Ruling Over The Constitution

The Republicans in the House who voted with Speaker Boehner on H J Res 48 include the three Michigan Republicans I told you to watch for. Speaker Boehner and a lot of them issued statements that they will continue to support common sense spending cuts even after they were told of the $105.5 Billion in the Obamacare Legislation that the CR does not stop from being disbursed.

Speaker Boehner stressed he wanted to go by the rules and not allow his House to become that of the Pelosi House, meaning the rules didn’t matter to the Democrats.

Representative Steve King made a great point in an interview with Mark Levin on Thursday. He said of the leadership, “You seem to have taken an oath to defend a rule and not the constitution. This is an unconstitutional bill.”

Excellent point. This bill has been ruled unconstitutional, and funding it would then be unconstitutional. So, I guess the reading of the constitution at the start of the year was just a song and dance, I get it. This does not bode well for the Republicans.

I am very glad my congressman this continuing resolution, and let’s all encourage every congressman to attack the $105 Billion in funding appropriated against the rules in the Pelosi House, instead of nickel-and-diming us with $6 Billion here and $10 Billion there.

My congressman, Dan Benishek, made a good point in his statement, “1/7 of 1% is not draconian,” no matter what the Democrats say. Check that, especially when they say words like draconian, they are not upset. What is the point of a majority again?

The Boehner leadership club are going to lose the House for us in two years. Way to go fellas, you just funded Obamacare.

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