S.E. Cupp to GOP grassroots: Rush is crazy, stupid, dangerous

Matt Lewis must’ve read the entire NYT piece, “Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?” so good for him, (I nodded off, it’s long and irrelevant) but he found a quote from MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp.

[W]e can’t be afraid to call out Rush Limbaugh,” said Goodwin’s fiancée, S. E. Cupp, a New York Daily News columnist and a co-host of”The Cycle”on MSNBC. “If we can get three Republicans on three different networks saying, ‘What Rush Limbaugh said is crazy and stupid and dangerous,’ maybe that’ll give other Republicans cover” to denounce the talk-show host as well.

Goodwin has a group (don’t we all) that is trying to fix what is broke in the GOP.  Goodwin’s group is asking young people, who voted for Obama, what they think about Republicans.  Naturally, Goodwin would ask people who he thinks can be persuaded to vote Republican, to give their views about Republicans without considering once that those people don’t know much if they already voted Obama.

So, Goodwin’s fiance tries to help, by smearing the one guy who reaches more people and REFLECTS and STRENGTHENS their own views on life, natural common sense, and history.

Cupp doesn’t say what she means when she points to Rush Limbaugh’s comments, she just simply gives cover for denigrating him.  By the way, does Cupp have any children? I don’t think so.  I have two teenagers, and many conservatives who listen to Rush have ‘Rush babies’, kids who have been listening to Rush for years along with their parents.  In fact, teenagers only glean a little about life in general, as they are quite self-centered (we all were) and they also speak their mind without being asked.

Where Cupp goes wrong is that she is trolling for something Rush may say, usually taken out of context, and spread out on media platforms that are populated with gleeful conservative-haters.  Point that out to a youngster, and they will see the injustice of it, since they already say exactly what they think, usually at inopportune times.

No, this a major foul for Cupp.  Big time.  Rush is part of our lives, and Cupp would have him thrown to the wolves to somehow ingratiate liberal know-nothings to the Republican party.   No thanks.

What she should be doing is educating herself and her peers about the founding of this country, the spirit of America, and how our children are the greatest resource of hope for our future.  The kids can save their future if only they know the truth.  And Goodwin should have responded to the group of know-nothings, that if they just turn on the radio once in a while, they might learn something.

You don’t grow the party by changing it into whatever the youngsters think it should be, because they aren’t seeing it the way it really is.  There is no truth in what the twenty-somethings thought the GOP was, how can you suggest the GOP change when you don’t even educate people on what it stands for?

Should there be a new term for self-loathing Republicans now?

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  • http://TheConservativeHammer.com Greg Halvorson

    S.E. Cupp is now group-think liberal lemming posing as a "common sense moderate." A willing pawn and dupe who will get paid off in cocktail parties.

    • R. Corbin

      You and Jen are spot on. When I first heard SeeCupp I went to her blog and wrote her a note. My mother shared the same rare family name. She never responded. I think she is more enamored with her "Inner Ringer" status being on MSNBC and being elevated into a higher cocktail party orbit with all those "important" people doing "important" work.

  • John Kirkwood

    Outstanding article! If only there were more with the moral clarity and the guts of Jen Kuznicki.

  • patrioticamerican

    I do not like people who adopt contrarian positions, or seek to be devil's advocates. Intellectual consistency is crucial, and Ms. Cupps is all over the map.

    Compared to Rush, she is inconsequential.

  • Steve


  • David

    When I see the name, I think of a C Cup bra. She's a boob.

  • rosemary castanza

    o dear S.E..>>>>>>>>>>bobo knew she would mess up

  • Keivn

    Rush knows that we shouldn't be trying to lure people over by trashing someone outspoken who shares our ideals, maybe someone should teach that to cupp.

  • John

    I wasn't much of a fan of S.E. Cupp before (although I will admit I got a picture with her and a signed copy of one of her books back in 2010), but I got really turned off by her when she started going after Newt Gingrich during the primaries last year. At the time she was working for Glenn Beck, who was also going after Newt quite a bit, so I suspected there was a bit of collaboration between the two over that. I also remember her going after Sarah Palin around the same time (can't remember the reason, specifically), which also seemed out of character.

  • countenance

    A NYDN columnist and MSNBC host really cares about the Republican Party and its success. Sure.

  • http://misterchambers.com/ Randall

    MSNBC. Doesn't that say it all?

    Unfortunately there is a new breed of political pundit/micro celebrity that isn't all that educated, and isn't all that sophisticated. They're there for the paycheck and the camera. I've seen Cupp in person – seemed nice enough, though did talk quite a bit about herself and why she was a conservative. Frankly I don't care, and outside the men who wanted her number, not sure if anyone there did. It's much more important for a media personality to expose the lies and the dirty deals and the other tawdry things that go on in Washington D.C. But they're all, apparently, afraid of losing their access. Easier to dump on Rush, who they simultaneously envy and fear.

