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UPDATE! McConnell Backer Ann Coulter Lies About Ted Cruz and Gets Amnesty Push 100% Wrong

ann coulterLast Thursday on the Fox News show Hannity, Ann Coulter appeared in order to respond to Chris Christie’s speech at CPAC. (See video embedded below.)

HANNITY: I think Cruz gave a good speech today.

COULTER: Um, well I noticed in your, when you were showing all the CPAC speakers, the big famous ones, um, every single one of them is for amnesty.  And that’s something you’ll notice about this year’s CPAC, it’s not, no anti-amnesty speakers allowed.  I will be giving the rebuttal by the way, at 2pm, 

HANNITY: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul are against amnesty.

COULTER: Rand Paul, I didn’t see him.

HANNITY: And Marco Rubio, same thing, Marco Rubio changed his

COULTER: (Raising her voice over Hannity) Marco Rubio wrote that bill, and it passed!

HANNITY: And he said he regretted it.

COULTER: And he pushed it.

HANNITY: Let me finish, he now says he regrets it, do you not believe him?

COULTER: A little late now!

HANNITY: I agree, but I’m just telling you where he stands now.

COULTER: Cruz is for a path to legalization and incidentally, I don’t think Chris Christie has become stupid, he came out for amnesty, he did it in a lot smarter way than those guys did.  

So just in case you misunderstood, Coulter was driving the conversation toward smearing Ted Cruz, praising Rand Paul, and of course we all know how she feels about Marco Rubio, what with her recent kook comment that Republicans hate black people.

The first time I ever heard the phrase, “path to legalization” was from Rand Paul, actually.  This Washington Post article from a year ago detailed his comments.  Since then, he has backed down, and eventually voted against the proposal that the gang of eight ended up with in the Senate.

And just in case you think Coulter misunderstood or didn’t hear Sean’s comment that both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are against amnesty, she reiterated and pressed the point when she smeared Cruz for Paul’s, “path to legalization.”   And to top it all off, she credits her, “dead to me” ex-friend Chris Christie for being for amnesty the smart way.

Don’t look at me, she’s the one who said it.  She later said,

“as I said on this program a few weeks ago, if you want to see who’s really going after the establishment, I wanna hear they’re going after someone who supports amnesty.”

“The only thing standing between us and amnesty right now is Mitch McConnell.”

Say what?

Mitch McConnell allowed it to pass in the Senate.  Sure, he voted against it, but so did Ted Cruz.  In fact, Ted Cruz urged Republicans in the House to block amnesty to help Republicans take the Senate in 2014, while “McConnell didn’t use procedural devices to stall or dilute the bill,” when it passed with 14 of the Republicans in the Senate he is currently the leader of.  Ted Cruz called the path to citizenship, “profoundly unfair,” while McConnell changes the subject at hand to discuss his wife’s immigrant beginnings.

So, exactly how is Mitch the guy who is blocking amnesty?

To hear Coulter tell it, because if we win the Senate, McConnell will be the Majority Leader, and presto, no amnesty, no pathway to citizenship, no pathway to legalization, or however you want to put it.

But that shallow analysis, though par for Coulter, is far too simple for those of us paying attention.

Daniel Horowitz of Red State and the Madison Project has submitted insightful commentary and spot-on analysis of McConnell’s work behind the scenes in the Senate, from his longing to be the Great Compromiser, to his well-deserved title of Prince of Illegal Immigration.  Just a month and a half ago, Horowitz pointed to a Wall Street Journal piece that said the House will bring up amnesty by April and a few days ago, showed how McConnell gets his amnesty wishes accomplished without any fingerprints through the NRSC.

Dan Riehl has continually pointed out what the NRSC is up to with McConnell’s blessings.  His latest piece shows just how useful McConnell is to the left by dividing his own forces and showing terribly bad leadership skills.  Riehl is serious enough to encourage conservatives to refuse to support McConnell in the general if he happens to win the primary.

Taken as a whole, from his actions directly after the shutdown, to his self-serving manipulations of the NRSC, to his new quotes in the New York Times, McConnell has exposed himself as an unworthy leader of the Republican Party – even if he does ultimately win his primary.

Personally, I see no reason for conservatives to support McConnell even in any potential general election. It’s time to put an end to the divide and conquer politics of a too-long-in the-tooth GOP leadership that refuses to relinquish power to a much needed new generation of Republicans. If McConnell and too many of his fellow Republicans won’t step aside as they should, it’s time for conservatives to send a clear message that we will no longer be attacked and demonized relentlessly, only to be told to get in line at election time.

It’s easy enough to say, hey, Coulter’s a RINO, what do you expect?  But there is something strange about how she blames the blameless Cruz, unless….

Coulter is friends with the left, this we all know.  One of her friends is Mickey Kaus, a man who is a liberal, but is with Coulter on the immigration issue.  Coulter had a “debate” with Kaus last week, and I’ve seen her retweet a multitude of his points from the Daily Caller, where he writes.

