Tonight: Cyborg Granny and Her Flying Monkeys

CNN is so sad they won’t be able to promote Joe Biden tonight at the Democrat debate, it has been confirmed that he will not participate, but they have a podium all ready to go if he changes his mind at the last minute.  If he is a no-show, they’ll have to settle for Cyborg Granny and her Flying Monkeys: Hillary Clinton, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.

Hillary Clinton, who has a reintroduction every Thursday or so, said lately that she’s a robot, adding to the list of crazy she’s already staked her reputation on.  The former Secretary of State has had a hand in everything we are seeing foreign-policy wise, and if you haven’t noticed, we are looking at WWIII.  Besides starting all this mess, her inability to tell the truth, her secrecy and her instability might cost her some votes.

But that doesn’t phase Cyborg Granny, she is here to save us from ourselves, by all means necessary.

PLEASE_DO_NOT_FEED_THE_FLYING_MONKEYS_1_500Her flying monkeys include Martin O’Malley, who, like Joe Biden, is a Roman Catholic who loves him some abortion! He was the Mayor of Baltimore, a city that is still under seige by race haters, and he was the Governor of Maryland, who left a budget shortfall of $1.2 billion last year, and is still in arrears for personal college loans to the tune of $340,000.  This man has no business running for president.

Jim Webb, before he ran for Senate wrote fictional novels about war and sexual perversion, pedophilia, and other things Democrats often support.  He defended one excerpt that described a man putting his own son’s privates in his mouth as, “illuminative, not sexual.”  (Sorry, I’m just the reporter here.)  He kinda looks like a creep, actually, and he has no prayer of becoming anything other than an also-ran.

Interestingly, flying monkey number three, Lincoln Chaffee, was the guy who famously picked a fight with Christians declaring, “That’s not a Christmas Tree, it’s a holiday tree.”

But the biggest, greediest flying monkey is Bernie Sanders.  He tells crowds of struggling people that they all work hard, but there is never enough money, so he’s going to make college tuition free, he’s going to give them free insurance, healthcare, everything is going to be free, and not once do any of these Democrats tell people that the United States is broke.  There is no money, we are in debt beyond their wildest imaginations, there is nothing out there that is free, and they are being duped, because their lives are hard, and they seek relief.

Not once will any of these Democrats seek out the strength of individual freedom.  Not once will they suggest that it is the size and scope of government that is keeping the people in their hovels and unable to “put bread on the table.”  The working poor can rise out of poverty if government didn’t fashion their welfare system around keeping them on the dole.  You are penalized for making too much money when you are poor, all the way up till you are rich, and then you are expected to keep the whole corrupt system afloat.

Every Democrat has and will continue to promote government as the only savior.  And they give their names as the “leaders” of this benevolent government that can do everything and give you everything, and be everything to you.

The Democratic Party has replaced God with government.  But God is more merciful than a government who wishes to rule over you, because through government, they have force on their side, and the point of a gun.

There are Republicans who completely agree with the charade that government should be everything to everyone.  I despise them, along with the Democrats who continue to claim they are for the little guy, yet keep them locked in the cage of government, under their thumb, and under their control.

People from both sides should be rising up against this too-powerful government, not seeking to expand it, and not seeking a new ruler.


Unparalleled Presidency: Biographer Recalls Reagan’s Conviction

Image via AP

by Jen Kuznicki

Craig Shirley, Reagan biographer and author of Reagan’s Revolution and Rendezvous with Destiny, has offered a new book, Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan.

Last Act reminds us of the years after the presidency of Ronald Reagan, his battle with Alzheimer’s, his death on June 5, 2004, and the state funeral whose massive attendance of and attention given by the American people shocked the political establishment.  But far from being a solemn book about death, it instead demonstrates the wisdom and depth of the American people and their affection for the Great Communicator.

Shirley makes meticulous notation of the duty-driven world upon the death of Ronald Reagan, yet all the information is not overwhelming.  You just feel like Craig is telling you everything he knows.  You listen, tear up a little, remembering Reagan, and then you look at the world now and, using his optimism, believe we can again experience the unparalleled strength of conviction that turned our upside-down world, right side up.

