Pledging To A Party Without An Identity

Trump signed a pledge to a party without an identity.

If a pledge contained what the party really stands for right now, no one would sign it.

“We aren’t facing different times, we are again facing the same problems that are created by the policies of the Democratic Party and endorsed by the actions of Republican leadership.  The problem was never that Trump would go third party, or that he isn’t legally bound to the pledge after signing it, the problem is that the party is now run by fakes and phonies who act as sycophants to Democratic rule, and they must change course, lest the party become truly obsolete.”

Please read my commentary at Conservative Review!

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Reader Contribution: Obama’s Demolition Party Threatens America

SWOT the Bully in the pulpit, Part I

by Barry Dale


Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are four years into “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Imagine America as a custom-built luxury home. Obama and his crew- after poisoning the well- are disarming the security system and giving away our furniture piecemeal. They are weakening key support beams, and I hear jackhammers banging away at the foundation.


Obama’s Demolition Party is restricting our power supply and jacking up our utility and fuel costs. (Thank goodness we have a stash of natural gas that he can’t get to- yet.) They conned enough occupants into surrendering everyone’s property rights. Now tenants rather than owners, we remain liable for continuously rising taxes on a depreciating asset. Groaning under its own weight for a season or two, the next significant series of storms could cause our once shining home on a hill to collapse like a cheap tent. You and I will be left holding the huge underwater mortgage.


Reality confirms that Barack Obama and his party are a threat to America’s founding principles and national character. The Republican establishment includes a few accessories and many enablers. The civil society and rule of law are being weakened. The future of individual liberty, personal responsibility, economic freedom, limited government, and prosperity is at risk.


This is wreaking havoc on my family’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


The grassroots rose up in 2009 and 2010 with an amazing display of passion and caused the greatest electoral turnaround in 70 years- ousting Democrats and installing conservative Republicans at every level of government. National radio host, attorney, author, and former Reagan administration official Mark Levin had Obama pegged from the very beginning. Levin’s bestselling book Liberty and Tyranny became a philosophical framework and rallying cry for the Tea Party and liberty-loving Americans across the country. On his nightly radio show, he has dissected countless Obama speeches and policies and held the parts up against the bright light of the Constitution. Endless articles, books, and hours of talk radio have documented and analyzed each step along our path of transformation.


So how do we find ourselves suffering an Obama second term after the great awakening and momentum of 2010? There are many causes, but I will focus on one. It is, to paraphrase that genius named Joe Biden, four letters: G-O-P. Before we dive into that, let’s talk in narrow sense about what the GOP is up against.


Barack Obama is a bully pushing a discredited ideology, and he brings new meaning to the term ‘bully pulpit.’ He has refined the art throughout his career. Let’s call today’s un-presidential version Bully Obama 4.0. BO 1.0 emerged during his community organizing, Saul Alinsky days; 2.0 as an Illinois state senator; and, 3.0 as a U.S. senator.

The first three versions were honed in the bastion of corrupt and thuggish politics that is Chicago.

Bullies aggressively seek to control others. The description for Ben Shapiro’s newest book Bullies declares, “While President Obama and the left like to pretend that they oppose bullying with all their hearts and souls, the truth is far darker: the left is the greatest purveyor of bullying in modern American history. Bullying has morphed into the left’s go-to tactic, as they attempt to quash their opponents through fear, threat of force, violence, and rhetorical intimidation on every major issue facing America today.”

Shapiro is not merely whining. He offers ideas for counter attack in this Heritage Foundation presentation.


Republican leadership is akin to the bully’s favorite schoolyard target- the timid kid with little self-confidence and no effective plan. This child consistently is isolated and humiliated- culled from the herd and eviscerated. Thinking he is overmatched, the boy tries to ‘go along to get along’ while avoiding circumstances that could expose him to more abuse. Yet the bully outfoxes him, drawing him into trap after trap. The travesty becomes such a routine that others begin to wonder if the ‘poor kid’ is a willing participant. After all, the ‘victim’ does posses considerable strength that could be employed. Is any such person really that timid and impotent?


