Turning a Blind Eye to the Truth About Abortion

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York says she has not viewed, and doesn’t plan on viewing the videos that exposethe harvest and sale of human body parts by Planned Parenthood, an agency that receives federal funds.  When asked about the videos, Gillibrand said:

“I think what Planned Parenthood does around the country is provide healthcare for millions of women who have no access to health care at all. And, only a very small part of their budget goes to abortion services. 97 percent of their budget is focused on basic health care. Anyone who wants to defund Planned Parenthood, wants to defund health care for women across the United States.”

That’s not entirely accurate. Planned Parenthood does not claim that abortion occupies only three percent (3%) of their budget. It’s the number of services provided.  For example, Planned Parenthood claims….

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‘Plunder and Deceit’ Mark Levin’s Fourth Consecutive #1 Bestseller!

What do you think about that?

Press release from publisher Simon and Schuster:

Mark R. Levin’s PLUNDER AND DECEIT is an instant #1 New York Times Bestseller!

Mark R. Levin’s PLUNDER AND DECEIT will debut at #1 on the August 23, 2015 New York Times Hardcover Non-Fiction Bestsellers list. Published on August 4, 2015, this is Levin’s fourth consecutive #1 New York Times bestseller.

With PLUNDER AND DECEIT, Levin has struck a chord with readers through his message that a ubiquitous federal government is threatening the liberty and prosperity of the citizenry, and in particular younger people, which Levin describes as the rising generation. As is his hallmark, through his exemplary scholarship – in which he draws from history, philosophy, and evidence — Levin powerfully analyzes significant issues threatening the well-being of the rising generation and future generations. In each chapter, Levin uniquely and thoroughly exposes the calamitous consequences of governmental policies, as he deconstructs one disastrous federal policy after another — from the massive federal debt, out-of-control entitlements, the failing educational system, to open-ended immigration, job-killing minimum wage laws, anti-capitalist environmental regulations, and usurpations of the constitutional system. In the end, Levin calls for a new civil rights movement in which the rising generation stirs itself to act in its own defense and against the exploitation of statists, big government, and their devastating public policies.

Mark R. Levin, nationally syndicated talk-radio host and president of Landmark Legal Foundation, is the author of Liberty and Tyranny, the 38-week New York Times bestseller that spent three months at #1 and sold more than one million copies; and the #1 New York Times bestsellers The Liberty Amendments and Ameritopia. His books Men in Black and Rescuing Sprite were also New York Times and national bestsellers. He has worked as an attorney in the private sector and as a top adviser to several members of President Reagan’s cabinet. He holds a B.A. from Temple University, where he graduate magna cum laude and Phil Beta Kappa, and a J.D. from Temple University School of Law School. Follow Mark Levin on Twitter or visit www.marklevinshow.com.

By Mark R. Levin

Plunder and Deceit is a book you will want to have with you when you go vet candidates, and when you want to bring a conversation to the most important issues.  Mark has done tons of research and shared it with the reader, in a treasure of a book.

It’s not a surprise that his last four books reached the top, and if you are a conservative activist like me, you own, have read, and expanded your knowledge through the help of all of his books, and are more effective because of it.

I have reviewed Plunder and Deceit, you can read the review here.

Amazon has it at a 40% discount – Plunder and Deceit at Amazon – Get it, you need it.

We Are All ‘Products of Conception’

Since pro-aborts regularly argue that the baby is not a human, just tissue or an embryo, and they often describe the child as a parasite to the “host,” I thought it might be useful to let them know that even abortionists know the child is a child – and part of “the products of conception.”

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Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat Must Resign

It’s hard enough to get a message of limited government and a return to constitutional principal out, without selfish charlatans running around claiming they are the epitome of the movement.

After years of activism on the part of the tea party movement, Michigan House Republicans Courser and Gamrat finally ascended to the Michigan House of Representatives to be leading voices in the tea party movement.  Instead of doing their job, Courser and Gamrat have debased marriage, ironically while leading the charge in protection of traditional marriage.  Courser has apparently called the tea party faithful a “herd” and was willing to tell a huge lie that he thought might lose him some support, but figured perhaps the tea party was too stupid to care.  It is all so bizarre.  It is too bad that the political work that regular people have had to learn to turn our state and nation around had to focus on two political pigs who thought it would be cool to screw each other and the entire movement.

Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat need to resign.  There are investigations coming, and instead of putting us all through this, they need to for once, stop focusing on themselves, and get gone.


The Delusions of Wehner the Appeaser

For years, Peter Wehner has been insulting the character, twisting the messages of prominent conservatives, and trying to hand conservatism over to the imperial progressives.  Ah, the chronicles of civility.

In his latest huff, Bushie Wehner tells us all once again to moderate our tone, and responds to the righteous indignation of Reagan biographer, Craig Shirley.  Shirley wrote, “In Defense of Incivility,” which is a marvelous piece that answered the passive-aggressive charge regularly leveled by the Bush elitists, that conservatives have made politics uncivil.

Just one comparison of the two men’s commentary; Shirley a Reaganite, and Wehner, a Bush alum.

Shirley writes,

The elites always talk about civility in politics. That is a way to control the citizenry, by shaming them into silence when focused anger would serve the Republic better.

Liberalism is built on order, often masquerading as justice. It is liberals who most often deride the incivility of talk radio and conservative commentators.

Wehner writes,

Civility is an important virtue that is poorly understood by some, I think, including Shirley and those (like the radio talk show host Mark Levin) who share his outlook.

I’ll point out that Wehner’s is in response to Shirley’s.  Intellectually, and politically, Shirley cornered him before he thought to write, and in writing, proved Shirley correct.  Wehner is a liberal elitist, trying to cloak himself as an intellectual-which is laughable since Wehner attempts a response by pulling the out the dictionary to define incivility, like a seventh-grader.

Politically speaking, Wehner walked into a door.

Shirley’s a historian, and he cites numerous examples of incivility in the political realm at the great points in history that helped define change or revolution.  People like Wehner don’t look at the current status quo as in need of revolution, and that’s because he is a protected elitist, utterly unable to understand the reality that the nation is at a boiling point.

Sure, I’m a fan and friend of both Shirley and Levin, and I have written a ton about Wehner because he is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party, a self-righteous, capitulation expert who is passive-aggressive and always argues in favor of compromising principles, who moved to DC in 1984 and never left.  But this isn’t really about Shirley, or Levin, or Trump, or even civility for that matter.  This is about who gets to talk about politics, and how it’s allowed to be done.

Wehner, in the confines of a political career based solely in DC, is from a different world than I am.  I’m sure he speaks to people who share his views and many who don’t, and I’m also sure that everything is quite politically correct, meaning, if a group of my friends were eavesdropping, they could not figure out what the hell the discussion was about.  All very civil, all very wordy, and unnecessarily encumbered by fashionable buzz words and name-dropping.

Out here in the real world, people’s lives are being turned upside down. Out here in the real world, the shit is getting deep.

Small businesses are closing, people are going bankrupt, jobs are being eliminated, our insurance is changing again, and some have lost theirs, people are going into massive debt hoping something will change–and they know it’s all because of our screwed up political system, the two parties walking in lock-step to destroy the Constitution, and Peter has the nerve to tell us to what?  Pretty pretty please stop effing up our lives?

Screw that shit.

Peter Wehner doesn’t get to tell me how to speak.  Peter Wehner doesn’t get to tell me to calm down.  Wehner couldn’t walk a mile in my mocassins, and he has no right to tell me how to emulate the saints while he is an apologist for the appeasement of evil, yes evil.  While his muddled brain comes up with, “Why Republicans Like Obama“, while he tsks tsks any characterization of the Left as un-American as they systematically destroy the nation, while he promises to be a good little lemming, there happens to be a good number of the American people who have turned against the push for totalitarianism.  And if Wehner doesn’t see it that way, that’s just too fricken bad for him.