Americans knew Reagan was right and just, and as Shirley points out, his key to unlocking the hearts of the American people was simply that he believed man was generally good, that good will always triumph over evil, and that all life has purpose.  His belief system was simply the opposite of the coercive nature of would-be rulers.  He believed America was blessed, and that God set this nation aside as a promised land, and so set his policies to achieve more freedom for the individual.

In stark contrast lies the arguments of today coming from the current president, that man is suspect, hatred consumes all, the black-hearts of man must be controlled, God has no business in the realm of government, and nature rejects the inclusion of man.

We ought to be reminded of Ronald Reagan’s mindset often, and that is why I so highly recommend this book.  Additionally, sprinkled throughout the book are cute quips from Reagan that I hadn’t heard before, and you will love relating them to friends and family.

The era of Reagan is not over.  He is gone from the earth, but his memory lives on and that memory would be abused if we did not take up the torch he handed off.  His supreme example reminded mature Americans that, “It can be done,” in politics and in everyday life.

Now, when Republicans take up the old baton of detente with this president, surrendering to the Left when they should know better, we who understood and admired Reagan cannot hold back our denunciation, because we know we cannot exist under this scheme, a free people cannot last beneath the weight of this growing tyranny, and we know it can be rolled back because there was a Ronald Reagan.

Last Act is set to hit the shelves Tuesday, October 13th.

This article first appeared at Conservative Review 

Cecile Richards Can’t Hear the Silent Screams of the Unborn

Image via AP

by Jen Kuznicki

Three House members issued a letter to Speaker Boehner demanding an apology for the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Planned Parenthood, and their cross-examination of that company’s president, Cecile Richards.

“( – Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), and Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) released a letter Tuesday evening to House Speaker John Boehner, saying that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee should “extend an apology” to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards for ‘ideologically based personal attacks’ in the committee’s hearing investigating the organization last week.”

They want pro-lifers to apologize for speaking on behalf of the souls Planned Parenthood has wiped out.

Those children aren’t supposed to be given identity, even as human, according to Planned Parenthood.  Yet each one of the more than 300,000 aborted unborn children per year by the money-hungry company had the potential for greatness for all humankind.

Planned Parenthood defenders continue to say that the videos that exposedtheir house of horrors were “highly edited,” and yet, I still saw hundreds of children’s arms and legs and bodies and faces when I forced myself to watch them.  If they were “highly edited,” in other words, cut down, I really don’t need to see more evidence of a twisted and sick industry.

Planned Parenthood should seek forgiveness, not an apology.

Quite fitting, isn’t it, when representatives of government demand atonement upon their authority to, in essence, continue to dehumanize the souls of children?  They suffer from a lack of empathy few have, and they are placing themselves in competition with ISIS for cold indifference toward human life.

In their defense, Planned Parenthood made their own video about a woman who found out that her child would not live long outside the womb.  “April,” was told her child wouldn’t last. So she made the decision to abort at 21 weeks. She couldn’t deal with the thought of having a baby in her arms that might die there, so everything was taken care of so she couldn’t see.  During abortions, women are told the procedure will be carefully done so that she feels little discomfort and pain, but the child’s death isn’t treated as kindly.

At 21 weeks, children are forming eyebrows and have fingerprints, and soon will be kicking inside the womb.  Research also shows that the child can hear your voice, and by this time you will know if you are having a boy or girl, if you choose to find out.  April was having a boy, and she was told his lungs wouldn’t develop properly.

You’d have to be a monster to not empathize with April’s story.  What heartbreak to find that your child will die shortly after you give birth.  Yet this example shows the difference between those of us who believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death, and those who do not.

The choice to nurture that child within the womb is a choice too, and exposes the lie that “pro-choice” means anything.  At 21 weeks, you have a child who is alive and soon-to-be kicking, knows your voice and hears you sing and talk. He is a part of your life, but he has his own life too.

