached to see what is really going on?

            Put a different way… are you not concerned about your character through your continued support of the GOP? What do you tell people is the reason why they should support the GOP? What accomplishments do you point to?

          • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

            "you mentioned you have been an officer for your county GOP so is it possible that you may be too attached to see what is really going on? "

            Are you serious? Did you read this post? I'm ready to block.

  • Frustrated

    Romney lost because he had no fire in his belly. He was dull. There's no doubt he is a very intelligent person and would have taken this country back to where it should be. However,I take issue with the GOP would lose a large percentage of its conservative base by not supporting abortion. I remember a time when abortions were illegal and the consequences of a woman getting one anyway.The hell she had to pay physically and not being able to open up about it. I never want to go back there again. And,no,I'm not talking about myself. We've been told for so long that the GOP is against abortions that I truly don't believe it. Gay marriage is something else. My state of NY rammed that one down our throats and we had no say. Gov.Cuomo is setting himself up for the Presidency. So many issues with so few answers. The GOP is holding onto their old ideas and don't want to hear what our new TeaParty folks have to say.

  • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

    I said the GOP will lose conservatives for going pro-abort. You are arguing a non-argument. Abortion in America is legal, and I refuse to argue a non-argument.

  • Gary Cobb

    I'm not giving up my Christian beliefs, the Constitution or my core principles for the GOP to win anything.
    Romney may have won if he would have stayed on the attack after the first debate and Christie would have kept his mouth shut. I was that close. If the GOP wants to be the tweedle dum to the Libs tweedle dee they will continue to loose. If they want to be every other skin on the onion they will continue to anger the voters that put them there.