Ann Coulter Has Lost Faith

I read Ann’s latest column with a heavy heart. I came away with the unmistakable feeling that she has lost faith in the philosophy and movement she has been a firebrand for until now. And I think about how it happens that a person at the age of 50 becomes the very cheerleader for the status quo that she argued against these many years.

I believe it is true that as we age we develop different thoughts about things, through experience, through people we meet, through having to be forced to take a position on something we cannot imagine when there hasn’t been a reason to take a stand. These revelations come upon us and make us think through what is truly important. To Ann, I suppose, what is truly important is, what did she say?…not taxes, or the economy, or turning away from socialism. Not debt-reducing and deficit-cutting, not freezing public pay, not freeing the private sector. Not slashing regulations nor unleashing domestic energy sources, not joblessness, nor is it important to prepare for the inevitable high inflation caused by Obama’s policies. She said it is two things. Repealing Obamacare, and halting illegal immigration.

In order for Ann to come up with this argument, she had to throw away a lot of possible counters. She had to find two single-issues that would be pluses for her guy Romney, and negatives for the only true conservatives in the race, Bachmann and Santorum. Now, whether or not what she says is truthful about the two conservatives, it is mind-numbingly obvious that what she is saying about Romney is unprovable because it is basically a forecast.

She says that Romney will repeal Obamacare. We don’t know that, and in fact, if the Supreme Court says next spring that it is constitutional, I highly doubt Romney will touch it with a ten-foot pole. How do I know this? Simple, Republicans would say that it would be a highly unpopular and unnecessarily provocative move for a President to erase key signature legislation that is in fact Constitutional. How do I know this? Observation. What I find striking about Coulter’s write-off of Bachmann is that she ignores that Bachmann has been perhaps the only person in Congress to continuously find ways to stop Obamacare through defunding. She bucked leadership to do it, that takes guts and fortitude with an eye on the betterment of the country. It shows a willingness to do the right thing for the country and is part of her record. Give me a gutsy gal over a mush-mouth anyday.

Ann implies that Santorum will, if elected, apparently take all law enforcement off the borders, and encourage illegal immigration, why, perhaps he will direct the United States Government to make pamphlets to air drop over Mexico that say, come on over, sorry we didn’t do this sooner!

Does anybody believe that? Of course not.

So as I said, it is with a heavy heart that I read her stuff anymore. I feel silly sometimes, thinking back when I wondered if I would ever get a chance to meet the author in person, perhaps have her sign some of the books I bought. I know now that I don’t want her to put her name to something she isn’t serious about. This suggestion of hers that the United States of America is closer to a blue state than a red one is proof that she has lost faith in the American people. She threw away the notion of a conservative country back when she made fun of Sarah Palin’s voice and fans, and bought the line that Republicans must be concerned only of NorthEastern nobility. She has lost faith in conservatism and is trying desperately to attach the word to a man who can be described as anything but, and all you have to do to realize what he is, is hear that he touts himself as a consensus-builder.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “There are still people in my party who believe in consensus politics. I regard them as Quislings, as traitors… I mean it.”

Prime Minister Thatcher was right. Those who would speak of bipartisanship during a primary season has his mind on the wrong thing. He is putting party politics before his country and suggesting that his party does not have the philosophy necessary to win the national argument. He doesn’t put his faith in the common sense and values of the American people.

We didn’t win the elections of 2010 through consensus-building. Us “political newcomers” won it by expressing conservatism and decrying the Democrat Party. Us “johnny-come-lately’s” are the nation, we are the backbone of this country, we are conservatives. Conservatism crosses party lines because it is the philosophy of America. Those of us that have our feet on the ground can see this, and we continue to have faith in the American people even if some who have come before us have lost theirs.

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  • Chuck Hardman

    This is a great article! Thanks!

  • politiJim

    I still find it hilarious how many still maintain that Bachmann and Santorum are the "only true conservatives" in the race despite Santorum's excessive earmarks (and love of them), his support for Arlen Specter and Bachmann's utter lack of ANY legislative accomplishment. They are both good conservatives, but have proven ZERO ability to LEAD. Neither have managed a staff of more than 15 people and then, no true leaders reporting to them. Are we really ready to take such a huge gamble that either of these will suddenly learn how to inspire and move a nation to do HARD things in the face of increasingly divisive media?

    No, I'm not saying they would be disasters, but there is a reason that Newsmax, NH Union Leader, Thomas Sowell and Art Laffer endorse Gingrich. Perry has the ability to govern as well, although I'm not sure I trust someone has the "fire in the belly" to take on the biggest reform of government in US History when his wife has to talk him into running. Romney would likely do EVERYTHING conservative…as long as it was popular and politically expedient to do so.

    I share Coulter's fear of Obama winning against a charisma-deficient Santorum and Bachmann. Yes they are conservative, but (unfortunately) 75% of the US electorate doesn't automatically "buy" the conservative argument. And why, if the Tea Party STILL doesn't givce either of these a majority, do we feel they will be able to convince a populace that DOESNT share their fundamental views?

    We are about to hire someone to run the most powerful economy and military force in the world. And none of us would consider EITHER of these people to run GodFather's Pizza based on experience. Read more here:

  • Don

    The American Populace is treated like a bunch of dupes…we know where the entitlement crowd stands but the rest of us are viewed as idiots at the end of the day. We buy into the talk in front of the cameras, the daily or weekly soundbytes, and then fail to realize that at day's end, most of these politicians share the same hangouts for dinner and cocktails, patting themselves on the back at the salesmanship of the day. Unfortunately, I am beginning that many of the so-called conservative news media people have sold us out as well…and they keep selling us out as they pad their pockets and become the ruling elite. Perhaps we all live in a land of dreams (fueled by nothing more than BS).

  • Majordomo Pain

    We opine the Right has only one clear choice and that is to wait until 2016 and run Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton.

  • pointdan

    Anyone who doubts we will kick Obama's butt in 2012 need only remember Nov 2, 2010. Republicans won in historic numbers all across the nation thanks in large part to the TEA Party. We will win again Nov 6, 2012. Keep the faith, Conservatives and Happy New Year !!

  • Prom Queen

    I am wondering where Jen gets the idea that Santorum and Bachman were the only two genuine conservatives in the race. She's conveniently forgetting about Gingrich who is a rabid conservative.

    • Jen Kuznicki

      I read his books. I would vote for him, but would prefer not to have to set him straight constantly.