I am a results oriented person; therefore, in the end it does not matter whether or not John Boehner is just a well-meaning, incompetent politician or something else. The gravity of the times demands much more than a run-of-the-mill House manager who lacks strategic vision, high intelligence, and at least a hint of charisma. Boehner should have been removed for cause as Speaker of the House. As Clint Eastwood stated, “When somebody does not do the job, we gotta let ‘em go.”


As a corollary, the historic 2011 freshman class of Republicans failed to put forth and vote for a compelling alternative Speaker on January 3 of this year, loyalty and internal power politics be damned. I recognize that the green freshman representatives faced career risks and a learning curve, but aren’t some things worth risking it all?


The Republican House has achieved a minimal victory or two. It is not my purpose to list the many failures and too few successes. Much already has been spoken or written about these topics. Forever missing will be any ‘profiles in courage’ for them as a group.


Genuine grassroots, conservative writer Jen Kuznicki documented in real time our frustration with 2011 House failures here, here, and here. Those failures had major short-term and long-term consequences. Mark Levin provided a constitutional conservative’s rationale for opposing House leadership in short YouTube pieces here, here, and here.


Barack Obama was the most beatable incumbent president since Jimmy Carter, yet the Bully-In-Chief remains in office. What to do going forward? Part II will describe how I would combine the principle and grassroots passion of a Kuznicki; Levin-like

constitutionalism, analysis, and instinct; Shapiro’s counter measures against the left; and rudimentary strategic planning.

In preparation, here is a five minute read regarding SWOT analysis– a simple strategic planning method that can be applied to a product, organization, industry, or a person. It can be used on one’s self, one’s marriage, one’s opponent- in many different fun and enlightening ways.


It is far past time to SWOT the Bully upside the head, repeatedly, until he is exposed and humiliated. Only then will he choose to change his behavior, and only then will others begin to see him and his policies for what they are.


See you in Part II.

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The GOP must reject Karl Rove and his divisive tactics.

Current power brokers in the GOP are clinging to the idea that they will be able to control their grassroots, and in doing so, they are killing the party.

It was not enough, I suppose, to orchestrate the primary timetable for their preferred candidate, influence State party committees through congressional aides, threaten grassroots with ostracism for going against their preferred candidate, use falsehoods to smear the opposing teams, change rulings in State committees to favor their preferred candidate, change the rules at convention to lock in top-down rule, lose, and then blame the power-stripped grassroots.

Not that some grassroots aren’t all for it, it just depends on whether or not party trumps principle. In today’s GOP, however, principle is languishing in that one perfect policy, for that one perfect candidate, who is perfectly without ideology.

What the GOP has, is a grassroots problem, say those in DC, and tea-party backed candidates are said to be losers on policy and vote against leadership, so the election system must be controlled. Even more. More control. That’ll teach ’em.

So much for the party of local control.

So amidst cries of “Akin!” “O’Donnell!” “Angle!” the Rovian profiteers set up shop to mimic grassroots rhetoric in order to steal the hearts and minds of the voting public. Changing the meaning of the Buckley rule as well as the meaning of the word, ‘conservative’, will work on those whom already vote with the establishment, and it will expose even further, the political bastards who lie as a matter of course.

How can a party who seeks the truth in contests against its rival with each issue, continue to pander to that rival, rejecting the principles that the party stands upon? And how can they continue to expect voter ignorance in the age of information?

Is the Republican party still operating under the notion, after two major losses nationally, that its grassroots conservatives will in the end, vote for whoever they put up? Using the grassroots sense of principle and love of country, to force them into voting for what they do not want? Are they sure that if a conservative candidate made it past the aforementioned obstacles, that people like Karl Rove and Dick Lugar would not publicly gather support against voting for that candidate, or worse, voting for a Democrat? Why, that has already happened!

