New Elite Member of the Committee to Publicly Horsewhip Karl Rove: Glenn Beck

glennbeckI’d like to extend a prestigious elite membership of the Committee to Publicly Horsewhip Karl Rove today to Mr. Glenn Beck.

By expressing his view, and the view of so many of us grassroots conservatives who recognize Karl Rove as one of the main problems with the present Republican Party, he has met the criteria for full membership into this prestigious club.

As I wrote back in May of last year,

ROVE IN CUFFSKarl Rove is not a guru of politics, he is not a smart tactician, and he must be properly disciplined.  

We can’t figure out why he is still speaking.  We can’t figure out why he’s on Fox News.  We can’t figure out how he’s fooling the wealthy into giving him money to waste.  In fact, Karl Rove is the single most dis-unifying person in Republican and conservative politics.

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Mr. Glenn Beck is so honored for his response to the Republicrat Fox News fathead Karl Rove.

An open letter to Karl Rove:


You want to rumble Rove? Come on to my show and let’s have it out.

Bring it on.

I would love to take you on WITH YOUR RECORD AND THE RECORD OF THE GOP.

I could do it with my eyes closed and in a coma.

You hung yourself on O’Reilly. By using my words to mock me, the audience heard my words. I would bet a good portion agreed with me. I was right at CPAC in 2011 and never invited back. What a shock!!!

If you don’t think that the Republicans are progressive light then you don’t know the history of the movement started by Teddy Roosevelt and the GOP.

There are good men and women in the party that believe in the constitution. Are you one of them?


There is much, much more, read it at

Welcome to the most prestigious club in movement conservatism today, Glenn.

(Anyone can become a member, just check out the criteria here, and share and voice your opinion as often as you can, and let me know!)

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Why Democrats Should Love Karl Rove

Karl Rove AP
Rich Pedroncelli | AP Photo

It’s his usual tripe; he disregards, or rather, has no ability to read, the views of the American people, looks for a way the Republicans can beg off of a difficult road in a manner in which they can allow the Democrats get their way, and themselves a plausible explanation of why their hands were tied.  Same song, second verse, a little bit louder and a little bit worse.

I guess it’s too much to ask that Karl Rove worry about things that actually matter, instead of how the Republicans can reward this administration’s unconstitutional behavior and come away with clean hands.

For Rove, it’s always about how the matter looks, not to the….

– See more at: Conservative Review 

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Bush’s Mediocrity Brigade

Michael Gerson at the Washington Post, Peter Wehner at Commentary, Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, and Karl Rove at the Wall Street Journal, and many more are the voice of the moderate mush, the mediocrity brigade of the Republican Party.

And so it has begun, the push to attack Reagan by Commentary’s Peter Wehner and Henry Olsen.  Trying to put a fine point on what Reagan stood for, the two described Reagan as standing more for human dignity, rather than human freedom, as if the two can be separated.  The rather long and tedious piece is answered by Western Journalism’s Donald Devinewho shows the weasel-like co-opting of Reagan’s philosophy by the re-write of history.

The small-mindedness of believing Reagan conservatism is outdated, and the accusation that Reagan didn’t get the job done, are things Wehner regularly accuses that great man of. But he does so by overlooking the fact that Reagan was opposed by the mush of the time, people like Wehner who want compromise with the left, but not with right, and Reagan couldn’t, “get the job done” because of them, Wehner’s philosophical comrades.  Wehner is mighty bold when the man isn’t around to defend himself.  The idiotic attempt to paint Reagan as someone who would reject tea party sentiment is pathetic.  Reagan understood he was battling people who hated the idea of limited government when he ran for the party nomination, in fact, he contributed to George W. Bush’s opponent when he was running for office in Texas.  Yes, Reagan was well aware of who was conservative, and who was not.

three bushIn the Wall Street Journal, Wehner takes the aggravating tone of a higher understanding of Reagan, by insisting Reaganites don’t understand who they understand.  And he rewrites history by saying his favored Bush, “challenged” Reagan in 1980.

Can I lay a harsh reality on everyone?  George H.W. Bush never ran for President, he was a perpetual Vice Presidential hopeful.  When it came down to Bush and Reagan in 1980, Reagan made unity in the Republican Party a priority, and decided to pick Bush, and unfortunately, there began the Bushie rise in the Republican Party.