Conservatives haven’t made politics uncivil, the Republican squish has.  We can see what the left is doing, we can read them like a book, and tell you where this is headed.  The only thing we can’t predict is when the shit’s gonna hit the fan, or if it will be one massive collapse, a combination of war and collapse, or whether we may be able to avoid it.  But the facts are that the Left is going full throttle while the Republicans that Wehner favors are helping them achieve their goals.  The Republicans that fall out of Wehner’s favor are trying to stop the Left.

In Wehner’s mind, certain rules have been developed by the ruling class for the proper conduct of public affairs, and any variance to that model shall be impugned.  That attitude shows how little he understands about the extraordinary gifts of America and the American people.  While Wehner grasps at ways to appease the mob, he scolds the voices of the people.

Wehner wants no bumpy roads in the face of what a true patriot, Mark Levin has written about in his new book, Plunder and Deceit, crippling national debt, impossible monetary policy, a lying administration, a divided nation in the midst of an invasion from our southern border and random terror attacks, add to that Iranian nukes, race riots and murdered and mutilated babies sold off for profit.  Keeping one’s composure and coloring within the lines in the midst of all this is delusional.

Here’s a comprehensive list of essays and commentaries I have written in defense of the greatest nation on earth:

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A Review of Mark Levin’s Plunder and Deceit

As a regular American, working in a skilled trade, I have learned more from Mark’s books than I would ever have studied on my own, nor probably would have encountered day to day. His books are relatively short, but jam-packed with information about economics and history, the effects of government regulation, the restrictions that government interference places on the individual, and each book seems to build upon one or all of the others.

In Plunder and Deceit, I see an extension of Liberty and Tyranny, a generous sprinkling of Ameritopia, some of Men in Black, and still manages to be its own book which perhaps should be miniaturized so that you can have all the information you need when you address your State Representatives about the theme of his book, The Liberty Amendments.

The book is tailored to address the younger generations of Americans who already exhibit a healthy streak of independence, and are the main targets of the national and even global forces that stand in their way.  Tolerant, and not averse to discussion, the “rising generation” benefits from the book’s wealth of information which is necessary to present the case for a reversal of the “governing generation’s” catastrophic direction.

The topics Levin discusses are complex issues such as national security, the minimum wage, the Constitution, our astronomical debt, the New Deal and Great Society entitlements that are on the verge of collapse as well as Obamacare, the environment, education and immigration.  Yet, each chapter is relatively short, incomparably well-researched, and gives the unvarnished truth in the face of a world of lies.  In fact, armed with the truth in the book, anyone can be brought up to speed with the main issues the nation faces in a non-partisan manner, side-stepping the rancor that inevitably surrounds partisan debate, and use the knowledge to take back the power they’ve lost from a government who has lost its way.  This book helps you wrench the power from the political thieves who work day in and day out pretending that we pay them to rule over us.

Also present in Plunder and Deceit as it is in all of his books, Levin’s grasp of history furnishes the reader with an uncomfortable, yet seemingly comforting fact; American history has been replete with groups who always tried to snuff out liberty, and today, they are still at it.  It is uncomfortable when you realize the forces are always there, yet comforting to know you are not alone in fighting them.  Mark Levin is an author whose books are indispensable in that fight.

There are few authors who can, for instance, give the history of the Cold War in a paragraph, or make the connection between “enviro-statism,” communism, and the warnings and prescience of Ayn Rand.  Nor can few authors deliver the hard facts, and say in essence, “Welcome to the full understanding of what we face,” and then give advice and counsel on how to navigate.  In my mind, there is no other contemporary author who diligently and relentlessly works to address the problems we face with the vision of getting the reader to care and do something to turn the tide.  Mark doesn’t write books to sell them for money.  Mark writes books to give away knowledge, to empower people and arm them with facts and figures, historical context, and constitutional brilliance, and to get them to think, and act.

And yet it is more than all that.  You get the sense that the author cares about YOUR future.  With his help, you understand more about the imperfections of mankind, and how to let go of the little things in order to address the big things.  Your life is precious, you are a part of history, you can change the course of human events, all because you are an American with a clear understanding of what being an American really means.

