McConnell Offers Alley-oop to Reid Again and Again

Daniel Horowitz shows how McConnell has once again eased Reid’s control over the Senate by refusing to block the IMF package, which doubled our contribution and weakened our influence within the body.

We’ve witnessed this dynamic throughout the past few years.  Ideally, Republicans should have more leverage than Democrats because they fully control the House, while Democrats lack a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  As such, McConnell’s job is to block bad legislation in the Senate, enabling the House to jam Democrats with the only viable alternative.  Yet, with issue after issue, we have witnessed the opposite dynamic.  McConnell hands Reid the requisite 60+ votes and allows him to jam the House.

mcconnellIt’s always the same with McConnell, he talks the talk but never ever walks the walk.  He sidesteps his own repertoire of power as Senate Minority Leader, instead opting to allow the Democrats leverage they should not have.  Then, as usual, he bemoans the nasty Democrats and infers that his Republicans would never do such a thing.

Maybe not, but they just let the Dems do it without a fight.

Read more of Horowitz here.

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