Get it? If there was no Reagan, there would be no Bush.  The American people made George H.W. Bush their president because they wanted to keep Reaganism going, and after raising taxes, the Bushies lost us a hundred-years of political domination.

Wehner goes on to praise James Baker, who was, in all his years in politics, very intolerant of conservatism, and as Mark Levin points out, of Jews as well.  What Wehner sidesteps is Baker’s treatment of Netanyahu, and mention of it in an interview last Sunday.

Michael Gerson, a Bush speech writer, has no understanding of Reagan, really doesn’t go for conservatism at all, and thinks Reagan’s views and experience are pointless to review because that was the old way of doing things.  His approval and reiteration of Wehner and Olsen’s inane separation of human dignity and human freedom is far beyond anyone’s gag reflex.  But Gerson proves his antipathy toward conservatives by the back-slap he gives to his pals for pushing conservative buttons.  This is not a form of conservatism these Bushies are pushing, it is a repudiation of it, through and through, cleverly masked, or perhaps not so much.

These Bushies are cautioning everyone to not claim the mantle of Reagan.  They are the ones who have put forth the idea that they understand Reagan better than the rest of us.  They are the ones who claim Reagan could not be elected today, and in the meantime, put down Reaganites.  The truth is, the only reason so many Reagans didn’t make it past the primary is because of the moderate mush who spent enormous amounts of money to keep them out.  Really ridiculous amounts of money, to stop Reagan conservatives–which, as it turns out, is the main reason Reagan, “couldn’t be elected today.”

Tea partiers and constitutional conservatives, or rather the Reagan coalition, who still have ties with their State GOP, (after being smeared for four years for coming out of their homes to be a part of the influence and action of local and national campaigns,) did exactly what Reagan would do.  They campaigned for the winner on the ground, online, and in their communities to elect guys they don’t think understand conservatism, but hoped the GOP would try to advance unity if we indeed did take over the Senate together. But the whole time, article after article planted by the establishment demanded money.  Where is the tea party’s commitment if they won’t spend money?  Why does the tea party think they will ever get anywhere if they don’t show us the money?  And it’s such a slap in the face to the ordinary American trying to make a difference in their communities to be asked for something they don’t have, when they are spending tons of precious family time getting out the vote for people who brow beat them mercilessly.

Since 2012, the constant reproach, “You better not stay home!” was laid upside every tea party head in the nation by Republican operatives in every tier of their philosophically monochrome party.  Nobody could possibly lay the claim this year that the tea party stayed home.  But still, it wasn’t most of the tea party that sat out in 2012, it was the people that Reagan was able to get, and moderates never do.  It is the conservative that leans Democrat–the people who believe in their country and refuse liberalism and can’t stand elitist snobs–that had no reason to vote for a Republican candidate who didn’t connect with them.  Romney couldn’t connect with them because he does not understand conservatism.  Bush didn’t connect with them, neither did Dole nor McCain, and here we are, in constant struggle for 50 plus one because we’re stuck in a Bush time warp, where people like Karl Rove have been given way too much latitude and influence.

None of these men are conservatives.  Did you ever read Karl Rove’s book?  It’s a defense of white bread, and a reply to people who criticize him.  It’s not a defense of conservatism in the least, though he calls himself a conservative on the cover, for cover.

Peter Wehner, Bush’s Minister of Propaganda, idolizes Karl Rove as a brilliant genius.  For what? Well, for being able to convince enough people that Bush spending and Bush philosophy was on the level of Reagan.  Not for being Reagan-like, because people hadn’t forgotten that it was the Bush team that labeled Reagan’s economic plan, “Voodoo economics.”  People hadn’t forgotten that Bush Senior was every bit the establishment country club political moderate that dismissed conservatism.  As Craig Shirley pointed out in Rendezvous with Destiny, “As chairman of the Republican National Committee, Bush was asked if he was a conservative, a moderate, or a liberal and he dismissively said, ‘Labels are for cans.'”  This describes the mentality of all the Bushies, who have a stranglehold on the party today, yet they continue to hijack conservatism as a buzz-word rather than as terrifically espoused by the “insurgent” Reagan, and by many so-called tea-party “insurgents” of today.