“We just want to win,” is a mantra repeated by political operatives, who then tell us what is needed to win. But they lose. It is time enough to look at results and reasons for those losses, and mostly, it is because the truth is secondary to political expedience.

In fact, it is the grassroots conservative that is more likely to search news stories and disseminate them via social networks, not the moderate party team player. It is the tea party conservatives that organize and reach out in their communities, not the moderate party team player. It is, in fact, the grassroots constitutional conservative that teaches and spreads the word on the valuable and magnificent founding of this nation.

In all, the grassroots conservative does more for the Republican party’s core principles than the moderate party team player, who despises the conservative because they aren’t coming to the same conclusions. The reason for the divide is the dissemination of the truth.

The truth is, Karl Rove is not a winner precisely because he takes the opposite tack of what worked in 2010. His Bush Mandarin status is in opposition to Reagan principles, and his quest for control proves he is a poor representative of a party founded upon liberty.

The GOP made great strides toward conservative principle in 2010, getting many House Republicans elected as a result. In only two years, Karl Rove has surmised that grassroots conservatives are failures and he needs to take over. This man is a power-hungry menace to the party, and stands ready to kill it.

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The GOP is split, but tolerance can mend it.

Warning: Republicans are upset and splintering, and the President of the United States likes what he sees.

As I take in all the different viewpoints on the right, the reasoned articulation, argument and admonishment, I can agree with some thoughts, and most vehemently disagree with others.  Those disagreements can decide for me whether the person is for the same end as I am, and I can make that determination and move on.  But the right needs to stick together and not lose our cool, because the esidentpray is isteninglay.  The danger I see right now is not a lesson on growing up, but a lesson on tolerance.

And I think we can all agree that the left is more intolerant than we are, right?  (David Frum just stopped reading this.)

Take Jonah Goldberg’s assessment that conservatives preach too much to the choir, and that we activists need to try to persuade liberals.  I disagree, unless he means (and he didn’t) that we need to persuade the liberals on our own side.  But I disagree because it is a long-shot in persuading a progressive liberal.  They are not coming from the same place as we are, and the idea that we can get them to vote our way on a massive scale is kind of preposterous.

Instead, persuading conservative or moderate traditional Democrats on all the issues is a better way to create trust.  But when Republicans in positions of power actively try to silence conservatives and remove their argument, is very difficult, if not impossible to keep that trust, and consequently, that vote.

Sarah Palin said something similar to Goldberg, that we need to move out and speak to others outside of our sphere of influence.  I did not take that as a suggestion to move over to Media Matters and try to make sense and find common ground with them.  Instead, I understand it as helping more people understand constitutional conservatism, a qualified term necessary because the word ‘conservative’ has been used so much by so many to appeal to a conservative nation, that it has now lost its meaning.

I disagree as well with Dan Riehl’s assessment that the left doesn’t hate us, and that conservatives need to grow up, because it’s flat-out wrong. That the media in this country is not doing their job, and they don’t care if you can see it, is correct, and I understand Dan’s interest in making conservatism a happy place to be again, but the friction outside the movement is what is causing all the flaming.  Once there is a leader for the movement, people will settle down.

I think it may be better if I start saying ‘listeners of talk radio’ instead of conservatives from here on out to illustrate my point.

I have long made the point that listeners of talk radio don’t need to grow up, because collectively, they represent a broad spectrum of the nation, loosely defined as mainstream conservatives.  They are already grown up, and took many different paths to get there.  A truck driver, a banker, a housekeeper, an actor, from all walks of life, with different life experiences but one thing in common.  They are interested in hearing news and views from someone they trust.  A grown up understands the problems, and seeks a solution, and right now, there are a lot of grown ups righteously pissed off at the leaders of the party out of power.  Telling them to chillax isn’t going to do anything but turn them off of you.  What you are seeking from them is tact, which is rare in and of itself, and the current atmosphere does not produce much tact.

