Feehery’s Frat Boy Mentality

feeheryDan Riehl highlights a piece today from Breitbart that shines a light on Politico’s deception in omitting John Feehery’s line of work.

They pretend to be objective observers. In reality they’re always being paid by someone to advocate this or that point of view. And they’re invariably  for sale to the highest bidder. Beltway media loves them and covers for them and many others because they feed them information.

If you want to know what’s wrong with Washington, parasites like these guys who make up the foot soldiers of today’s permanent political class is a good place to start.

Preach it, brother!

There is no secret that Politico is the go-to rag of the perpetually shifty in DC.  If you are a Democrat or a Republican, and you want to attack someone on the right, leave it to Politico.

Heritage’s Robert Bluey points out that Politico failed to let everyone know what the three men mentioned in the piece they ran against Jim DeMint, do for a living.

It is a very enlightening article for those who don’t know about these guys, but my favorite part, is when they ask my new pet John Feehery, what he thinks about this revelation and this is what he said,

“It is no secret that I support immigration reform and renewable energy,” Feehery told The Foundry. “I am proud of my work on both projects.”

Yeah, right, it’s no secret now that I and now Heritage have exposed that he’s paid to push them.  It may be no secret in DC, but if this gorgeous woman out in the sticks hadn’t have researched little Mr. Feehery, the information wouldn’t have left DC, now would it?  It’s no secret because Feehery attacked the tea party and tried then to hide behind his frat club in DC.  In the immortal words of Boon, “How does it feel to be an a**hole, Neidermeyer?”

But you know, Neidermeyer, I mean, Feehery, didn’t tell his secret when he wrote an opinion piece while getting paid by NextEra, to be read by the unknowing people of Kansas, either.  I posted that information in, “John Feehery, Under the Glare.”

NextEra is a renewable energy company based in Florida.  They deal in wind and solar.  In December of 2012, they completed the purchase of a wind farm in Kansas.  The following March, John Feehery penned an opinion piece in the Wichita Eagle, pushing the Kansas legislature to scrap a bill that would delay the implementation of a State mandate on renewable energy mix.  In the letter, Feehery mentions he used to work for Speaker Hastert, and at the bottom, describes himself as, “a Republican strategist and executive director of the Red State Renewable Alliance, based in Washington, D.C.”

Nowhere does he say that he is also the president of a lobbying firm, and that he personally is a lobbyist for NextEra, who owns at least one wind farm affected.  In fact, in numerous articles about Red State Alliance, the fact that he is a lobbyist for a wind and solar renewables company, doesn’t come up.

So, it is regular operating procedure for John and his opinions to appear all over the map, without disclosure of who is greasing his palm.

He added: “I don’t disagree with Heritage on policy. I disagree with their political efforts that undermine the Republican Party. And I am not alone in that sentiment, which is widely shared by most Republicans.”

Yes he does disagree on policy, and that is central.  The guy is a hack and a liar and he doesn’t understand how he’s coming off, but that’s ok.

But the big frat boy mentality line is that he believes Heritage is undermining the Republican Party.  That implies that he and his frat boys are headed in a direction, and if you disagree with it, you are against the Republican Party.  He has that upside down.  He and his frat boys are headed in the direction that will destroy the Republican Party, and the nation.

And I for one am not going to sit here and have that lobbyist and his frat boys take down the United States of America.

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  • JLOHouls

    Exposing this character only confirms my suspicion that there is very little actual reporting in newspapers and broadcast "journalism". Reading the editorial page starts on page one filled with spin and opinions & agendas. During the nineteenth century the term "reporter" described someone who wrote shorthand, the term was applied to those working in the courts, office workers, and newspapers. What the reporters reported was actual verbatim transcripts less the commentary. Try to find any news article that does not contain spin and opinion, easier to find the holy Grail.

  • Benjamin

    (Walking out of room humming the National Anthem)

  • chuckjr.

    Is there anything worse than one who tries to profit under the guise of pretending to care?

  • task

    Don’t fret about this Frat. Creatures such as John Feehery pop up in both parties. I can't deride the man for any primary or secondary renumeration because people should be paid for what they believe in and work hard at. What is wrong here, that you can bet on, is that he does not disclose the rest of the story because he perceives and understands the conflict. Furthermore he is not a true believe; he is a hired gun (mouthpiece). I look at him as the democratic Terry McAuliffe (who Rush Limbaugh referred to as punk) of the Republican Party who made money from Countrywide while he bashed banks over the mortgage debacle.

    I don’t know if Jen is a creation of Mark Levin or found within him a similar psyche that acted as a motivational catalyst for her natural conservative inclinations. It does not matter; what does matter is that she effectively fights the enemy. Make no mistake about liberty robbers; outside of the apocalyptic horsemen they are humanity’s greatest enemy. I have often told republicans (provided that they are conservatives) that you don’t play softball with liberty stealers; you hit them hard. You don’t go for the jugular, you go straight for the groin.

    Jesus Christ was not about a “Big Tent”. He was about forgiveness provided that there was repentance. He believed in one God, his Father and, like Moses, was not about to accept, as part of his following, those that worshiped the Golden Calf. The Republican Party was once a party about capitalism, free markets, a strong military, secure borders, the rule of law (civil society) and most of all about liberty and a small unintrusive government designed o secure it. And what is the aforementioned philosophy based upon. It is based upon science. It is based upon natural law, that Jefferson, Locke and Burke understood as well as Newton understood physics.