The problem in the Republican party does not exist for the people who call themselves Reaganites.  It is those who want the party to rid its adherence to conservatism.  They want to redefine it and reduce it to something meaningless. And that brigade of mediocrity, of mush, of 50 plus 1, of no labels, and of compromise with collectivism, is represented by Gerson, Wehner, Rove, Rubin, and many Bush era moderates.

There are two teams in the Republican Party.  The conservatives and the mush.  The mush can be seen already, as Mark Levin has pointed out, “surrendering the power of the purse” right out of the gate.  McConnell saying that there will be no bargaining chip used against this president was not why Republicans got the majority.  How about Orrin Hatch’s comment in the New York Times, after his party wins both houses in congress, “‘There are intelligent things to do, and there are some not-so-intelligent things to do,’ said Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah. ‘And one of the first things we should do is find some areas of common ground with our Democrat friends.'” Our Democrat friends?  No Senator, your Democrat friends, the ones we rejected!  As you observe these mush in action, you begin to realize our brain trust on the Bushie wing is severely compromised.

The only bright lights are Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and conservatives in the House, and the newly elected conservatives who will join them and speak out against capitulation and needless compromise with collectivism.

The mediocrity brigade doesn’t understand what America understood about Reagan.  Everything Reagan gave radio messages about and wrote about was the application of conservative thought to modern times.  Reagan biographer Craig Shirley wrote that Reagan was constantly writing, thinking, and communicating the conservative approach to government.  The mediocrity brigade is doing the opposite.  They look at the times as a reason to find a new approach, and somehow fit the word conservative in the effort to attract popularity.  These writers are already trying to shape the 2016 contest by putting conservatives like Ted Cruz in a bad light.

Shirley also pointed to a simple, but telling episode in his book Rendezvous with Destiny.  A man by the name of Dave Keene had joined George H.W. Bush’s team in the run up to the 1980 election. Shirley writes, “After Dave Keene had signed on with Bush, the candidate invited him to the family’s summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, to talk about the forthcoming campaign.  There Keene asked Bush — rhetorically he thought — ‘Why do you want to be president?’ and was astonished to hear Bush reply, ‘Because I want to bring good people to government.’  Keene turned to Ambassador Bush, twenty years his elder, and said, ‘No, George, you want to be president because you want to save Western civilization.'”  You see, Keene had been a Reaganite, and that is our only reason to leave our homes and get entangled in this nasty game of politics—we have to save the country.

But things in Washington DC are getting more and more cynical, and reviewing what made people vote a certain way is treated as a negative review of the past.  Surely, the call for trade promotion authority was nowhere championed on the campaign trail.  It is pushed by the chemical lobby.  So, right out of the gate, the Bushies will reward their crony lobbyist friends rather than the people, the people, who may not know that the administration they believe is turning America in the wrong direction, is all for it.  Repeal Obamacare?  They’ll try, they said, to “repeal and replace,” certain parts of it.  The parts that the lobbyists have been badgering them about like the medical device tax. Comprehensive immigration reform means amnesty, a forgiveness for breaking the law, but it also means compromising with border security.  The Chamber of Commerce has made it clear that amnesty will be a Republican issue, or they will not receive any funds in 2016.  But in the face of a President who insists on Executive Amnesty, they aren’t even talking about Impeachment.  Everything is off the table.  And the reasons that the American people put Republicans in office for, stopping Obama being numero uno, are as well, as long as the mush prevail.

The Chamber of Commerce has no interest whatsoever in Reaganism.  Their dollars were used in the primaries to put down conservative efforts primarily because the CoC has lobbied both political parties to provide cheap labor through amnesty.  The CoC is the emulsifier of the two major parties, and will remain so as long as the Bushies are in charge.  The CoC’s lobbyists and the revolving door for former Republican politicians have kept the Republican Party knee deep in the crony capitalism that Reagan despised, and so many Americans still despise today.

What is euphemistically called government-corporate partnership is just government coercion, political favoritism, collectivist industrial policy, and old-fashioned federal boondoggles nicely wrapped up in a bright colored ribbon.  And it doesn’t work.  Ronald Reagan – June 29th, 1988

The mediocrity brigade, the mush Bushie team, are the fellas pushing the party away from the greatest President in modern history, to line their pockets, and keep us from a populist victory based on timeless conservatism.  These influencers must be seen for who they are, and what they represent–the opposite of what America needs.

Thank you Breitbart, for linking:) Hello Breitbart folks!