It’s really not that complicated.  People know when they are being lied to, or when they aren’t getting the whole story.  So, listeners of talk radio are not crazy, nor are they to be dismissed. They are to be applauded instead, because they are understanding something with little effort, that many on the right seem to never see.  Something is terribly wrong with where this nation is headed, and the people we most identify with, who are sworn to defend the Constitution, aren’t addressing it.

Reagan intimated that he was interested in the Republican party because it was the home of conservatism, and he, being a conservative, would rather have a strong party to fight within, than think of the utter chaos of  a third party.  Many listeners of talk radio are concerned that the Republican party is no longer the home of conservatism, and are abandoning it, or threatening to abandon it.  With all that is at stake, Republicans need to accept one another and fight the left now, rather than each other.

Now, having said all of that, no one will persuade me that amnesty is a good idea, that gun registration is good, that we need to get rid of the social issues, or that global warming is anything but a way to de-industrialize the nation, and make certain leftists filthy rich.

My goodness, where shall we go from here?  It seems Mrs. Kuznicki is uninterested in compromise, perhaps she should be chastised and booted from the Republican party.

Not so fast.  I’m the one who has voted Republican because of their representations of themselves in election after election.  It was not until the utter failure of the party to produce a mainstream conservative at the top of the ticket in 2008 that I decided I needed to join the party to see what’s going on.  I haven’t changed a bit.  The leadership of the party is taking the wrong path, and it is consequently having a difficult time selling the new path because listeners of talk radio are digging their heels and refusing to go along.

The progression in the movement now, is natural and steady.  More and more listeners to talk radio are moving into the Republican party, in order to make a difference.  It is up to the leadership to accept this and work with it, or risk a third-party movement which, at this point, would gut the party.  El Presidente knows this.

My advice, rather than an admonishment of conservatism, is directed at the Republican party leadership at every level, from the RNC to each County.  The leadership in the Republican party cannot sever its grassroots, so, they need to embrace us.

Don’t call us crazy, or extreme.  Learn what we know so that you can be informed.  With every force trying to break us up, you need to stop being offended that conservatives won’t budge, and start wondering what it is you do not know.


UPDATE: Riehl responds.

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The Wolves are at the Door

Conservatism did not lose in November, and I’m thoroughly sick of the same cast of people who told us Mitt Romney was the superior electable ‘severely conservative’ candidate, now tell us that conservatives have to give up core principles and Christian beliefs in order for the GOP to ever win again.

The idea goes like this: Romney was the best possible, and since he couldn’t win, the entire Republican brand is out the window.  So, in order to win, we have to back pro-abortion candidates, push for amnesty, back gay-marriage, raise taxes, give up on Second Amendment rights, subsidize the healthy non-productive, increase the debt, and more.

Since Romney was the farthest left on all of those issues, and still lost, the entire premise is ridiculously bogus.

As I read the headlines of how the GOP plans to cope with this loss, this humongous, painful, extraordinary loss, this monumental, terrifying, tragic loss, I see a party whose leadership does not believe in its own platform, nor its founding.

I had a tough time wondering if I should stay with the GOP or not, but my sense of responsibility got the better of me, and I became, once again, my county’s chair.  But I will not be dragged along with the party’s ‘new’ agenda.

Giving up on the abortion issue will lose a large percentage of the base of the GOP, because the right to life is as central a notion of liberty that any can ever be.  The Republican party argued, early on, that slavery was a horrible scar on this nation, and formed to abolish it.  Back then, Abraham Lincoln asked the question, how can the ownership of a person be considered the same as ownership of a mule?  To the screeching left, I ask, how can your ownership of your body be the same as ownership of a person within you?  And if you regard the ownership of another, grounds to have that person killed, you are no better than the slaveholder who tortured what he regarded as property.  To those who regard a ‘fetus’, which literally means ‘offspring’, only tissue, and that conception is not the beginning of life, you have lost that argument when you acknowledge having sex produces offspring, hence the ‘morning after’ pill.  To those who say you could not force a woman who was raped to carry a child to term, the answer is, then don’t.  Nobody is forcing anyone to do such a thing, and even if Roe v. Wade was overturned, the matter would go to the states, which is where the matter should be dealt with.  The fight against abortion will always be contentious because we citizens were never asked, and the arguments for its legalization were based on lies, half-truths, and motives.

