How embarrassing: Priebus tells Latinos, “The GOP has changed.”

This past weekend at a Latino conference, Priebus told the audience that the GOP has changed. We have? How so?

Republicans have “reshaped” their outreach, Mr. Priebus told the group, which represents some 6,000 officials. Republicans get community; they get neighborhoods and churches. They get immigration and educational reform plus economic opportunity. “In America, it doesn’t matter where you come from; it matters where you’re going,” Mr. Priebus noted.

This embarrassing RNC leader just accepted an unchallenged critique as truth and then proceeded to flog himself.

Somehow, the Republican party never ‘got’ community or neighborhoods and churches, or immigration and educational reform etc. until now. Now we get it. We’s jes been hangin’ around here in the corner with the dunce cap on, wonderin’ why nobody likes us. But we’s get it now, we’s get it.

“Republicans know we can’t truly represent America until we’re engaged in every community and every state. The old GOP didn’t do a great job of that. But the new GOP – the Growth and Opportunity Party – is doing things differently,” Mr. Priebus said.

Ah yes, the new GOP, the Growth and Opportunity Party, the one side-stepping all social issues and denouncing Reagan’s legacy. It’s a new world, don’tcha know, and in order to get with it, we are going to have to accept every tenant of the left so we can ‘have a conversation,’ and ‘find common ground.’

The party has had a difficult time getting pro-lifers, gun owners and veterans to vote for them, presumably because we didn’t engage in conversation and find common ground. But we are moving on.

At a training meeting sponsored by the Michigan Republican Party, I sat there in amazement as the speaker, in front of a roomful of grassroots leaders from all over the state, at least half of which were women, actually said that we as a party need to figure out how to be more inclusive of women. We are at a point in this nation where there is no reality anymore. There is simply perception, and it can kill you.

If we Republicans are to gain votes from sections of the electorate we have not had luck in, we are going to have to start being colorblind and speak to voters as Americans who hold a common view. That slavery in any form is wrong, that justice, not wealth, must be equally distributed, and that freedom comes with a heavy price. The nation is at a point that we actually need to describe and define America in order to stir the passions of people who either have no idea, or are adverse to the concept. We are actually at the point that we need to recruit people who think an idea such as America is worth the price we will have to pay. We actually have to sell a vision of a nation where men are free, rather than where we are at now.

The current leadership of the GOP must change. In all my observations of this party, it is not the grassroots person who is against reaching out to people in their communities and churches, it is those who are detached from the actual lives of regular people, those who look at data instead of into someone’s eyes, that come up with these cockamamie plans to serve people better. The way the current leadership can learn to make a better GOP is to stop assuming we are what the left tells them we are, and to stand on principle and core American values and define the other side as the one needed to change.

We are not against Hispanics or women or blacks or Asians or left-handed Albanians. We are one people seeking a better life for our children and our children’s children in the one nation designed to put us in charge of our destiny. We are reliant upon ourselves and refuse the yoke of a government so large it has become our slavemaster. Increasingly, Republicans at the grassroots level are speaking to this, what they always thought the Republican Party was around to show, yet almost as quickly, so many elected Republicans are failing to profess.

With the leadership accepting the argument that we are some kind of party for old white guys, and we must fix that perception, maybe they would do well to acknowledge that we are not, rather than agree with a lie, flog its own supporters, and accuse us of being a bunch of racists.

If the leadership will not fight back against lies coming from the other side, how do we at the grassroots level do so? We cannot, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why Priebus, a guy who I am positive is not a racist, would stand before an audience of Latinos and suggest his party is, but we are just now seeing the light.

If this is the grand plan of the Bushies and their ilk, to put down their own party members because of a false perception, based on feelings and not the true rule of law, they will find no pathway to electoral victory. It is because of this asinine posturing based on perception and not reality, that deflates the party members and tells us we must accept the injustice of being blamed for something we have not done, just because leadership has no idea how to win elections.