    Politics in America today a big cocktail party whose attendants get fatter and more exclusive each year. Eventually they'll choke on their own ego.

  • Dave in San Diego

    Whatever happened to Reagan's 11th Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Republicans"?

    Very disappointed with S.E. over this. Are her 'Cycle' co-hosts wearing her down and turning her into another Meghan McCain?

    • Cathy

      She admitted she is not a Republican…what is she then…maybe a tool for the left !!!

  • Keir

    In order for anyone to take S.E cupp serious on any level. she actually should try to be passionate about her view.. Rather, she wants to try and stir up controversy within the Republican Party. I know that she is one of the co-hosts over on MSNBC and maybe that is where she should stay for MSNBC is an irrelevant news station and has been for a very long time.. Just look at it's pathetic ratings, and even the pathic lineup it has… Rachael Maddow, Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Ed Schultz.. can anybody over there be taken serious at all.. I don't think so

  • Kaye

    Some of the most decent people I know have been listening to Rush for years so there was no way I ever believed the bad press he's gotten from the left. After Obama told Republicans that they shouldn't listen to him or they'd never be able to get anything done I decided to become a Rush 24/7 member. I adore Rush! He loves this country and he loves people! I've learned so much from him! The left are nothing but big bullies! I'm extremely disappointed in S.E. CUPP. They must drug then hypnotize people at MSNBC……very strange behavior on that network. It's creepy!

  • chukker

    Yet another silly cow in media known by few, passing judgment on a wise and lovable little fuzzball.

  • johnpaul0123

    I remember S.E.Cupp as being a fairly conservative young woman. I think she worked for Glenn Beck for a while. Since joining MSLSD her mind must have been corrupted by the network slimeballs. Seems a little out of character even for her. But this was a few years ago and I guess things change on who's signing your paycheck.

    • yager

      think she sold out? I do.

  • mich

    Cupp is just an Atheist meat-head. All YAP no substance.

  • matt

    never liked her anyway. she's boring.

  • Rocky

    Perhaps Cupp can be referred to as "Sullivaning" herself here.

  • Danny

    THANX JEN !!
    So, a Karl Rove Repubican leaves Beck for PMSNBC/MSLSD. WHO IN THEIR 'RIGHT' MIND DOES THAT ?????? I've always thought there was/is someting VERY strange about the atheists I've heard and their rationalization for their beliefs/non-beliefs, SHE'S AN FN IDIOT, and if it wasn't for this post by Jen, I wouldn't even know she was still with the LUNATICS on station with NO AUDIENCE !!!! I pay ZERO attention to what the FRAUDULENT LEFTWING MAGGOT MEDIA says anyhow !!! F A-CUPP!!

  • Laureen A.

    We conservatives have to stop fighting each other in public. The lefty press is eating this up and so are the Dems and libs. This is just what they want. We need to unite with the one idea of fighting b.o. and all the lefties who are threatening what we all value. We have to remember b.o.'s ideas are the enemy-we need to serve him a defeat and fight him tooth and nail to deprive him of a victory on whatever issues he wants.

    • http://jenkuznicki.com Jen Kuznicki

      and you think S E Cupp is a conservative? how?

  • Beth

    She's a contrarian poser.

  • Mike


  • Texmom

    She is still on Beck's network but he needs to let her go. She is out for her own career and nothing else.

  • pnpeterman

    She is the ONE reason I don't watch the 8pm show from Glenn Beck. I didn't like her attitude, so I didn't watch. This article doesn't surprise me at all. Glenn should give her the boot!

  • task

    When Cupp says something like this you know she is engaging and processing new friends and alliances in the celebrity world. Rush doesn’t provide the spirited cocktail parties the way Sally Quinn does and which you will never get to attend unless, like John Roberts, you support the liberal Holy Grail of entitlements or, like Morning Joe, you deliberately look for failings among conservative giants and when you can’t find any you just make them up to improve your ratings among liberals. At least O’Reilly, who sometimes does the same thing, does so to maintain his fair and balanced ratings, even though I suspect, at times, he just don’t know enough. But Cupp does know enough; she knows a lot more than the young Obama voters who have not an inkling of comprehension regarding monetary and fiscal policies, quantitative easing, Constitutional government and “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” that represents conservatism underpinnings. What is very sad is that they know nothing of their eventual fate as victims of the very programs they support and enable.These young democrat Obama voters just got over a love affair with Justin Bieber who I suspect, even now, some would vote for as President. They neither appreciate nor deserve Rush Limbaugh.