But beyond all that, those who are very opposed to abortion consider it a good rule of thumb on which to judge a politician’s overall character.

Speaking of character, is it right or wrong to allow non-citizens to vote?  Because unless the GOP begins to deal with its apathy toward voter identification, all the amnesty in the world will not help win elections.  Even in GOP states, Secretary of State offices refuse to deal with who is voting in elections.  How about we at least start with that issue, instead of trying so hard to bend our own laws to accommodate?

The gay marriage issue is hot because it is considered by the left to be a civil rights issue.  There are people on both sides of the aisle who hate gays.  But Christianity pushes the mindset of loving one another, so the idea that those opposed to gay marriage are just hate-filled evangelicals is bogus.  The issue is very religion-centered, but it too, is a state issue, it makes no difference on whether the entire GOP becomes pro-gay marriage.  The argument is that it should be a matter before each state, instead of forcing a very conservative state to accept something it cannot abide.  Whether you are gay or straight should not be the issue on whether you are accepted into a community, and therefore, should not be the issue on whether you can work in the Republican party.  The idea that gays should not be accepted is indeed a civil rights issue, and any suggestion that because a person is gay, they cannot work to make a life is outrageous.  However, marriage is a societal issue as well as a religious issue.  My own interpretation of what should and should not be allowed is irrelevant.  I only caution the gay marriage proponents that using the Supreme Court is not the way to gain acceptance.  People very opposed will always consider the contention of forcing the issue federally or through the court, as a feud that will never end, just like abortion.

If the Republican party wants a never-ending feud with parts of its base, it will continue to lose elections, and worse, will, with an already brewing opposition, create a third party.  In fact, there are so many in the ranks of the party now that have that idea in the back of their minds, that as soon as there is a meaningful action on it, it will spread like wildfire.

Christianity is the basis on which Western Civilization is founded.  The GOP is threatening to give up on Christianity and the rule of law to follow a path that has been blazed by the opposition.  But in order for the opposition to win on their pathway, they must lie to the populace and treat them as a faceless mass.  If the GOP, a party whose main principle is honoring the individual, wishes to use lies for political expedience, it has no existence apart from the left.

It occurred to me that all of the issues that the GOP is pushing the grassroots to accept, against principle, is exactly how the left is pushing for gun control.  The shooter at Sandy Hook broke every law, so they are going to punish those who obey the law.  The GOP will cease to exist if when they lose with a moderate non-ideologue, they attack the very principles that led to Lincoln and Reagan.


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Slow-Jamming the Economy

A while ago, my husband won a $300 bet. He was at a stag party where the host had a contest going on the question of how long it would take for an engine in an old pickup to seize up after it had been drained of oil. Thirty guys picked a time and they started the truck. The truck ran without lubrication for 7 minutes and 36 seconds. My husband was off by 2 seconds. He admits it was a wild guess, but the story shocked me, and prompted me to check the oil in my truck. I figured it would take longer.

When Barack Obama appeared on the entertainment show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” he performed a “slow-jam” with Fallon focusing on congress and student loans. Proud of the performance, the President tweeted,

Watch it.

The style of song used made me think. While there is slow growth in the economy, the slow so-called recovery where unemployment is high, mortgages are higher than they are worth, gasoline prices are high, the deficit is astronomical, and the debt is unimaginable, the President is pitting the young, who don’t understand how the economy works, against the wealthy, who have figured it out. Slow-jamming the economy by using scare tactics and jealousy on purpose.

