John Boehner is the worst possible Speaker at the worst possible time

Ever notice how the Speaker of the House chastises his own party members rather than the President or any one Democrat?

So far, John Boehner has been in at least 8 different private talks with the President.  What is he telling him, and what is he agreeing to? We don’t know.

Mister Grand Plan has screwed over the American people so many times in the face of the worst President the nation has ever seen, whose anti-American ideology is crushing the nation’s heart and soul, and what does he do?  He calls one of his own ignorant.  If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

This idiot Speaker hands over every single piece of leverage we have as Republicans and pats himself on the head for being some kind of tough guy.  He is way out of touch, he is completely devoid of honor, and he should be removed.

The one person who has the power to end Obamacare, Boehner surrendered to Obama less than a year after its passage in the House sparked  a massive push to oust any one who voted for it.  Did the idiot Speaker use the political capital?  Nope, and he never has, and he never will, and now, he is as good as Pelosi, only no way near as effective.

Pelosi was right on the money when she said his legacy would be that he is the weakest Speaker in history.  Even though she tried to gender-bait in her statement, that label was extremely accurate.

Weak and pathetic, and completely unworthy of the fine people of this nation.  Those of us who know who John is dealing with, don’t know what his deals are, while he doesn’t understand what he’s dealing with.  It’s a complete charlie-foxtrot!

For all his mealy-mouthed garlic-breathed staffers and consultants who swirl around him to protect him from any criticism, by trying to lash it to anti-Republicanism, you can kiss my country ass.  The man cannot even fight the enemy!  Fools!

And why is it that he has been in office for so many years, and he actually holds the title of Speaker, and he cannot link words together to create sentences?  He breaks the cadence of any sentence or God-forbid, paragraph he might have to say in public, so that you cannot even understand what he is saying.  And he is reading it!  It fuels the rumors that the guy is completely pickled at all times.

You know, some people in the party are going to try to say that I’m hurting him by telling the truth about him, but that proves how far gone the party is, and how useless the leadership is.

All of a sudden, you can’t tell the truth in America because Johnny glass-eyes is now the mighty protector of, not the American citizen, no, illegals who have become the darlings of the vacillating and absolutely lazy pro-Democrat Republican Party.

Mark Levin found a piece from the Christian Science Monitor the other night, titled, “Along key stretch of US-Mexican border, more kids smuggling drugs.”  Hey, wait, did Johnny look into the claim by King that illegal kids are doing that?  No, he laid into Steve King because King is the number one guy the Republican leadership in both houses and the RNC and Rove are gunning for.  They want him to stay out of the Senate.   So, instead of defunding Obamacare or appointing a Select Committee on Benghazi, or a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal, Johnny is honing in on 2014 by degrading his own people.

That didn’t work when he tried to get rid of Bachmann, and it won’t work for King.  The filth in this Republican party is at the top, and the divisive campaigning by the Speaker of the House against his own people must stop.

This Republican party leadership is in complete disarray, and every patriot in the nation has seen their country be downgraded and her precious liberty be dragged through the mud by a corrupt, vacant leadership.

It’s time to start asking if John Boehner has more allegiance to Obama than his own party, and the Constitution he swore to defend.  He is no help to the office, his party, or the nation he is supposed to serve.

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  • Paratisi

    More proof that RINOs are WORSE than Dems! Never under any circumstances should anyone vote for the lesser of two evils! It's a childish justification for a STUPID Decision. BTW, has anyone thanked RINO Scott Brown for being the 60th vote for "Cloture" that gave us Obamacare? When you do, don't forget to thank Boehner for helping the Obama Crime Family to cover up Benghazi & the 33+ American Hostages being held & threatened, by the POS we refer to as POTUS. #NOrinos2014 #CrushRove #PJNET

  • Joe

    Exactly right. Any conservative who votes for Boehner is completely lost. In fact, any conservative who is still voting Republican is a sheep. Time to leave the Party.