America’s greatness hinges on the high price and exorbitant effort of keeping the flame lit.  Mark shares a quote from the late Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story:

“It is equally indispensable for every American citizen to enable him to exercise his own rights, to protect his own interests, and to secure the public liberties and just operations of public authority.  A republic, by the very constitution of its government, requires on the part of the people, more vigilance and constant exertion than all others.  The American republic, above all others, demands from every citizen unceasing vigilance and exertion; since we have deliberately dispensed with every guard against danger or ruin, except the intelligence and virtue of the people themselves.  It is founded on the basis, that the people have wisdom enough to frame their own system of government and public spirit enough to preserve it; that they cannot be cheated out of their liberties; and that they will not submit to have them taken from them by force….Let us never forget that we must prove ourselves wiser, and better, and purer, than any other nation ever yet has been, if we are to count upon success.”

Plunder and Deceit is a book you must read, highlight, learn from, and impart to your children and all you encounter.  Mark Levin helps, “enable” you to “exercise” your rights as a citizen of the greatest nation on earth ever formed, and equips you with the knowledge to be a “wiser” citizen who will work for American success.

Senators Rubio, Graham Propose Online Poker Ban

U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) are introducing the Senate’s version of the Restoring America’s Wire Act (RAWA) bill, which would make online poker and gambling a federal crime.

In February, RAWA was introduced in the House by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

RAWA would overrule the U.S. Department of Justice’s official interpretation of anti-wagering laws by rewording…

Read more at Heartland Institute’s newspaper Heartlander

Mark Levin Calls for Resignation of Boehner and McConnell

Image via Salon.com

In light of the obvious duplicity by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell in the past but especially over the weekend, and the continuing deceit by Speaker Boehner,  Mark Levin has called for McConnell and Boehner to resign for the good of the American people.

Via Mark Levin’s Facebook:

It is time for Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to resign

It is time for Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to resign for the good of the nation and the Republican Party. The nation and GOP are both suffering as a result of the unwillingness or inability of McConnell and Boehner to effectively defend either. Instead, these politicians are consumed with consolidating their own power on Capitol Hill and silencing opponents who dare to challenge their ironfisted rule. Sadly, they rarely act in the best interests of America’s future. Indeed, time and again they have delivered victory after victory for Obama and his radical agenda — from spending, borrowing, and Obamacare to illegal immigration, Iran and “trade” power. Never before has a Congress controlled by one party been so thoroughly impotent. This is due to the disastrous leadership of McConnell and Boehner. It is time for younger, wiser, and more courageous Republican leadership — constitutional conservatives who understand the role of a statesman in perilous times — who are willing to truly lead the nation and the Republican Party based on America’s enlightened principles, advance the cause of liberty and republican government, and make the case everyday to the American people.

Mark is right, we should all be calling for the crony leadership, sick with power, to resign immediately.

The deleterious effects of this Republican leadership will ruin any chances of a 2016 Republican president, as they continue to ignore the American people’s priorities and instead, work for their own gain.

As Ted Cruz pointed out last week, McConnell denied three times that a deal on corporate welfare was reached after he witnessed a huddle on the Senate floor during the Trade Agreement argument.  He asked McConnell if a deal was made then, and McConnell said there was not, he said so emphatically.  In fact, The Hill mentions that there was a deal McConnell had with Democrat Barbara Boxer, to bring up the EX-IM Welfare for Banks, and that the vote to defund Obamacare was added simply to appease conservatives.  McConnell has the power to change the rule in the Senate that amendments that are not germane to the lead bill require 60 votes, he can change that, but will not, and claims chaos if he does.  The truth is, McConnell wants what the Democrats want, not what the people want.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had set up the vote (on Obamacare defunding) last week as a tradeoff for some in his party who condemned the planned vote to revive the bank, part of the leadership’s deal with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.).

YouTube video via Conservative Review

Now, McConnell blocked Lee’s amendment to defund Planned Parenthood in light of the horrific evidence that they are selling baby parts, and Boehner needs more evidence before he tries to defund it.   Cruz’s amendment to stop the Iran deal, was also blocked.  These are two extremely timely and important issues to the American people, and especially the Republican Party, and in the aftermath, Cruz laid into the useless leadership.