The GOP has a messaging problem alright, it begins with accepting lies and punishing itself rather than speaking the truth to anyone, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. The leadership has got it so wrong, and as they continue down the path of the ‘Growth and Opportunity Project’, they will find out that their messaging problem has lost them their own grassroots.

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  • maggiemae1

    That didn't seem like a speech at a conference. More like part of an apology tour…..wonder where Priebus got that idea?? *rolls eyes*

  • Do Trapasso

    This is the beginning of the end for the Republican Party . I'm a registered republican now but I'm changing to libertarian or independent or nothing.

    • Dapandico

      I didn't leave the GOP, the GOP left me.

  • Bill

    Tired of all these old white Republicans begging for the votes with the same skill and results as if they decided to rap for votes.

  • Daniel Zepeda Sr.

    The GOP problem with attracting minorities is not that we have barred them from our party, but it is our inability to recognize that minorities have traditionally voted Democratic because grandpa and Mom & Dad did. Thus we have been slow to develop a strategy that would move minorities to the GOP platform, by showing that the Democratic party is not the party that their parents and Grandparents voted for, but a liberal machine designed to promote the liberal agenda. The fact that the dems used social media to the extent they did shows that they had researched & did their homework in order to present to minorities a utopian vision despite its falsity to gain their support. The GOP had better start to define in layman's term who and what we stand for in stark contrast to the democratic platform.

  • Jim McLarey

    This is brilliantly written. Wonder if it has been read by Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, but mostly, MARCO RUBIO! He REALLY needs to hear it.

  • Ann cavage

    GOP ruling class out of touch with conservatives. Every time I get asked for money from GOP, I send back with reasons i do not donate. Rubio and his amnesty friends are disappointing. Why vote?

    • ET Reed

      Just threw my latest $$$ request from national GOP into recycling container.. They just don't get it! See list of 14 GOP Senator votes for pork, deals, and LaRaza.

  • Abe

    Well Said

  • Kauf Buch

    I'll likely vote Republican in 2014, ONLY to hold off a Dem/Marxist takeover of the House.
    Tea/Conservative/Freedom Party 2016!
    (West/Cruz would be nice…)

    • creeper00

      re: West/Cruz…I'll second that notion.

      • Kauf Buch

        I rescind my comments about West:
        1) He voted for ObamaCare funding for school clinics.
        2) He voted for Pigford reparations.
        3) He voted NOT to cut spending to the bone in his FIRST vote as a TEA Party representative. (See Heritage Foundation voting reports.)
        4) He voted to renew the Patriot Act.
        5) He voted FOR NDAA, which will scoop you up, deposit you in jail, no reason given. No counsel. No family notification.
        6) One month after Trayvon Martin was killed in the scuffle with George Zimmerman, West came out on the wrong side and supported his peeps, making Trayvon out to be a tragic teenager gunned down in his prime.

  • k shinault

    Tea party movment is strong still and getting stronger. We do collaborate and many have gotten heavily involved with their republican county parties. District levels are activated and somewhat at the state level. Wait and see in 2014. Don't give up the ship yet…Dems and Old Guard power repubs want us gone and i dont blame them if power is what they lust for…we are about the people……and saving our republic!

  • IronBob

    I'm a life-long Republican of over 30 years and let me say this….they get religion alright, so much so that they'll jam it down our throats whether we like it or not. They get immigration alright by acting like leftists. They get all that but what they don't get is my money any longer. I'm sick to death of this a-hole Preibus. The GOP is dead from the neck up for voting this clown right back in.

  • IronBob

    Forget all that you knew before and have this guy write the speeches for the GOP.

    • Jen

      who? Priebus?

  • Greg Halvorson

    This article NAILS IT…. Priebus is a sadsack without a sack — a perfect shill for the Consultant Class.

  • Gee Vee

    And you still think sticking with the GOP, or expecting them to reform and become Conservatives is a viable option???

    The GOP is dead. They've sold out. The Party "leaders" have capitulated and are now jockeying for positions in the coming veto-proof Democrat one-party state.