A couple of Kaus’ pieces attacked Cruz for wanting to defund Obamacare, when he could have tried to stop amnesty in the Senate.  This sin, according to Kaus the lib, is why he is blaming Ted Cruz for amnesty, even though Cruz is against amnesty, and not the leader of the Senate.

So, from a Kaus the lib standpoint, Cruz is a strong leader, but since he refuses to use his Latino-ness to counter Rubio, he’ll get the blame for amnesty.

Kaus then came up with the term, “path to legalization,” even though Cruz’ stated intent is what conservatives sought, and of course Kaus misrepresents Cruz’ meaning, while parroting NRSC’s line that conservatives, on the whole are just trying to get popular and make a buck rather than stay true to their campaign promises.

So, once again, Coulter relies on the left to hurt conservatives and bolster the establishment.

By the way, it is my view that no matter what happens, the GOP will approve amnesty, unless we get rid of the leadership and install fighters like Cruz.  That has to happen this year.  I do not believe amnesty will pass in the House in an election year, but I know the GOP is in line to do so.  It is their stated goal in their “autopsy report” and all of K Street is behind it.  Coulter isn’t stopping amnesty, she is helping make it so.

Horowitz points out that McConnell is pulling the strings, and just as Mark Levin has said, that McConnell is working in the shadows to pass it, and that is one of the main reasons he has to be defeated.


Mitch McConnell is for, and always has been for amnesty.  Daniel Horowitz provides a timeline..

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  • Bruce

    She is a whore no 2 ways about it. First she was ALL for Chris Christie in 08. The all for Romney in 12. Now she is just a book selling kook whom I think lost her conservative way.

    • emily


    • BearNJ

      Christie wasn't around in 08. You mean 2012 before he declined to run. I agree with your point. She is another one from the "conservative" DC talking heads who doesn't believe a conservative can win. This despite the fact the last time we nominated a articulate conservative in Ronald Reagan we won two massive landslides.

  • Scott

    I used to like Ann, but after paying attention to her for the past few years it's obvious she is an "establishment" republican supporter. She backed Romney, she backed Christie, and she will profoundly back whomever the establishment wishes to push to the front in the next presidential election. Clue for all, if she wants a candidate it is the WRONG one to be pulling for.

  • Peter Castle

    Coulter jumped from the conservative bandwagon years ago and has since been all about Coulter all of the time. Therefore, we should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, see

  • TheTownCrier

    This is for all you hard headed, blinded Ted Cruz Supporters…ANN Coulter got it right, "COULTER: Cruz is for a path to legalization"…and you jump all over her! READ! LISTEN! TED CRUZ is for legalization…his words!
    “The amendment that I introduced removed the path to citizenship, but it did not change the underlying work permit from the Gang of Eight,” he said during a recent visit to El Paso. Mr. Cruz also noted that he had not called for deportation
    Cruz wants FIVE times the high skilled visas and Double the rest of immigration! Cruz is a lawyer, he's using you. He was a domestic policy advisor for Bush when he was pushing amnesty! WAKE UP!! HIS WORDS!

    • Jen Kuznicki

      Perhaps you should change your name to Town Liar. First of all, the issue is whether Coulter lied about Cruz. She did. She attributed to Cruz what Paul had promoted as well as the meaning. Cruz is against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. You are suggesting ALL IMMIGRATION is bad. That makes you the part of the electorate that the liberals define all conservatives as, so thanks a lot for acting like a damn fool.

      Being against “comprehensive immigration reform” means a lot of different things, and a lot of different definitions. You are a lazy fool, taking things out of context and being the guy everyone needs to kick around.

      What if we increased immigration from countries where they are very entrepreneurial? Not from the third world and all done legally? Stupid comments like yours aren’t worth publishing, but I figured this one time I’ll show everyone what morons like you talk like.

      Coulter did the same thing you did, left out what Cruz actually was talking about to be able to smear him. You read it, and listen to it. I can’t be holding your hand all day.

      • TheTownCrier

        You refuse to listen to what CRUZ SAID! WAKE UP! HE is using weasel words saying he is 'against amnesty'…he's for legalization and YOU know that is the same thing. Insulting me won't change that.

        • GetAClue

          It is NOT the same thing. If you're not a citizen, you don't vote. Democrats are far less interested in legalization if their expanded constituency doesn't add to their election day tallies.

    • GetAClue

      Who is blind?? Listen to your own video — Cruz is NOT for a path to citizenship for those here illegally. He is very clear about that at the end of the youtube clip you posted! Read the first paragraph of the times article you posted!! Sure, he wants to increase LEGAL immigration. What's so wrong with that? I'm sure you are descended from a legal immigrant. Legal immigrants built this country and made it as great as it is. Cruz wants to dramatically increase highly skilled visas because that will enhance innovation and create more jobs for all, including the "double the rest of immigration." Population growth and immigration are facts of life, get used to them. We need to continue to create new businesses and jobs to provide work for everyone, not just try to fix the problem by closing our doors to people who would come here legally. That's no end game. And so what if he doesn't call for deportation? As long as he favors the kinds of reforms that would make it more difficult for an illegal to survive here, that's all that matters. Despite how silly people made Romney seem for suggesting such a "crazy" idea, people would "self-deport" if there is no opportunity for them to succeed here. But if we keep giving them drivers licenses, health care, welfare, etc, what incentive do they have to ever leave?

