Stanley Gives Birth To Dumbo In Hawaii, Nation Yawns.

Now come on. Today Obama released his , and for the first time, I clicked on the link to see it. There were other proofs of birth before this one, and a lot of people studied all the things wrong with those. Of course lately, Donald Trump has been asking about his long-form birth certificate. So today, it was with great hoopla that the President of the United States of America allowed all of us subjects to see that he indeed was born in Hawaii.

But since I see all of this as ridiculous, I couldn’t help but wonder why nobody has a problem with Obama’s Mama’s name.

It’s Stanley.

Come on. That is some kind of funny.

There will be plenty of people who will not be satisfied, and they are free to continue on their path of circular stupidity. But here is how I see it.

If it was able to be proven without a shadow of a doubt that Obama was not born in America, it will not erase what he has done via legislation, regulation, and coercion for the past two years.

So all of you birthers ought to start trying to convince people that we cannot live under his rule for another term.

Stanley! It just kills me that no one talks about that…..

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