Mark Reed Levin is the nation’s freedom fighter. He is the best radio host who truly defines what he calls, “Radio Free America.”

Not only does Mark talk the talk, he walks the walk. He articulates constitutional conservatism, and teaches every night about the founding of America, and why the founding documents are the most beautiful documents ever written.

Mark with his Landmark Legal team, has fought the EPA, Obamacare, the lying Bill Clinton, and many many more issues throughout the years. All the while, he promotes conservatism and the greatness of America.

Mark has spent his life since youth, defending freedom and working to promote the understanding of conservatism. A member of the Reagan administration, Levin knows what actions within the Republican party move us toward liberty and those that are not helpful, and hurt the conservative cause.

He’s not just a radio host. He knows of what he speaks, and is the only host that gives credit where credit is due, promoting unknown bloggers and little known defenders of freedom.

Mark’s book, Liberty and Tyranny, arrived on shelves in early 2009, when the nation was reeling from the far-left Barack Obama inauguration. The book helped tea party patriots across the nation understand what needed to be done, which was to become very active in their own neighborhoods, and spread conservatism. I credit Mark, and his book, as the catalyst for developing the most effective conservative activists now paying close attention to politics across this great land.

A more effective and articulate natural man, with a focus on saving this nation from tyranny, cannot, in my view, be located.



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  1. lprebble says:

    I would like to propose that conservatives continue to look into putting Dr Ben Carson on center stage preping him for opportnity to be drafted as a GOP candidate for president of the United States. If handled right, he could shape the race instead of the race shaping the candidate. We need his uniting down to earth leadership. He's logical, untarnished, well self educated, an inspiring leader, conservative, but not intimidating, thought provoking and direct. I would ask you, Mark to consider exploring the possibility of helping front this man from the bullrushes to help the conservative public focus in one direction for '16.

  2. He_Has_Failed says:

    I like Carson, but he is highly unknown. Foreign policy? Unknown. He's already waffled on 2nd Amendment when he said there are some places that might not need guns. Now he backed down from the gay thing. I'm just not seeing it. Cabinet member? Maybe. Surgeon General? Sure.

    I've watched dozen or so of his interviews and his common sense clinical-ism, while refreshing, I think lacks the political passion such as a Rand Paul and less so Marco Rubio possess.

  3. maggiesnotebook says:

    On Dr. Carson, I think he is an amazing man, but he believes that cities like Chicago should be denied their second Amendment rights.

    • task says:

      That is part of the problem. They have already been denied their right to bear arms. The fact of the matter is that many good and law abiding people protect their life and property by using firearms. The media never reports this. The NRA does.

      The stats are in. More concealed carry permits results in less gun related crime.

    • Mike_American says:

      Doc Carson doesn't believe in usurping anyone's rights. He wants people to understand the responsibilities that sustain the rights.

      And friend, the Ideological Left axiomatically rejects any sense of responsibility for anything. Therefore, those who have succumbed to leftist 'governance' are most assuredly ignorant of the responsibilities that sustain the right to own and effectively use firearms in defense of their lives and means to exercise their rights.

  4. Jasmine says:

    A associate of the Reagan management, Levin knows what events inside the Republican gathering shift us in the direction of freedom and those that are not obliging, and injure the traditional reason. Thanks.

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