The tea party had it coming?

Twitchy shines a light on some tweets by comedians Elayne Boosler and Bill Maher, who used an identical argument to admonish the tea party.  That if the tea party had just not been opposed to taxes, they wouldn’t have gotten the treatment.

On the segment Really! with Seth and Amy, Saturday Night Live player Amy Poehler used the same tack to suggest that the tea party had it coming.  “Really, Tea Party, really?  You’re surprised you are targeted by the IRS?  You named yourself after a group of people who proudly and historically violated tax laws.  Look, if I had a vanity license plate that said, “Weed 420″, I might expect to get pulled over now and then.”

These are comedians. So laugh.

Representative Brady was right to ask the question “Is this still America?” of the IRS chief last week, but it implies that the government would never use its power to single out people who look or think a certain way.  There are cases where unjust profiling has been used by law enforcement and this isn’t the first rodeo for conservative groups getting the treatment from the IRS.

But the issue is whether the government has the authority to control an individual or group of individuals based on their opposition to its policies. The argument from the left concedes that privilege is vested in those who control the governing authority.  How does this rationale fit in with the rest of the left’s concurrence with the sovereignty of big government?

It is said, redundantly, that one’s individual rights should be weighed against the good of the whole.  Yet, when an expression of thought lands on the back bumper of your car, or a sign at a rally, or your license plate, you are to expect to be scrutinized as an individual by authority.  Government abuse of the individual is not any different from their mantra and institutionalized belief system that the ‘man is trying to keep you down,’ so rise up and ‘fight the power’ of corporations, industrialists and the rich, except for the fact that an individual, a corporation, or an industrialist cannot force you to buy into their perceived scheme.  The government can, and is reflected by the view of those who reject their own sovereignty, that the government is the ultimate authority.

It’s all about coercion.  The plain fact is that a corporate head can’t make you buy his product, but the government can make you, under penalty of fines or jail, purchase your freedom of harassment by compliance.

Yet that is how the IRS is set up, and now, they are moving into the great uncharted waters of forcing compliance to a newly created, hyper-partisan healthcare law, the keystone of which is a coercive mandate to purchase that which you may not want, nor have funds for.

No accommodation has been made for you as an individual, especially if you have complained, because the all-powerful government has determined that your problems are to be ignored for the good of the whole.

Isn’t the ultimate argument against slavery, the fact that one man cannot own another?  That one cannot exert control over another, force him to perform tasks under threat of abuse?

Conservatives argue, in varying degrees, that the individual is the ultimate minority, and that good government respects the diversity of thought and ingenuity of each individual contribution.  Our Bill of Rights guarantee freedom of expression in matters of politics, religion, and includes the written and spoken word.  It is that expression that is under attack from a government whose ultimate authority was set up to be in the hands of the people.  The ultimate authority was vested in the people, not whoever was elected to govern.

The suggestion that someone ‘had it coming,’ tells of the mindset and hypocrisy of the left, and blows to smithereens the assumption that we are created equal, as written in the Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

Independent thought and the expression of it, is a guaranteed right, not by the authority of government, but by the authority of our Creator.  It is a faith in government, or more pointedly, a faith in man, that hands us over to his abuses.

Certain government spokespeople, most notably, Pelosi‘s rant about “anti-government ideology,” and Harry Reid‘s assumptions “against government in any form,” stand by their rhetoric that the tea party, and its political allies, are against government. But the crux of the matter is not that patriotic Americans are against government, but that an all-powerful government stands against us.

If silly, thought-deficient comedic expression attempts to justify the actions of the controlling authority, it’s not only not funny, but offers the ‘powers that be’ a pass on selective abuse, and subverts individuality of thought in favor of a government’s insistence to its current norm.

Power to the people.


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  • Dan

    Well, Amy Poehler, favoring lower taxes isn't illegal. Yet. Marijuana shouldn't be, in my opinion, but it is. Big difference.

  • Sun Desy

    First of Tea Party groups were not profiled. They were deliberately targeted and suppressed. I am tired of lightning the action by IRS anything other than bullying. It is no coincidence. They took the cue from the top. IRS was nothing but attack dog for the current administration.

  • bobarian

    Thank you.

  • Bryan Grover

    Thank you Mark…..loud voices are what we conservatives need right now. Please keep it up…..and you libtards who bother to learn from Mr. Levin, listen up and read hard. This is your country too and we don't need this crap.

    • Jen

      I'm not Mark Levin:) But thanks for the compliment.

