May 5 Ballot Proposal in Michigan – Know It, Defeat It.

Michigan government has gotten so big and bloated, it cannot even perform basibig-governmentc functions anymore.

Since the Michigan government cannot figure out how to perform basic duties, like keep our roads safe, they are asking you to increase our sales tax to higher than that of California.

Lucrative future deals for construction companies have made it a good idea for them to invest in bleeding heart commercials about a poor mom just looking for safe roads for her family, however, everybody knows many roads will not be saved under this scheme, and some perfectly good roads will be torn up because some crooked politician wants his cronies paid off.

Though inflation nationally is never calculated on fuel and food, the State of Michigan’s dominating Republican Party wants you to pay more in fuel taxes every year, when inflation is bound to go through the roof from the out-of-control deficit spending of the national administration.

Teacher’s unions, the top-heavy money grubbers who value their 6 and 7 digit salaries rather than the future of our children, whined when some of their revenue would be disrupted when Snyder wanted to change the tax structure of gasoline and diesel.  So lawmakers added not only another tax to benefit the MEA, but also are looping in all our community colleges in a scheme that will lower children’s IQ’s and fatten the wallets of the union pigs.

The Michigan poor who wish to comply with the law, will find it more difficult to pay ever-increasing and systematically unfair registration fees, but lawmakers think that increasing a subsidy for staying poor will help them with that.

No word yet on how the over-bureaucratized Michigan government figures the middle class will get by with such a burden squeeze from the top and bottom.

Via, here is the exact wording of the proposed increase in taxes and government in Michigan, known as Proposal 1 which you will be asked to approve or disapprove on May 5th, 2015.


A proposal to amend the State Constitution to increase the sales/use tax from 6%
to 7% to replace and supplement reduced revenue to the School Aid Fund and local units of government caused by the elimination of the sales/use tax on gasoline and diesel fuel for vehicles operating on public roads, and to give effect to laws that provide additional money for roads and other transportation purposes by increasing the gas tax and vehicle registration fees.

The proposed constitutional amendment would:

  • Eliminate sales / use taxes on gasoline / diesel fuel for vehicles on public roads.

  • Increase portion of use tax dedicated to School Aid Fund (SAF).

  • Expand use of SAF to community colleges and career / technical education, and

  • prohibit use for 4-year colleges / universities.

  • Give effect to laws, including those that:

  • Increase sales / use tax to 7%, as authorized by constitutional amendment.
  • Increase gasoline / diesel fuel tax and adjust annually for inflation,
  • increase vehicle registration fees, and dedicate revenue for roads and other transportation purposes.
  • Expand competitive bidding and warranties for road projects.
  • Increase earned income tax credit.

Should this proposal be adopted?

YES [ ]
Hell NO [X]

Let’s see, increase, expand, increase, increase, increase, expand and increase.  This government has to cut down.

This proposal will change our Michigan constitution to include more taxation for a basic function.

The Michigan House has recently voted 58-51 to end film incentives. That’s a good start, and they should be looking for other savings.


If Michigan legislators want us to pay for roads, stop doing this combination platter crap, and get it done.  Mark me as an emphatic hell no for this insipid proposal.

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Michigan Republican Convention Win Puts Establishment on Notice

A great assessment of the grassroots efforts in Michigan during this weekend’s Michigan Republican Convention in Detroit, was posted by :

Conservatives working in unison at the State Republican Convention sent a message to the establishment loud and clear: “It’s our turn!”…No more ‘business as usual’ politics orchestrated to appease the political masses with hollow claims of conservatism and principles each election cycle, only to disappear into the maze of lobbyists and special interests in the interim…This time, the false claims of an election year cycle fell on deaf ears, conservatism ruled the day…Libertarians, Tea Partiers, and true Republican conservatives unified in one of the most sweeping upsets of the incumbent power brokers I have seen in my lifetime…they have sent both the State and National GOP a clear ultimatum…This time we will not be silent, nor ignored, nor brushed aside…

I’ve been in very contentious arguments with Tom, it’s part of politics and pushing your argument. But I agree completely with his assessment. I reject Ron Paul, and his followers know I’m very cranky about him, but we all worked together as Republicans to expose and defeat corrupt leaders in the Party, and this exercise should put the establishment on notice.

What happened during the caucuses and Tom’s assertion that 31 of the 44 delegates are Paul delegates is tough to ascertain. Officially, the MIGOP is saying that 6 delegates are Paul voters, but Backers is a Paul advocate, so either he knows better, or, as I have noticed in the past, he is being aggressive for intimidation purposes. We won’t know for sure until Tampa. Or, it could be that the bulk of the Ron Paul faction are voting or non-voting alternates.

Michigan’s conservative movement made huge strides over the weekend, and the message is now guaranteed to be carried to Tampa and Washington D.C…As I left the floor at Cobo, a long line of conservative activists were manning the railing behind the delegate area, exchanging “high-fives” with everyone as they left….we had legitimately proven we could beat the establishment at their own game, using their own rules…it was a marvelous feeling…Michigan has set the tone for the national convention, let’s hope the nation is watching…

I didn’t agree with the Ron Paul tactic of using the rules against the GOP for the purpose of electing Ron Paul people because Ron Paul people aren’t Republicans.. and like Ron Paul, are using the party to advance a foreign policy agenda that will make America vulnerable. However, the MIGOP lumps conservatives in with the Ron Paultards, so unfortunately, they’ll have to deal with this on their own.