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Karl Rove is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

rove aimlessIt’s getting boring, almost.  Karl Rove’s routine is getting old.  Let’s see, cite a few polls, give some advice no one asked for or should listen to, slime from studio to studio, and never, ever stand for principle.

Rove wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, detailing his thoughts on how the President can save his term.

Mr. Obama’s 40% approval is lower than Bill Clinton’s in 1994 and his own in 2010, when Democrats suffered massive midterm losses.

Finish the sentence, Rove.  “..when Democrats suffered massive midterm losses due to the influence of the tea party on the Republican Party during election time.”

Absent a crisis that causes the nation to rally around him, Mr. Obama will never again see approval numbers like those in his first year in office or even the months after his re-election. He must now consider how to prevent a further slide.

Oh pleeeeze Mr. Obama, listen to Karl Rove and save yourself!  We are all just so worried that your legacy might be that you are the worst president in history!

Can you believe it?  Karl Rove worries that the president might not come off looking very good, and he wants to help.

Karl Rove is why the Republican Party sucks so bad.  He’s a Republican consultant, pundit, media whore, and he doesn’t get that the Democrats are the enemy.  It’s like he’s been biting his nails and losing sleep over how the President, the worst in our lifetime, can make himself likable, supposedly to Republican partisans.

Hey Rove, if Obama didn’t give a rat’s ass about Brian Terry, Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and now Tahmooressi, then patriotic Americans shouldn’t give a rat’s ass about his legacy.  In fact, the more trouble that piles on this president the better, so we can show what Marxism, applied liberally to a nation of free men will get you.

The more political Mr. Obama acts, the less successful he will be. Stepping back from hyperpartisanship is the only way to foster a climate in which Washington functions during his last two-and-a-quarter years.

So Karl Rove is betting that the Republicans are going to keep the House and take the Senate, and here he wants to give Obama a guide to how to work with a Republican Congress.  There’s the difference between us and Rove.  Rove gives no judgement of the President’s actions and intent, but there is an eagerness to partner with him anyway.

The president must stop diminishing his own credibility.

NO!  Please, diminish your credibility, Obama!  I don’t know if you could do a better job, but try anyhow!

He should show up in the Oval Office earlier and more often, golf and fundraise less, and give building relationships and digging into the tasks at hand everything he’s got for his last 28 months. There’s time to recreate after he leaves office.

Does anyone believe that our nation would be better off if the President spent more time digging up, shredding, and burying our national pride?  Rove’s like, “Hey Obama, if you just applied yourself, you’d have a better outcome, you can do it, make us proud.”  The part about recreation makes me think of Donald Trump’s tweet last night:

THAT’s how an American talks to a President who has clearly created a global charlie foxtrot.  Resign!

Mr. Obama must change for a better trajectory during his last months in office.


Finally, the president should discard his threats of unconstitutional executive action. When he circumvents Congress, Mr. Obama inflames tensions, makes it easier to undo his policies and could leave the presidency weaker by his overreach.

Yeah, because we wouldn’t want Mr. Obama’s policies to be easily undone.  No, when the Republicans want amnesty, they want to make sure it’s permanent.

So many of us yearn for a principled Republican Party with a backbone.  People like Karl Rove are why we can’t have nice things.

Mr. Obama’s difficulties are somewhat caused by circumstances, but mostly the result of his actions. His bad poll numbers were long in coming and may be impossible to reverse. Yet he can stabilize his situation. This will require him to acknowledge mistakes, shift in light of facts, and build bridges to political opponents and foreign allies. The question is whether he has the strength of character, energy, suppleness of mind, introspection and humility to make these necessary changes.

….Love can build a bridge….  I feel like that song should be playing in the background.

And what the hell kind of phrase is “suppleness of mind?”


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Karl Rove is Wrong About the American People


The GOP must reject Karl Rove and his divisive tactics.


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Is Brit Hume Rove’s Lackey Now?

censorshipOn Fox News Sunday yesterday, Chris Wallace asked Karl Rove and Brit Hume their opinion on what the Cochran win in Mississippi means for the tea party.

WALLACE: Well, Cochran’s victory in Mississippi is just the latest for the so-called GOP establishment. In fact, National Tea Party groups have spent around $40 million so far this year in the primary cycle, and have yet to show a big win to show for all of that money. Karl, you wrote an article this week in the “Wall Street Journal” under the headline “National Tea Party Groups Take a Beating.” What’s happened to the Tea Party this year?