It was a partisan attack on the GOP by NBC, and the President of the United States of America to influence college-age youth to hate the Republicans, depicted here as being only for the rich, and against getting a college education for America’s youth. It was disgusting, filled with complete lies and outright propaganda, all done to a down-tempo R&B style music genre while Fallon attacks Republicans, and serves as a shill for this liar in chief.

Rush Limbaugh called it, “beneath the office of the presidency,” nothing more than an unfunny attempt “to show that he’s hip.”

Sure, it’s beneath the office, but since when did Barack Obama care about the office of the presidency? He has been systematically tearing down everything centered on tradition and propriety since he was elected. In fact, the argument could be made that few recent Democrat Presidents have ever had a respect for the office. Weren’t we told during the Clinton Presidency that we mustn’t speak ill of him because we must have respect for the office? They will use the office any damn way they please.

And this President is using the office in a down-tempo economy to illicit hatred and anger for those trying to keep enough lubrication in the engine to keep it from seizing. Money in the hands of consumers and jobs to earn it are what lubricates the economy. With massive debt looming and high unemployment, there aren’t “happy customers buying things,” there is instead, fear, worry, bankruptcy and stress.

My point is that without tackling the debt, this economy, the engine of the world, won’t take long to seize, or ‘jam.’ And the President, during this “slow-jam” rules out the debt problem as if it is a silly notion, made by rich education-haters.

My question is, “is the economy on minute 4:37 or 1:56 or 7:24?”

During the Debt Ceiling argument last year, conservatives were screaming, “shut it down!” and were laughed off by most of the political class as trying to get the GOP blamed for a government shut down. It reminded me of that engine, and that unless we are purposefully trying to figure out how long it will take to shut down on it’s own, we ought to shut it down because the outcome will be inevitable as a matter of fact.

With over-the-top arrogance, President Barack Obama abuses and insults the ill-educated youth of this society, while middle America wonders how long it will take for this slow-jam to seize abruptly.

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We Are Still Here

Rick Santorum suspended his campaign today. As the anti-Romney, grassroots social Conservative, man of the people, hard-working, Reagan-Democrat vote getter, Santorum did a hell of a good job.

As conservatives, we all know that moderate Republicans don’t do all that well against Democrats.

Fortunately, Barack Obama is such a leftist, with a particular viper-like hatred for how this nation was founded, he is dissolving the Democrat Party from what it once had been.

The Democrat Party used to stand for the miner, the truck driver, the bartender and the cook. It used to stand for the brick-layer and the farmer and the auto-worker, the poor and the over-taxed.

But Barack Obama has stood the Democrat Party on its head for his selfish, ideologically cruel political gain.

As we sit and watch, Obama is turning race against race, religion against religion, man against woman, poor against rich, neighbor against neighbor, American against American.

While we conservatives have been sounding the alarms against his radical, extremist quest for absolute power, the party of Lincoln will nominate a man who has generally tried to silence us.

Through this whole race for the GOP nomination, we conservatives have battled each other and the Ron Paul fanatics while the GOP establishment treated us, (I’ll be generous,) less than kind, and not helpful to the cause.

Mitt Romney needs to pick a conservative Vice Presidential candidate that will unite the GOP. That is the only way we can win. Rather than talking heads on TV telling us that we need to support Romney now, what really needs to happen is that Romney has to finally decide that he needs our help, and he needs to come our way.

We fully expect Obama to be supremely negative, to ignite anger with the OWS crowd, to continue to divide us and do everything he can to make us fearful. I fully expect Ron Paul to direct his minions to vote for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket, and they will get some to vote with them even though I, and many other conservatives will try to argue against it. With that scenario looming ahead, the conservatives, the work-horses of the Republican Party, deserve respect.

There is simply no way to bring constitutionalists, Reagan Democrats and non-partisans into the fold without conservative values and a true conservative on the ticket.