  • MichaelBowler

    Preibus, not real bright…

  • alecJ

    Yeah, the GOP has changed alright….its become the other Democratic Party and forgotten the reason it was created. Its become a pathetic appeaser of progressives, and a weak leaderless, meandering mess of a party.

    When the so called "Chairman" of the RNC is out there acting so embarrassingly, isnt just another sign that its time for a third party made of much sterner stuff.

    The GOP should be ashamed….but its not, and thats the problem.

  • task

    If we were to able to enter into an alternative reality where we could pick and choose certain persons to philosophically change 180 degrees and one of those persons was Chuck Schumer who would then be asked to manage the Republican Party so that republicans could win elections (and Schumer took the job), republicans would experience resounding victories all over the electoral map that would transcend gender, ethnicity, age, economic strata and education. How so you ask? Because the Chuck Schumer, which we know in this reality, loves Priebus; he loves him for what he does not understand, for what he repetitiously fails to grasp and for what he is. In fact Chuck Schumer loves the Republican Party, not for what it was but for what it has become. It makes it easy for democrats to win elections. As a democrat he knows less how to win than you might think but, most of all and most importantly, he knows that the easiest way is by convincing us not to be what we are supposed to be and what we once were.

    Any normal, rational and sane individual would have to disparage all reason and logic to ignore the fundamental significance of the 2010 elections that provided republicans with victories that had coattails so long that they reached all the way down into local districts throughout America. It seems that whatever Kool-Aid that republican strategists drink, after they take control of the leadership, it has to be stronger than whatever democrat drones have sipped for decades. Even Romney understands, unfortunately post election, that he lost in 2012 because he failed to properly articulate core, founding principles based upon the natural law human beings require for maximum prosperity. We know what Priebus believes. He believes what Michael Steele before him believed and what Karl Rove believes, what Ann Coulter believes, what the Bushes also believe and what many big money donors have been led to believe. They believe that their core constituency base will stick by them, as they had hoped with McCain and again with Romney and not take notice that principles, values, morals and ethics are not less significant than winning because winning has zero significance when it sustains the objectionable platforms of your philosophical adversaries.

    Republicans, who I consider struggling conservatives, are looking to discover what they should become instead of who they once were and again must become; they are floundering about as a party hell bent on beating the democrats at their own game which is as impossible as lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps.

    Last time I checked the Linnaeus system of nomenclature Hispanics, like Germans, Norwegians, Eskimos, Africans, Asians and American Indians are all classified as human beings. Priebus should have unequivocally stated, to his Hispanic audience, that the Republican Party does not offer them anything special or different than it provides anyone else. We are not a party of panderers appealing to class distinctions so that we can obtain power to become an authoritarian, controlling political monopoly. We are a party that wishes to allow people to empower themselves; we are a party that stands for the smallest government necessary to keep a society civil; we believe in leaving people alone so that they can pursue their dreams and aspirations so as to achieve maximum fruition and most importantly we will defend their liberty because it is the only mechanism that permits a society, its people, its individuals to prosper the way God and natural law meant them to.

    Chuck Schumer understands this. So did Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Castro and many others. It is they that understand the American Constitution as the greatest obstacle to their agendas that history has ever bore witness to. It is only the Republican Party, at the highest levels of strategy, which the rest of us have turned to for liberation, which has yet failed to grasp the very concepts upon which it was once founded.

  • Lars

    Preemie Preibus Rained Rinses on poor GOP like john the baptist. Don't you feel better?

    • task


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  • mysticisa

    That's my Prince Dweebus!

    Uh.. The entire GOP tool shed has to be emptied out. I've never seen a bigger group of idiots running a party in my life.

    Peiebus must be referring to this incident as oart of latino oureach, etc.. Here is Paul Ryan in a predominantly Latino leftist community, with his buddy, Luis Gutierrez no happens to be a former marxist Leninist from Puerto Rico and an avid amnesty activist? The pictures tell all. Don't miss it!! Laughter aside, Luis's past is very dangerous for our country. This is a must read!