Before I show you what Rove said, I want to make it clear that the NRSC and Karl Rove spent a lot of money in that race for Cochran, as did Haley Barbour’s PAC, and Mitch McConnell’s PAC, as did Steve LaTourrette’s RINO Main Street Partnership, as did Anheuser-Busch, as did the chicken-plucking industry that Barbour needs amnesty for, Sanderson Farms, as did the Chamber of Commerce and investment bankers, as did New York billionaires Sean Parker and Michael Bloomberg. In fact, in a 20-day span on the run-up to the original primary, some of these and more contributed upwards of $1.2 million just to Barbour’s PAC. And it was not enough to beat McDaniel. But what do we hear from so-called journalist Wallace on the so-called Fair and Balanced network? A number that pertains to lots of different races in lots of different states.

Does Chris Wallace remember this?

And talk about a softball kiss-up to Rove, “Gee Mr. Rove, you have never lost a race, so tell us, what’s wrong with the people you and your buddy Mitch McConnell openly despise?”

ROVE: …the principal of distinction I was trying to make was between the National Tea Party groups which have not had much success this year, and the local Tea Party groups which have had an enormous impact. If you take a look at the so-called establishment win, say for example, Kentucky and Texas and South Carolina where quote, establishment candidates won renomination or the victories in Arkansas and Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, North Carolina and Oklahoma where the establishment candidates won without serious opposition, the fact is, is that these victories were achieved by the so-called establishment candidates having strong support among some elements of the local Tea Party groups. We have seen this odd result where the national Tea Party groups have been weakened because they’ve made heavy bets and have come up losers in each and every one of them.

Thanks Karl, so, using your logic, you will be closing all your PACs and doing local stuff now? I mean, if it’s more effective, why don’t you offer to give your rolodex to the Tea Party Patriots, since the fact that their spending money is killing them? This is why Karl Rove must be picked apart so that people can get past this silly notion that he’s some sort of architect of grand strategy, he’s simply not, and while he’s trying to diminish the reputation of Tea Party Patriots and Club for Growth, and the Senate Conservatives Fund for doing WHAT HE IS DOING, he is putting the target on himself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with a target on him, but all he’s doing is trying to get us to not be able to compete in media, that’s all this is about. Everyone knows how expensive media buys are, (just ask him and his $400 million for our new President Romney,) and our side has those groups and a few others who work to gather support. Rove simply wants We the People to not be able to compete with his billionaires, it’s that simple.

ROVE: …but my point is this, these national groups are out of touch with the local groups who are involved. Mississippi is the one outlier. They’re the national groups and the local Mississippi groups who are united behind Chris McDaniel. And there going to be some long standing wounds, both in Mississippi and across the country as a result of Thad Cochran’s amazing win. Think about this, 30 years ago is the last time we had a Senate primary, in which there were more people voting in the run-off than voted in the primary, and I can’t find a single instance where an incumbent senator came in second in the primary and won the run-off.

Amazing win! Serenity now!

Ok, first of all, if you are involved with the tea party or conservative movement in your state, you already know who your friends are and who are not. You already know from fighting your state legislators which tea parties have been hijacked by the state GOP toadies and phony conservatives. Rove is trying to plant a seed of distrust among tea party factions, but we all know what kind of a tea party would support a Cochran and not a McDaniel. All he’s trying to do, is get individuals to stop giving to these groups because he labels them as not effective.

It’s all bull anyway, any challenger gets beat on by the NRSC, and years in Washington gives Cochran a huge cash advantage over McDaniel. Rove acts like the RNC ponies up equal amounts of money to an incumbent and a challenger. The Senate Conservatives Fund has been made necessary to compete with the NRSC, who would prefer a crowning instead of voter input.

Second, Rove then calls Cochran’s win “amazing,” and nothing else is said about it the entire damn segment. Not the race-baiting, not the fact that Cochran paid people to say that McDaniel was going to take away their food stamps, and that he and the tea party hate Obama because he’s black, and Cochran wins illegally, with liberal Democrat support IN A PRIMARY,… none of that was said.

