Breathlessly Awaiting Mitt’s Reaction to the Egypt Election

As you can imagine, me being a Republican and all, I’m just on the edge of my seat to hear what Mitt Romney has to say about the election turnout in Egypt.

The Obama Administration for the big win, and his spokesboy Carney said,

“We believe it is essential for the Egyptian government to continue to fulfill Egypt’s role as a pillar of regional peace, security and stability,” Carney said.
The administration had expressed no public preference in advance of Sunday’s announcement that the Islamist presidential candidate had defeated Ahmed Shafiq, who was the last prime minister under Mubarak.

Yeah, well, one of the things that should get under your skin is the point that Obama showed, “no public preference.” Thanks to Gateway Pundit, the following should illuminate:

and finally:

So of course I’m eager to hear Mitt Romney speak on this subject, he had a nice weekend I’m sure, heard something about his camp at a retreat, but the big reason I want to know is because I remember back in February when he said that he thought Mubarak had to move on.

Given yesterday’s results, I would like to impress the fact that what happened in Egypt, the so-called, “revolution” was not a change for democracy, and it is childish and naive to believe that it was and is. The Obama Administration continually calls it a democracy movement, Romney had better not, since we can all see the truth.

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