  • Shaun

    LOL that assumes that anyone is actually FAMILIAR with HISTORY……so what? 5% of the general population? LOL

  • Rubin Goldberg

    I think it is becoming relevant that the American People are slowly waking up to what this Liberal Scum really is. I think there uncommon sense and constant lies they have had there 5 years of NOTHING positive for this Country. It will be very soon they will be back seat drivers and the real drivers will just turn up the radio. They are Garbage, Have NO heart, and completely useless to any productive society. They had there hay day and soon the lights will be turned off and this disaster and nightmare will finally come to some closure. I hope God destroys all of them with NO mercy for the nothing that they are….

  • Raymond

    My hat goes off to the most patriotic American in this country, Mark Levin! He loves America from sea to shining sea and is passionate about this countrys leaders when they try to walk all over our constitution. I really wish he were more in charge of the Tea Party or Republican party! He is a true conservative! Agreat Role Model for every generation!

  • Jerry F. Wetzel

    My father taught me a very important lesson while I was growing up. My father was just such a man as to stand up for his rights even if it meant coming to blows, which he did on several occasions. The theme that he taught me was, "Your rights end where my nose begins." That is to say that your rights are fine for you as long as they do not infringe over into MY TERRITORY. Once you infringe upon my rights, then I have the right and the obligation to strike back, regardless how large or how small the infringement. So, if you have a belief whether it might be the Muslim beliefs or homosexuality, as long as you constrain your beliefs within your own territory, I have no problem. But, when you try to force me to recognize or support those activities that I do not approve of or accept, then you have overstepped your bounds and should expect a reaction from me whether it be verbal, mental, or physical. I am completely within my rights. The Constitution gives me and grants to me these rights. If and when you try to remove my rights, then you have become the lawbreaker and should expect to suffer the consequences.

    • task

      Well said but the Constitution does not give you these rights. God or nature did as an irrefutable mechanism for you to exist. The Constitution was designed from scratch to insure that the Federal Government would not meddle with what is self-evident as part of our nature and civilization. Going beyond what Jefferson stated in the Declaration I can say that these rights are even more than self-evident; they can be proven by scientific methods that can be defended from any challenge.

  • shawnmt6601

    Well said.

  • Jersey Dave

    I'd been wondering if some liberals understood the precedent, that if something happened to one set of groups it could happen to any groups, even ones they agreed with. But considering that the IRS was giving tax info to liberal 501c3 media groups it drives home the point that some of the lard left don't care because they have the understanding that the rules are set one way for them and another for their opposition. They will have cover and protection and their opposition will not, so attack away. This is very, very foolish. The First Amendment was never written to cover only speech and speakers one agrees with, but some on the far left are showing they no longer care about this. Well, they went after the second first, and some could argue the fourth as well. If those protections are removed the people doing it are doing so with the believe they can then control more. What they are doing is dismantling checks and balances which is even more dangerous, but they can't see it yet. __Hopefully there is enough media left with sense and enough people in both parties left who will see the danger. If there isn't this will go to some very bad places, like Woodrow Wilson vs. the Suffragettes places, before it gets any better.

  • Jerry Gerardi

    "if the tea party had just not been opposed to taxes, they wouldn’t have gotten the treatment."-[-"to suggest that the tea party had it coming."

    This is of course the most absurd asinine argument, liberal idiots would make- ie; it only you shut up, you would be targeted, is like saying – if only you girls hadn't worn sexy outfits, you wouldn't have been raped.. ie; you caused it upon yourself..

    This is the kind of asinine stupidity that liberal think, but that's why hey are liberals, illogically unintelligently braindead useful idiots, to which they are naive ignorant tools to the left's end goal of marxist leninist stalinist maoist communism / the end of Individual Freedom and Liberty.

  • Billy88

    Maybe someone should carefully explain to Amy Poehler that a Republican President using the FCC to go after, in general, NBC, and in particular, SNL, would be the same deal.

  • infantrymom

    Liberals are just intellectually shallow people. They refuse to think things through.

    • Andrew

      Someone once said that "Liberalism is a mental disorder." Seems about right.

    • Stu Cozza

      Do not kid yourself… liberals (aka, "progressives") know exactly what they are doing and have thought it through to the end game and the end result.

  • task

    To me this is one of the best articles Jen has written. It explains what is at the core of conservatism and clearly addresses the most fundamental aspect which is individual liberty.

    This is a defining concept to the extent that if you understand the principle you are a conservative; if you don't then I feel sorry for you as well as myself and all other conservatives because you are part of a constituency that can cause great misery and suffering for everyone including yourself as the recipient of the problems you so often help create.

    • Jen

      awww, thanks:)

  • billj

    That is no surprise the comedians have that same totalitarian socialist mind set as the IRS workers they believe “The end justifies the means “

  • dave

    "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness to the extent this current administration is willing to allow you to have" updated progressive version.

  • Chris Angelini

    Excellent, well done.

    conservalidity on twitter