But think of it, Rove announced that Crossroads wouldn’t contribute to the runoff, are we supposed to believe it was lights out for him? He didn’t read the news about what happened there? He wrote his piece in the WSJournal, and praised the open primary and never once mentioned that Cochran called everyone of us patriotic American red-white-and-blue bleeding truth-seekers a bunch of no-good racists?

And as a Republican, are we supposed to win the Senate for a party who treats us like this? A party with no principles whatsoever, not even common courtesy, just grab a knife and gut-wound us just like the Democrats do? It makes me sick.

Over and over, when we yelled at the Boehner House, whom we gave power to, to do something, we got, “We’re only one half of a third, we need the Senate, nothing can happen, you guys should be working to elect Senators.” And THIS is how you decide to win the Senate?

Of course Rove knows it happened and of course he’s leaving it out because he damn well knows it’s bad for the party, and when you look at his smug face, Remember Mississippi. (props to the great caller on Mark Levin’s show for starting that rally cry)

But wait, there’s more, our great journalist reporter guy who used to have Bret Baier’s job was there to provide perspective on the Mississippi race as well.


WALLACE: Brit, is Karl right? Has the Republican — so-called Republican establishment found a way to handle the Tea Party? Whether in the national case, just beating it, and in the local case, bringing them into the tent?

(OK, I have to say this before the Hume speaks. Chris Wallace thinks the GOP is looking for a way to bring us into the tent? How’s that? By using leftist tactics to call us racists? The GOP has been trying to kick us out of the tent since we gave them power in 2010.)


HUME: That’s one way of looking at it. But another way to look at it is this, we now have nationally a kind of Tea Party establishment. Those are the larger groups to which Karl is referring that operate very much like these Washington-based operations that the Tea Party people complain about. And what has characterized the Tea Party at its strongest has been energized voters. Grassroots voters. Grassroots energy. That’s what knocked off Eric Cantor. The local Tea — the national Tea Party groups took a pass on that one. A friend of mine, a guy I know who runs a PAC for the Tea Party Patriots said that yeah, we looked at that guy down there in Virginia. And we liked him, but we’ve made all of our big bet done in Mississippi. Well, they lost in Mississippi and the local Tea Party group pulled the professor and ran off making across the finish line by a remarkable degree. So to the extent the Tea Party lives on, I don’t think it’s beaten. I think its energy is there. The Republican Party needs it, but I think these big well- moneyed groups have constituted a kind of establishment of their own, and they’re not doing very well.


Ok, so my question is, is Brit Hume simply Rove’s repeater guy now? So much for a contrast in views, he said exactly what Rove said. But is Brit Hume as corrupt as Tom Brokaw? Where’s his reporter instinct? He’s acting as Roves parrot, not curious in the least, not interested in journalistic integrity, which is dangerous, as Rove is a National GOP consultant and strategist, and money-waster.

Between Wallace and Hume, I would expect Hume to say something about the tactics used in Cochran’s, “amazing win.” I’ve heard Wallace is a Democrat, so to me, unless Hume has become a complete establishment partisan instead of a man with journalistic integrity, I can’t figure out why he did not bring up HOW Cochran won.

This is simple censorship. It’s called Fox NEWS Sunday, not, GOP ASS-KISSING Sunday.

Fox News has become the GOP establishment media. They don’t offer equal time, they double up. And now we have a case where Hume and Rove tag team to rewrite history, sweep all the nasty things the national GOP does to its needed allies under the rug.

It’s disgusting.

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Shut Your Pie-Hole, Karl Rove!

tokyo roveKarl Rove, idiot extraordinaire, in the creepy hack site, Politico:

“In American politics, there’s a sense you want to be new, you don’t want to be too familiar, you want to be something fresh, you don’t want to be something old and stale,” he said.


You know, like the names BUSH and ROVE.

So, um, so far the Bush brain has said that Hillary Clinton is brain damaged and old and stale.  I just don’t think people should allow this guy to be the only voice on the right.

I don’t know if it’s that he’s not a woman, so he doesn’t get it, or what, and I can’t stand Hillary Clinton for a host of reasons, but there is no way that a person can win on points when you shoot yourself in the face.  Every woman who hears what Karl Rove is suggesting every time he’s on the television, hears that this guy who is twice divorced, and a political games-player, using the stupidest sexist comments that you would never, ever say to a woman, ever.

