The GOP must reject Karl Rove and his divisive tactics.

Current power brokers in the GOP are clinging to the idea that they will be able to control their grassroots, and in doing so, they are killing the party.

It was not enough, I suppose, to orchestrate the primary timetable for their preferred candidate, influence State party committees through congressional aides, threaten grassroots with ostracism for going against their preferred candidate, use falsehoods to smear the opposing teams, change rulings in State committees to favor their preferred candidate, change the rules at convention to lock in top-down rule, lose, and then blame the power-stripped grassroots.

Not that some grassroots aren’t all for it, it just depends on whether or not party trumps principle. In today’s GOP, however, principle is languishing in that one perfect policy, for that one perfect candidate, who is perfectly without ideology.

What the GOP has, is a grassroots problem, say those in DC, and tea-party backed candidates are said to be losers on policy and vote against leadership, so the election system must be controlled. Even more. More control. That’ll teach ’em.

So much for the party of local control.

So amidst cries of “Akin!” “O’Donnell!” “Angle!” the Rovian profiteers set up shop to mimic grassroots rhetoric in order to steal the hearts and minds of the voting public. Changing the meaning of the Buckley rule as well as the meaning of the word, ‘conservative’, will work on those whom already vote with the establishment, and it will expose even further, the political bastards who lie as a matter of course.

How can a party who seeks the truth in contests against its rival with each issue, continue to pander to that rival, rejecting the principles that the party stands upon? And how can they continue to expect voter ignorance in the age of information?

Is the Republican party still operating under the notion, after two major losses nationally, that its grassroots conservatives will in the end, vote for whoever they put up? Using the grassroots sense of principle and love of country, to force them into voting for what they do not want? Are they sure that if a conservative candidate made it past the aforementioned obstacles, that people like Karl Rove and Dick Lugar would not publicly gather support against voting for that candidate, or worse, voting for a Democrat? Why, that has already happened!

“We just want to win,” is a mantra repeated by political operatives, who then tell us what is needed to win. But they lose. It is time enough to look at results and reasons for those losses, and mostly, it is because the truth is secondary to political expedience.

In fact, it is the grassroots conservative that is more likely to search news stories and disseminate them via social networks, not the moderate party team player. It is the tea party conservatives that organize and reach out in their communities, not the moderate party team player. It is, in fact, the grassroots constitutional conservative that teaches and spreads the word on the valuable and magnificent founding of this nation.

In all, the grassroots conservative does more for the Republican party’s core principles than the moderate party team player, who despises the conservative because they aren’t coming to the same conclusions. The reason for the divide is the dissemination of the truth.

The truth is, Karl Rove is not a winner precisely because he takes the opposite tack of what worked in 2010. His Bush Mandarin status is in opposition to Reagan principles, and his quest for control proves he is a poor representative of a party founded upon liberty.

The GOP made great strides toward conservative principle in 2010, getting many House Republicans elected as a result. In only two years, Karl Rove has surmised that grassroots conservatives are failures and he needs to take over. This man is a power-hungry menace to the party, and stands ready to kill it.

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