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Mitt’s Bumpy Ride In Michigan

Mitt Romney’s literature and signs have been at every Republican event for years. He had quite an organization in 2008 with signs that said, “Michigan for Mitt,” with the cute reference of the appearance of the lower peninsula being a mitten, and Mitt’s name, well, it’s just precious.

But here we are, 9 days from Michigan’s Presidential Primary, which the GOP in Michigan moved up and lost half of it’s delegates as a result, and now Mitt has to actually compete.

Mitt lost Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, South Carolina, and Minnesota, and may lose Maine. He has so far won New Hampshire, Nevada and Florida.

So as I read what is happening downstate and about how wonderful Mitt is, I noticed how the press says Romney has not defended the auto bailout, and that it will hurt him. Michigan Republicans defend the auto-bailout because Michigan is the auto industry and it’s too big to fail, etc.

Then I typed, “Mitt Romney supported auto bailouts,” into my little google search thingy and I found out that he . He was for it before he was against it. Gee, and the Michigan GOPers can’t figure out why there isn’t more loyalty to a guy who left Michigan 50 years ago, and is the son of the moderate Republican Governor who introduced the first sales tax in Michigan.

The Romney Campaign introduced in which Romney is driving around his “hometown” of Detroit, with the classic boarded up Detroit homes and desolation, and he says with a straight face, “President Obama did all these things the liberals have wanted to do for years….and Detroit families are hurting.” Meanwhile, everyone is thinking, um, Mitt, you signed Romneycare, universal healthcare for Massachusetts and gave Obama the blueprint for something the liberals have wanted to do for a hundred years. Which is worse, a liberal doing what liberals do, or a Republican enabler?

I have read that Tim Pawlenty is coming up north to Traverse City to , even though Pawlenty’s Minnesota was won by Santorum. Oh well, I’m sure no one will bring that up. Mention cherries, Tim, that’ll have ’em eating out of your hand.

Meanwhile, I read with great humor that I thought was a parody, but it’s actually true. Mitt thinks Michigan is just so wonderful, and he loves the trees and the water and the sky, the clouds, the cars, the lets see, what else is Michigan about? Oh, and driving cars…

Bumpy rides are inevitable in Michigan because our roads suck. If Jennifer Granholm hadn’t gone green and squandered piles of money on green initiatives, perhaps we would have some left for the roads, but our Republican Governor Snyder who endorsed Romney has the big fix. He wants to raise our gas taxes another 10 cents a gallon and raise our vehicle registrations $60 a year so he can get federal matching funds for more of their precious projects downstate. Michigan got the federal funds that were rejected by Florida’s Republican governor, which should show everyone what kind of Republican Snyder is.

He is, in fact, the perfect type of Republican to . Governor Snyder is a progressive liberal, and holds the distinguished honor of being one of two Republican Governors (the other is Chris Christy) who simultaneously support Governor Romney and refuse to join other Republican Governors in trying to fight Obamacare. In fact, Governor Snyder is fighting his Republican House of Representatives and his super-majority of Republicans in the Senate to try to make deals with Democrats to spend money we don’t have on projects nobody wants like DRIC. Our Republican Governor has a bad reputation with Americans for Prosperity, but a great relationship with environmentalist radicals. I think you get the picture.

If I was Mitt Romney, and was trying to defend my actions in the Democrat-controlled liberal state of Massachusetts, I would distance myself from Snyder, who is presently ignoring the fact that Michigan is led by Republicans and is instead breaking his neck to reach across the aisle. I mean, if Romney’s defense of Romneycare is that it was the most conservative thing he could have done in a veto-proof Dem majority, what’s Snyder’s excuse?

Right now, Michigan is at a crossroads. Republicans have to stop being sorry they breathe, and fight the Democrats instead of offering them a seat at the table. With this Governor, it won’t happen, and he will completely demolish the Republican Party as a result.

It is the same for the country. I believe that if Mitt is our nominee, that he will not be able to distance himself from Obama’s key legislation that got everyone fired up in 2010. Party Republicans have to realize that their voters are not happy with them when they reach across the aisle, especially now when America has two choices, tyranny or a long, tough, brutal slog toward liberty.

I think that it speaks volumes that Romney can’t speed through Michigan with nary a hair out of place. If an unthinkable moment for the Romney campaign comes February 28th, Michigan voters will have the stopped the ‘Romney electability’ crapola once and for all, and Mitt’s bumpy ride will have left him stranded.

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Model Of Unionization, Detroit Population Falls To 713K

Thank you Unionization!

From MIRS news, the census numbers are in:

Detroit’s population for 2010 was 713,000, half of the population the Motor City boasted in 1970 and a far cry from the 1.849 million residents Detroit had at its peak in 1950, according to U.S. Census numbers set to be publicly released in less than two hours.

In 2000, Detroit had a population of 951,270. In 1990, it was 1.028 million.

Between 1950 and 1970, Detroit lost 450,000 people.  Between 1970 and 1990, Detroit lost 370,000 people.  Between 1990 and 2010, Detroit lost 238,000 people.

When is a big city no longer a big city?

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