And you know, Rove will chalk this type of talk up to feminism, and that Clinton believes in how women want to be treated like a man, but again, that is stupid, because women in general have emotions and when you start poking a stick at women’s emotions, you are going to get stung, and everyone around you will be.

It’s just stupid to use these terms to describe a woman.  And I don’t recall Rove ever using the terms, brain damaged, old and stale to describe any man running for office, in fact, his political action groups are propping up very old men in the Senate, right now.

Of all the people in the nation that could be talking on television and influencing politics at this time, Karl Rove is about the worst specimen.  He’s a loser, and he’s gonna help us lose again.

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Truth! Fox Minus Rove Equals Ratings Surge

Mark Levin, charter premium elite member of the wildly popular Committee To Publicly Horsewhip Karl Rove expressed a truth this morning that, if acted upon, might make a lot of people, a lot of money.

And at this point, I’d even keep O’Reilly around for laughs.

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Rove Myth Debunked

rove aimlessMYTH: Karl Rove is on our side.

Whenever someone on the right criticizes Karl Rove, there is an inevitable busybody who will say, “Stop attacking people who are on our side.”  However, Rove is not on our side, and as chair of the wildly popular Committee to Publicly Horsewhip Karl Rove, it is my honor to point it out to you.

Rove was a guest on Fox News Sunday yesterday, to defend his argument that Hillary Clinton’s health and age might be a problem in 2016.  I don’t need to go over it, parse it, or create a study of it.  All you need to know is, that his ego could not keep him from changing the talking points from substantive issues to a silly media frenzy with him at the center.

Before Rove hit the news with his “brain damage” crusade, we were talking about how Hillary Clinton failed as Secretary of State to classify Boko Haram as a terrorist group.  Before Rove inserted himself into the news, we were talking about how the mother of one of the four Benghazi dead blamed Hillary personally for the death of her boy, and organized protests kept Hillary from speaking in San Diego.

Now, you defenders of Rove, tell me, what carries weight?  Is Hillary walking around today with obvious mental incapacity?  Is she losing her place in the speeches she’s been giving to make outrageous sums of money after botching the Secretary of State gig? No?  Then what possible reason could there be to change the conversation and focus, other than to stroke Rove’s ego?

Rove defenders want to believe that Rove is acting in good faith, but how is attacking a woman personally going to help the Republican Party if she runs in 2016, while the Republican Party is having a tough time getting women to vote for them?

Juan Williams was right during the panel discussion yesterday, that Rove could be generating sympathy for Clinton.  Yes, he is, and he’s not helping our side, because he is interested in being the center of attention, and that’s all.

Rove’s existence in politics seems to be for the purpose of cheapening and dumbing down the political argument, and that is in line with his view of regular voters.  He believes we are stupid, and wants the Republican Party to not necessarily “win the argument.”  It is the equivalent of throwing enough mud on the wall to see what will stick, and he wants desperately to control the narrative.  But his offerings are only mud, nothing of substance, and he not only generates sympathy for a huge Republican foe, he keeps us from gaining momentum on real issues we really care about that should concern everyone about Hillary Clinton.


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Karl Rove is Wrong About the American People

Karl Rove should not have the following he does within the Republican Party, he is hostile to conservatives, goes out of his way to attack them thus disuniting the base, and frankly, he is more and more out of touch with the American people.

The future of the GOP is not liberalism, and it is not going to be wishy-washy moderate milquetoast.  Anyone who is in touch with the grassroots of the GOP would know this, and it is most likely why Rove is so very wrong, so very often.

In his latest, Rove writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, that the reason the GOP had such epic gains in 2010 was because Independents voted Republican.  No argument here, that is true.  What he does not disclose, or perhaps perceive, is that those Independents were swayed by energetic tea party and otherwise conservative grassroots ‘boots on the ground’ taking no directive from the GOP.

The rest of his editorial is typical, because he will not accept the above fact.

He contends that Independents are more apt to accept the views of Republicans over Democrats, but that is in peril at this point, and shows Rove’s disrespect for the thoughtfulness and rational minds of regular Americans.  The Democrat Party is showing their true color is Red, and the Republican Party has continually resisted the heated influence of its conservative base.  As a result, people are less identifying with both parties, and becoming more and more disenfranchised.

The Republican Party has resisted ‘moving right’ which is actually the wrong phrase.  ‘Moving right’ to the beltway crowd is toxic to the party.  What they are being forced to do, through massive grassroots efforts, is actually ‘moving to the center’ and ‘fighting for America.’

