- The Country Needs Conservatism

The Country Needs Conservatism

While I wait to see who will be running for the various government positions here in Michigan, one thing is absolutely clear.

The country needs conservatism.

The only way we can slow this massive expanse of power by the liberal wing of the Democrat Party, is through conservatism.

Although it is comfortable to remain loyal to a politician who has brought your community funding, or recognition, it is especially troublesome that those in government whom we rely on, end up being our masters.

It is not any politician’s job to bring us comfort, that we are to provide for ourselves.  It is a representative’s job to have core principles, sound judgement, adherence to the Constitution, and constant support of  free-market solutions.

I was recently at a gathering where a candidate for office said, “Right now,  the State of Michigan is so bureaucratized, that it is not possible to do much more than try to stop bad things from happening.”

Yet how many times has he tried to defund the various programs, offices, and so on?  Does he run on a platform of slashing funding?  No, it is risky because he wants many friends, friends he can keep with the help of  government funding.

Conservatives understand that the government’s money is our money.  If we do not stop those who work for us from taking our money, we will be mere slaves to the State and Federal Government.

Conservatism is a simple concept, yet so many wish to make it so complicated.  It requires the separation of emotion and thought.  It requires one to do what they said they would, no matter how hard, no matter how many obstacles are set in the way.  It requires clear thinking, and a life centered in faith.

It is typical that during a primary season, liberal candidates will lean conservative to be elected.  That’s pretty telling, but what is more telling is how they lean liberal to try to get elected by so-called independents.  Yet a conservative, a staunch, centered conservative needs only to remain who they are.

Conservatism is like tough-love parenting.  It sets limits, it checks the rule book, it tells the truth, even when the truth hurts.  It is the ultimate in compassion.  It sets a human being free to work, to provide, to live, and to follow their dreams.   In short, it encapsulates Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Conservatism is the only philosophy that can slow down our progression into decline.  It is the only way we can remain free.  It is the only way we, as a country and a people, can survive.

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