    The fact is that you can always find three, or even more republicans, that will agree that what Rush has said is sometimes crazy, stupid and dangerous. Chuck Hagel, Jed and George Bush, among others, come to mind. Isn’t Cupp, another one or doesn’t she consider herself a republican of any noteworthiness anymore? And if that is the case she got that right. But what does this really mean? Nothing at all concerning Rush but it does say everything about Cupp who we now know seeks to demean and undermine, Limbaugh, the single most effective antidote and cure for the epidemic of liberalism that she supposedly condemns.

    Republicans and even conservatives sometimes say very stupid things. After all it was Bush (41) who stated that Reaganomics was Voodoo economics and Rand Paul, just the other day, stated that if one lives by the sword they also die by the sword. Huh? Now add Cupp to the list. Only she is not temporary.

    Republicans certainly are split, as opposed to the democrat party where uniformity is now always the rule, except marginally on gun control. They are all liberty stealing authoritarian power hungry misfits that are the enemy of any freedom seeking people. Anyone who undermines the knight that fervently seeks to defeat these monsters cannot fly in under the radar as a sleuth, chameleon academic without an inkling of fact and get away with it. When someone does something like this not only is their future credibility damaged but so are their motives suspect. You can bet that this is more about Cupp than it is about Limbaugh. She has more in common with Adriana Huffington than she realizes. So much time under the tutorship of Glenn Beck and she says something like this? The fact is that she damaged a hell of a lot more people through “guilt by association” than any of those people deserve.

  • Ricky

    I'm a huge fan of Rush, as well as a long-time S.E. Cupp admirer, back to her days on Hannity and Red Eye. But the real story here, lest no one notices, is that S.E. has a fiance'. Suddenly, this is making me very depressed….

    • task

      I know that hence my reference to John Roberts.

      Do you feel that way because he is a lib that has changed her more than she changed him? If you were a veterinarian would you marry someone who did not share your affection and love of animals? To me conservatism is not about politics. It is so only secondarily but first and foremost it is about values, morals and principles. It is a way of living. Conservatism is a verb.

      I always felt John Robert's decision was a response for the pleasure of his wife. Of Marcus Aurelius Gibbon wrote: "for love of a worthless boy, he destroyed the happiness of millions".

      • Ricky

        Actually, I was only making a humorous comment about S.E. getting engaged. I wasn't aware of this. I don't watch MSNBC, other than a little Morning Joe every so often (on days when Mika's dad isn't spouting Carter-era foreign policy)….

        I also assumed that John Goodwin is a conservative, given his association with the NRA and Rep. Labrador.

        S.E.'s job, sitting at a table with three ultra-liberals, is probably mentally fatiguing. I like her a lot, but I cannot take her too seriously.

        John Roberts, on the other hand, has handed this country a permanent problem. I don't know how we'll ever fix it, other than to simply let the whole welfare/entitlement system crash. I blame Roberts' weakness, not his wife.

  • task

    Ricky, I think the name is Micheal Goodwin and I believe his genesis was with the NY Times. He did vote for Romney but he got under my skin when he hinted that the Second Amendment was not absolute without an explanation and therein lies the rub; at least with me. He certainly is a cleaver reporter with what appears to be a conservative leaning but something is rotten in Denmark. I'd like to know what Cupp and he say in private.

    You are so very correct about Robert's; he single handedly made a case, not for Obama Care but actually against the Supreme Court itself that it makes the Nobel Foundation's Obama Peace Price appear reasonable. If ever an Amendment cried out for passage to legitimize Founding Principles it would best be achieved by taking away the ability for just one bizarre justice to undermine the very fabric behind the concept of a nation founded upon the cornerstone of individual liberty.

    BTW, the whole welfare system will crash but only after taking out of a lot of good self-reliant people in the process. Hopefully this new mega entitlement program will cause so much grief and pain that it will self destruct before it gets off the ground. This is not a program that will survive because people get used to it. That is how Medicare has survived and it is Obama Care that taketh that away and not giveth anything good as a replacement or addition.

  • Ricky

    Yes, Michael Goodwin is a columnist, but it is John Goodwin who is quoted in the article and who is evidently S.E.'s fiancee'.

    None of Obamacare makes sense to me or to anyone I've spoken to, including doctors. How you make a program stronger by taking $714 billion from it is beyond my comprehension. I guess we'll all find out next year, in 2014, when this mess actually comes to fruition.

    I say if you like the public school system, you'll love Obamacare…

  • Oregonian

    How about Cuppies?

    • Ricky

      Regarding S.E's current column in the NY Daily News, I think S.E. will find no conservative is going to grant any sympathy for Ms. Fluke. In fact, Fluke deserves our contempt. Rush does a wonderful job, and is very capable of doing satire.