We are at a point, five years into the Obama Presidency, that a clear picture of what the left holds in store for us is sobering reality, and is the antithesis of what America stands for.  All opposition to this ‘fundamental change’ is regarded by the American people as legendary, heroic and a righteous cause for liberty.

What Karl Rove is arguing against in his editorial, is the fundamental right of the people to influence their own representatives in what is left of this Representative Republic, for it is the people who are forcing the Republicans they elected in 2010 to stand for America.  He misconstrues or perhaps projects the thought that Americans will accept that which they do not want, just because he fears media headlines against the Republican Party.

He on the one hand tells us that Independents are the sacred cow of the election process, and then on the other claims that their rational thought is not welcome in his Republican party.

The American people are, as he points out, increasingly independent of political party affiliation, but the reason why is not clear to him.  Americans are dispossessing both parties plainly because they view the modern Democrat party as anti-America and the modern Republican party as spineless and unwilling to fight America’s demise, and are taking too many leftward leaps.

How then, does Rove assert that defunding a small portion of Obamacare will spell doom for the Republican party?  He assumes that the Senate will strip out the defund portion and send it back to the House, thus forcing a government shut down.

That might be true if Mitch McConnell doesn’t realize his political career is on the line, and has no ability to out-smart the dishonorable Harry Reid.  That might be true if lackluster support from the likes of so-called ‘conservative’ columnists do their best to thwart the American people, rather than turn on a thousand degrees of heat in an all-out campaign targeting every vulnerable Democrat in the Senate, who are right now hearing from their independent and union constituents about how they feel about Obamacare.  It might ring true if the Republican party does not become a full-throated defender of the American dream.

The Republican party can be the party of the future and stand for America, if they just listen to the intelligence of her people, and reject the feeble ‘what ifs’ of its overpaid and overrated, defeatist hand-wringers.  All they need to do is fight for her.



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The Rovian National Committee’s seek and destroy mission

Karl Rove is taking over the RNC information systems as well as plotting to keep conservatives off primary ballots and creating front groups with names similar to existing conservative groups.

It is a game of control that will ruin Republican chances in 2014.

For five years now, conservatives have been sounding the alarms about one man. A top-down far-left authoritarian in our White House, who will change this nation from a Republic to something akin to a fascist state. We have witnessed the devastation of business and industry, hobbled by regulation and over-reaching controls by a behemoth federal government that was never supposed to be this far-reaching. The one goal of this federal government is to minimize individual autonomy.

How is that any different from the RNC handing so much control to Karl Rove?

From Thomas Edsall’s, “In Data We Trust,”

The extensive involvement of Rove, not only with Liberty Works, but also with all aspects of Republican efforts to build a technologically advanced, integrated voter list, has provoked new charges that Rove is acquiring unprecedented control over the Republican electioneering machine: over the aggregation of tactically valuable data and sharing it; over fund-raising; over candidate selection; over voter mobilization; and finally over issue prioritization.

Please read the whole article, it is so very revealing.

Oh, they’ll deny that Rove has so much control, or that he really has no financial stake, yada yada, but let’s cut the crap. Rove is going to completely destroy the Republican Party, and he relishes it. He figures all he has to do is get the winnables on the ticket and kick off those who receive local support, because in the end, Rove is convinced that the people really aren’t as smart as he is.

Priebus must be convinced as well, but then, he’s still the chair after losing the most winnable Presidential race ever, with 8% unemployment and an unprecedented takeover of the nations health systems.

Taking control of things and ruining them is hobby to these people.

Rove and Priebus know that there are plenty of grassroots members who will push back against the inevitable RINO Rovebot candidates, but they are blatantly sticking their finger in the eye of the people.

Just like Obama.

You cannot have a free country, where all men are created equal, when one man wants some men and women caged and disallowed to compete in the arena of ideas, simply because they are interested in speaking the truth. You cannot have a party, whose supposed platform is for local control, when every jackbooted operative is getting their marching orders from one guy at the top, and you won’t have a party left, when Rove’s brand of political hate-speak is turned on traditional Americans in your home town.

Priebus might not know it yet, but he isn’t the chair anymore. The overspending, underperforming loser from Texas is, and he’s about to take down the party.

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