    • Dave

      AMEN! Preach it Brother Joe! I'm SO done with the GOP. No better than the Dems. At least you have to respect the Dems for having some core beliefs and fighting for them.

  • Jeanine Vecchiarelli

    Amen, Jen. Boehner is the weakest, most ineffectual person in history to occupy the position of Speaker of the House. Either that, or he is complicit with Obama and his ilk as they carry out their shared mission to destroy our beloved nation. In fact, the more ineffectual he is the more I become convinced he IS complicit. Just as Obama and his minions act out of malice for our country as opposed to inexperience, I can't believe Boehner could possibly be THAT weak.

  • Cry and Howl

    He's been compromised and traded his manhood in for a Tampon.

  • epm54338

    This spineless RHINO should be challenged by a true conservative. Boehner, and his buddies, Cantor and Ryan are complete sellouts.

  • msbetz

    Boehner is terrified that Obama will expose his "secret life" and will do ANYTHING that he's told to do, that's blackmail and that is what BLACKMAIL does.

  • Wayne

    I would love to know what this secret is. Has to be something big for him to capitulate so completely.

  • Kauf Buch

    Hear! Hear!!!

  • task

    I don't know if Boehner is a drinker or is on the wagon but since he has been Speaker I have consumed more alcohol than during the entire Clinton term and Pelosi Speakership combined. The man is an incomprehensible rogue. With all the ammunition that we conferred upon him in 2010 he actually manages to accelerate the agendas of the liberal opposition.

    And yes, at this very significant crossroads where we are precariously perched at the edge of the abyss and need powerful leaders that do not falter we get this ineffectual, quisling that beats up his base the way McCain used to beat up JD Hayworth. All these RINOS' have one thing in common. It is not so much that they love or dislike our unethical and incompetent President as much as they hate their own conservative base, who they would rather chastise and dismiss with even more enthusiasm than they enjoy when making back room deals with the very people we put them into power to defeat.

  • wildman

    boehner has turned into a ovomit ball sukin lap dog and I'm betting those secret meeting are so boehner can secure employment with ovomit when AMERICANS vote his rhino ass out.

  • Patty

    Right again, Jen! I love how you always tell it like it is, especially, "you can kiss my country ass." Why the Speaker was re-elected is a complete mystery to me. They're more worried about their political careers than upholding the Constitution, and doing what's right and good for America, except for Louie Gohmert and a couple more in the House and Ted Cruz in the Senate – – heros!

  • pcisbs

    The disgraceful, duplicitous members of the RINO Establishment in fact represent a Fifth Column, which is far more dangerous than our obvious Democrat opponents. Unlike the lunatic leftists who freely spew their stupidity, which can be easily refuted with facts and history; the sleazy dirtbag RINOs make speeches on how conservative they are, while simultaneously forcing us to comply with the product of their concessions to Statism

    • Dave

      well said!

  • creeper00

    So what is it that Dems have on Boehner? You know they have to be blackmailing or threatening him, just as they did Justice Roberts.

  • StrangernFiction

    And how many R critters have spoken out against him?

    The GOP can't die fast enough.

  • omega_man

    It's said that History informs our Present, but it also works the other way round, too. I never could understand why the Roman Senate allowed themselves to be the subject of pogroms and humiliation…..ever. But as I look at our Senate and House, I see that it is not the Republic that they jealously safeguard, but own personal self-interest. As long as they can stay in their position, they can wheel & deal to feather their own nests….if a few are lost along the way, so be it…..just keep your head down, don't attract attention, follow leadership, and get that appropriation that puts your son-in-law in the path of government project funding, Bail out of the legislature when you hear the posse coming, but not until. That is the "art" of the modern politician. Pity the poor saps who believe in the constitution and the Republic….they are dangerous, they rock the boat, THEY are the true enemies of the "system". Venal. Venal. Venal. Time for the Tea Party to take over the state party leadership and drive the national weasels into the peripheries…remember, the RINOs et al are happy to have their scams….they don't care what the agenda is as long as they can feed at the trough.