“To see the so-called Republican leader whip against allowing a vote to defund Planned Parenthood … makes clear that the McConnell-Reid leadership is united in favor of Big Government spending and debt and power.” Cruz charged.

“In the entire course of this debate neither the majority leader nor any other senator has denied that he looked me in the eye and he looked every other Republican senator in the eye, and he flat-out said” there was “no deal on the Export-Import Bank. But he answered the subsequent question: Will you do anything to press it forward and press a vote?

“He told us this: I haven’t given them anything, I told them they could do what any other senator did. But what we saw on Friday is that statement was on its face objectively false.”

There is no question Cruz and Lee are rocking the boat, and the reaction by the resident RINOs tells the whole story.

  • “I think he’s going down a road very few senators go,” said Lindsey Graham.
  • “Let’s even assume that he’s right, which he wasn’t, you still don’t do that,” said Sen. John McCain.
  • “If the rule that the junior senator from Texas is arguing for is embraced, we will lose all control of the Senate schedule. There will be chaos,” said John Cornyn.

But the American people need leadership, and that’s what Cruz and Lee are providing.  It is as Sarah Palin said, Shake The Foundations, Rock The Boat, and only dead fish go with the flow.  Ronald Reagan’s whole political revolution was based on changing the status quo.  It must be done, they won’t like it, but the people must be heard.


Ted Cruz is Probably the Only Human That Ever Got Code Pink to Shut Up and Listen

Image via rawstory.com

There is no other candidate for President who could, as Senator Ted Cruz has, controlled a chaotic situation, directed and encouraged dialogue between two very different philosophical viewpoints, and at the same time, exposed the extreme American Left for who they are, and how they come to their conclusions.

The “spokesman” Cruz is discussing the situation with Iran with, is Medea Benjamin.  Ms. Benjamin is the co-founder of Code Pink, a group that is a product of the war in Iraq, and since that war began, has done pretty much what you see here when there is a rally against the Islamic State of Iran and the nuke deal, but also whenever there is a rally against Islamic extremism, or a rally for Israel.

Benjamin is Jewish, yet supports the Palestinians against Israel.  She and Code Pink were some of the first instigators of the whipping up of anger against Mubarak in Egypt during the “Arab Spring” that ended up electing Morsi, the radical who is now awaiting fulfillment of his own death sentence.  And as you can see from the video, she equates resistance to the Iran deal with the murderous intentions of the “Death to America” Iranian leadership.

Most politicians get the protesters removed, like John McCain did recently, and Obama did recently.  Only Ted Cruz brought them to the fore, addressed their ideological assumptions, and for once, got Medea Benjamin to shut up and listen.

Video via YouTube News2Share

Hillsdale College is a Godsend!

I love Hillsdale College. I received this email today, and wanted to share it.

Dear Mrs. Kuznicki,
Over the past few years, we’ve watched the things we both love about America become besieged. From being a nation dedicated to liberty, with the people in charge of the government, we have moved far toward becoming the opposite.

Many principled Americans like you have wondered, “What can I do to stop this?”

You may have wished you could go door-to-door, reminding Americans about the importance of the Constitution and of limited government to liberty, and teaching them the principles that made our country free and prosperous.

You’ve probably been tempted to become despondent as you see more of your fellow Americans become dependent on the government.

At Hillsdale College, we’ve been watching the same developments that you have and in response we’ve put together a plan to reach tens of millions of Americans on behalf of liberty over the next 18 months.

Tens of millions of Americans can wrest power back from the government.

Tens of millions of Americans can correct the course of a nation.

Please allow me to show you how you can join Hillsdale by going “door-to-door” to educate your fellow Americans and restore the spirit of liberty in this country.

Together, we can put our country on the right path. You can be a part of this ambitious plan.

Read more here >>

Warm regards,


Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Pursuing Truth—Defending Liberty since 1844



I love watching the lectures online.  I feel so blessed by the fact that Hillsdale is in my wonderful state of Michigan. Pursuing Truth–Defending Liberty since 1844.  Such a terrific place.