Whether the establishment likes it or not, we are still here, and we are still fighting to save this country.

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Herman Cain is getting Palined.

Politico, as I have mentioned, has brought up a non-story about Herman Cain and allegations of sexual harassment, so Cain can run through the media gauntlet. They have done this before.

Last year, I wrote about the punk, Jonathan Martin when he laid this accusatory and defamatory, and might I add, untrue in many parts, hit-piece on Sarah Palin. Martin could have easily checked with Sean Hannity, Mark Levin or Glenn Beck on whether the hearsay in his report was true, but instead, published it as the truth. He was soundly embarrassed by Levin and Hannity that day, and Beck, who had the former Governor of Alaska on his radio show the next day.

The date was October 21, 2010, and the hit-piece was named several times throughout the day, beginning with “Hurricane Sarah,” and is now called, “Sarah Palin is Wreaking Havoc On Campaign Trail, GOP Sources Say.”

Martin wrote that Palin was causing all sorts of problems for campaigns, and tried to give support to his claim by adding,

“When Alaska’s former governor released her book last fall, she repeatedly sought to move around scheduled media appearances with little notice.

According to a source familiar with the situation, she backed out of planned interviews with conservative talk-show hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin the morning she was scheduled to talk to them. And her multiple schedule changes so annoyed Glenn Beck that he finally decided not to have her on his radio or TV show to promote the book.

“These are people who support her,” said a frustrated source who knew about Palin’s treatment of the conservative talkers. “Her whole world is chaos.”

Notice how Martin uses the, “according to sources familiar with the situation” line that he used so heavily in the recent hit piece on Cain. That is baseless hearsay on its face, but that day, Mark Levin demanded a retraction from Martin, saying,

This is a flat out lie. Sarah Palin never backed out of any interview with me. Period. And John Martin, the reporter, never contacted me to ask me directly. I insist on a retraction.

Sean Hannity joined Levin in the demand, and Sarah Palin tweeted,

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…ya just made big mistake lying about Levin, Beck, Rush…U can lie about me, but taking on the Big Guns? Not smart

The following day, Glenn Beck had Palin on his radio show where they laughed about the outrageous lies in the report and Palin called Martin a “punk.”

So how can we look at this recent Cain piece as anything less than a hit-piece designed to bring down a conservative? How can we figure out what is true about it and what isn’t? Who is lying? The first woman, the second woman, or now, the third woman who, by the way, has the story that sounds the most like sexual harassment, but never actually brought a complaint. Or is John Martin lying?

Martin is now, seemingly, standing up for one of the guys that the Cain campaign suspects leaked the story to Politico.

I do have a bit of insight on this, however, I would be the first to say that I don’t have all the information, but just to help understand how things get leaked to Politico, I’ll share what information I have.

While volunteering for a “competitive House campaign,” last year, I was alerted that Sarah Palin would be coming to the district. On page three of the Politico story about Palin, Martin reported the following:

“Late last Friday afternoon, Palin’s political aide, Andy Davis, contacted officials with a competitive House campaign. The former governor would be available Tuesday, Davis said.

As with Grassley, the reaction of the House campaign was to have Palin do a fundraiser.

“What [the candidate] needs more than anything else is money,” said a GOP source familiar with the situation.

No-go, replied Davis, indicating that not only did she not want to raise money, but she also didn’t want to do a rally. The preference was for something “low-key,” so Davis suggested visiting a factory or going door to door. But in doing so, the candidate would have to limit the exposure of the event. They could bring only one “trusted local reporter” along, Davis said, according to a source familiar with the exchange.

Without much media attention, such a grass-roots event would have done next to nothing for the candidate, said the source close to the situation. But the campaign — a lean operation, like those of most House candidates — scrambled to put together another plan that would accommodate Palin. They sent it to Davis on Saturday.

