Dr. Dan Benishek Receives Michigan Farm Bureau Endorsement

Dr. Dan Benishek, a surgeon from Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula has received the Republican Benishek won his primary by fifteen votes and now faces Democrat Gary McDowell.

Upon hearing the great news of the endorsement, Benishek had this to say,

“I am honored to receive the support of Michigan’s farmers. Farmers represent a critical part of Michigan’s economy, and I look forward to working with them when I am in Congress,�? Dr. Benishek stated. “Supporting family farmers is essential to creating jobs and promoting real economic recovery in Michigan.�?

Alger County farmer Dave Bahrman, chairman of Michigan Farm Bureau’s political action committee AgriPac, had the following to say about Benishek,

“Dr. Dan Benishek cares about the industries and the people in the First District and he’s committed to streamlining and reforming government,�? he said.  “We’re confident Dr. Dan Benishek will be a Congressman who can help to foster a climate that centers less on regulatory burdens and government intrusion and more on supporting agriculture and the other businesses that fuel Michigan’s economy.�?

Dr. Benishek’s web ad shows his committment to the regular folks of Michigan’s First District.

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