      • TheTownCrier

        Ann Coulter is in CONGRESS and she isn't trying to be president!
        So get over that!
        These are Cruz's words…read, listen, comprehend IF you can!
        You are hearing what YOU want to hear, not what he actually says!
        From the video "My amendment …. increase high skilled workers FIVE FOLD"
        and "increase other immigration by 2"
        He speaks against 'citizenship'..NEVER against legalization!
        WAKE UP.
        DIRECT QUOTE: "“The amendment that I introduced removed the path to citizenship, but it did not change the underlying work permit from the Gang of Eight,” he said during a recent visit to El Paso. Mr. Cruz also noted that he had not called for deportation"

        • Jen Kuznicki

          This is too easy.

        • pcisbs

          TheTownCrier – please share with us the country where Ann Coulter is in congress? You really need to educate yourself on reality and stop spewing delusional nonsense.

          • rickperl

            Ah, Town Crier is an establishment Far Left Liberal – attempting to have her LIES thought of to be the Truth…
            But we all know about Leftist Liars like TownCrier

  • Danny


  • Alicia wiliams

    She lost me when she was in love with Christie. She is not a good judge of character & she's all about how many books she can sell not about what's good for America.

    • TheTownCrier

      Yes, and she said she was WRONG about Christie! At least she has the integritiy to admit she can be wrong…just like you all are WRONG about Cruz! All of you better Get your ego out of this, we can't afford it!

      • task

        I never take my eye off the ball and despite my strong affection for Cruz, the day may come when I see it your way but so far he hasn't raised any flags. On the other hand what I see in you is a repudiation of this article because of your commitment to Coulter. Even if someday she proves to be right about Cruz at this present time she does not even use your misunderstandings to support her allegations. She uses emotionally charged innuendos.

        Coulter jumps at the opportunity to disparage a Tea Party favorite and expects us to think like you. Not so fast. All of us have slammed Ryan and we besieged Rubio. Cruz would get the same treatment if we suspected he was no different. It i is not about ego or pride. It is about evidence and your case is far short of weak. It appears to be conjecture based upon a defense of Coulter.

  • Scott

    Jen Kuznicki rocks!

  • task

    Cruz is a lawyer? That is not a secret but did you miss the fact that so is Ann Coulter? Seriously consider that anyone, such as the lame street media (which can’t tell the difference between a conservative and John McCain), can be stuck on Christie but a self-promoting, supposed conservative intellectual writer and speaker who still can’t see the difference and wants a Mike Castle or Arlen Spector small “r” republican is another thing all together. That discredits her for me but it doesn’t stop there. Coulter can legitimately argue that we need a win in a blue state and I get that, despite disagreeing, but she then goes on to discredit Constitutional Conservatives and uses misrepresentations, again and again and that smacks of an alternative agenda.

    There is nothing wrong with legal immigration, when and if we need it and Cruz understands that it is not the immigrant or their country of origin that should determine policy; immigration policy, based upon American interests, must generate law consistent with equality; consequently Australians should expect the same considerations as Peruvians and Eskimos provided that their credentials are subordinate to what we need.

    Sometimes you have to wonder if Lois Lerner and the IRS goon squad is not secretly admired by McConnell and the rest of the republican establishment for their efforts to derail conservative 501 (c) charities because the way they act it appears that they have as much annulus for the Tea Party conservatives as their democrat rivals.

  • Carol McD

    Ted Cruz is not to be trusted on immigration. He will sell out – just wait. Ann Coulter is trustworthy on immigration, and anyone opposed to amnesty will listen to her.

    • Jen Kuznicki

      Based on what?

    • Sue

      Ann Coulter IS NOT trustworthy on immigration. She is supporting Mitch McConnell who has voted for amnesty for YEARS! Daniel Horowitz laid this out perfectly in an Op-ed he did.

  • pcisbs

    Carol McD,
    Did you read that in a crystal ball or hear it on MSNBC? Ann says some good stuff, but face it, first and foremost she’s an establishment advocating hack. McConnell is pathetic and routinely allows mental midget leftist Harry Reid to run right over him, without protest. McConnell's articulation skill is on par with a 7th grade child and he supports amnesty! We are far better without his dismal leadership and he needs to be replaced. However, perhaps you’re joking – ‘Ann Coulter is trustworthy on immigration?’ Hello? Not long ago, it was nauseating witnessing how she practically bled for Illegal Alien Amnesty Advocate Chris Christie. And let us not forget her other love Mitt Romney – who is another establishment illegal alien amnesty advocate. You really need to wake up and acquaint yourself with reality, for a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Joseph Dooley

    Coulter is incomprehensible especially on electoral strategy and politics. I wrote her off after "Two Cheers for Romneycare."