What do we do now?

America needs to be fought for in your local community.

1)     Visit your county clerk and ask when you can apply to be on the ballot as a precinct delegate for the Republican Party.

2)     Visit your community websites and identify your government and school meetings and promise yourself to attend.

3)     Visit your county sheriff’s office to talk about any concerns you may have with your community. Talk to them about your Second Amendment rights.

4)     Volunteer at a local service or social organization or church group.

  1. Knights of Columbus
  2. Lions Club
  3. Kiwanis
  4. Rotary
  5. Daughters of Isabella
  6. Ladies Auxillary
  7. Zonta
  8. Elks Club
  9. VFW
  10. American Legion
  11. Moose Club
  12. Optimists
  13. Daughters of the American Revolution
  14. Shriners
  15. Freemasons
  16. Your local Republican Party
  17. These are just off the top of my head….

The bottom line is, we all need to get face to face with those in our communities who are making decisions and haven’t heard from you. It’s time to ditch social media and talk to people, be leaders in your communities, and be Righteous Radicals for Liberty.