The campaign didn’t get word until Monday morning, the day before the event was to take place, that Palin’s schedule had changed. She couldn’t come. Palin offered no reason for the no-show.

After the experience, the campaign, filled with conservatives who thought well of Palin, began referring to her as “Princess Sarah,” said the source close to the situation.”

Ok, all of that is what happened in my district, the days, all of it. I guess you could say that I’m corroborating some of Martin’s reporting here. Upon chatting with members of the campaign, I learned of their increasing dislike of Palin because basically, she didn’t want to do a fundraiser, she wanted to go door to door. In fact, I had to work that Tuesday, and my husband said he would follow Governor Palin around with a camera for me.

After finding out that Palin would not be coming to the district, I was told that a consultant, working with the campaign, was working on something with Politico, and that he or she was gathering information for a big piece about her.

So, I waited for Politico to print something, and I found the story very quickly after it came out.

I chatted angrily with the campaign, who tried to say I was only mad Palin wasn’t coming to the district, and that they had nothing to do with the story.

But they had to, because I was kept in the loop of the progression of the possible Palin appearance.

Now, I share that information with the reader for two reasons:

One, because it shows a snapshot of how stories end up on the Politico front page, and two, because it shows how campaigns, even though they are friendly with a candidate, (in this case, possible candidate for President at the time,) can still contribute, purposely or not, to a very tough and unyielding media gauntlet.

Another thing, and I only add this because it is human nature, is, some of these political operatives just really like to make the move that they can brag about to their other political operative friends.

The thing about all of this is that it will never end. There will always be people who will cut you down, shove your face in the mud, and kick you. Herman Cain is an inspirational conservative, and that represents a threat to everyone who wants to be President in 2012, the liberal elite in the Republican Party, and the statist-Marxists in the Democratic Party. So, who did what is hard to figure out for sure.

Right now, Cain’s camp is saying it was the Perry camp. Some found Rahm Emmanuel’s fingerprints, some believe it was Karl Rove, who, by the way knows how all this goes down and basically puts on a show every time he’s on the news, and some believe it’s Romney’s camp.

The point is, it could be all of them, or someone who works without allegiance to any party, which often happens as well.

The bottom line is, we know how it started, and it was with nothing more than a wisp of a suggestion that Herman Cain is some horrible, womanizing, jerk that conservatives better be wary of supporting.

The problem with that storyline, is that we can see Herman Cain, we can hear him, and we have sized him up to be quite honest, intelligent, and filled with common sense, unlike any other candidate out there.

The longer news outlets use trickery and lies and suggestions and back-channels, the more people will just tune them out, and decide for themselves, like they did with Sarah Palin, and that is a great thing.

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More “Sarah needs to do it this way” Carping

Just for fun I headed over to RedState today to see it there was more of the “Sarah needs to stop dithering” groupthink, and sure enough there is.  Some of the most annoying things in life as a blogger is reading conclusions from people that don’t know (or wish to hear) the story.

Basically they whine about how Sarah is creating havoc with the declared candidates because she won’t say whether she is in or out.  “It’s not fair!” is the most widely used complaint, along with repeating the terms, “tease” and  “quitter.”  Not just from RedState, across the web.

The fact is, they know this whole race will turn on it’s head when she announces, one way or another, because they know she has star power.  Many complain that she hasn’t been in an official job the past two years, and nevermind that other candidates weren’t either, but she really was, and they know it.

She left her Governorship to her capable Lieutenant, and went out to show the GOP how to get out the vote.  Heck, even a slickster old hat like Grassle, was looking for some Sarah Palin last year.

I say let ’em knock heads, narrow the field and go in at full tilt.  Sounds like good ol’ American competition to me.

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Will Obama Apologize to the SOB Barbarians?

A blogger at the UK Telegraph asks the question, “Will Barack Obama condemn Joe Biden and Jimmy Hoffa for calling Republicans ‘barbarians’ and ‘son of a bitches’
Good question, Toby. The answer is no.

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