What if the choice was made to carry the child to term, and hold him as his soul leaves his body and ascends to Heaven?  He is innocent; he surely is a saint.  Why instead should his last moments be trying to move away from the suction of a vacuum that will tear him limb from limb, and the pain from the crush of forceps?

The emotional toll for women who undergo heartbreak when their child dies is terrible.  But why can’t Cecile Richards see that ending the child’s life is worse, especially in such a brutal tortuous way, than any emotional turmoil Mom is feeling.  Emotional pain is a part of life, but death is death.

So, on behalf of the millions of aborted babies Planned Parenthood has committed and will continue to commit with our tax dollars, I demand an apology for their brutal treatment of the unborn, their inhumane handling of these little one’s remains and their reluctance to heed to the silent screams of God’s children.


This article appeared at CNS News October 9th, 2015

Marco Rubio’s Policies are So Very European

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by Jen Kuznicki

It has been said that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is gaining ground in the presidential race as the result of the concessions of Rick Perry and Scott Walker. He has also been doing well in the debates thus far, is well liked by his colleagues and widely praised for his speeches.

His recent remarks, given at the Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C., contained what he called a “policy initiative that matches our values.” In the midst of economic extremes, droves of people searching for work, rising entitlement costs, rampant under-employment and some of the most challenging and uncertain years for business owners, Rubio’s new policy initiatives aren’t part of a new and modern generational shift, but a lurch toward the infamous mandatory policies from the past that have made Europe the best example of what not to do.

The part of Rubio’s speech that really got the crowd rolling was promising, stayed focused on policy, and was peppered with the philosophy of self-determination. “And yet while our economy is transforming, our policies are not,” Rubio said. “We have unfortunately a political class in this country that refuses to toss out its old and outdated ways of thinking when it comes to our economy. The way of thinking that says we need guardians in government to protect us from ourselves; that to help someone climb up the economic ladder, we have to pull someone else down; and that government, not the family, is the most important institution in society.”

He went on to denounce the political class, the ineffective Republican majority in Congress, and then he announced that Speaker Boehner was resigning, and for that, he got a standing ovation.

The speech, as it progressed, garnered more and more enthusiasm from the crowd, as Rubio claimed that as president, he would follow the Constitution and empower the people instead of government, and work to strengthen families.

With that he introduced his new policy initiative, a plan that would enable families to thrive in the modern economy.  No, not de-regulation or a plan to slash a percentage of government budgets.  No, not a repeal of Obamacare or a promise to unleash the caged entrepreneur, nor even a play for domestic drilling.  Rubio’s initiative that supposedly matches our values is major reforms to family leave policy.

Wanna get paid for watching Bobbie’s soccer game? Marco Rubio is here to help.

“It pains me, every time that I have to miss a volleyball game or a football game, or a field trip, even though I know I’m doing this for them, and this struggle is not unique to me.” Rubio said, adding that the most important times in a child’s life is time spent with their parent.

Rubio wants to offer businesses a tax break for giving employees a four to 12-week paid leave, worth up to $4,000 per employee. He claims it is using free-market principles to help families rather than mandating it through government as is Hillary Clinton’s approach to the policy.

The United States right now has no mandated policies on family leave, while most European countries mandate around 30 days of paid leave, and though Rubio suggests he is using free-market principles to address a problem, no polling data whatsoever supports the claim that there is a great clamor for family leave. It is however, a priority of the Left, as Bernie Sanders thinks everybody should be paid by their bosses while they are on vacation and producing nothing.  So, once again, another Republican takes pointers from the Left’s playbook and opens a door through which progressives will undoubtedly drive a freight train.

As has happened with entitlement spending, debt accumulation and other “compassionate conservative” initiatives of George W. Bush, a policy that is introduced by the Right as incentive-based, as one that uses our values against us, will be mandated by the Left in short order.

Rubio’s policy shows that he has not learned how Republicans can be their own worst enemies, yet the lesson is right there for all to see. Obama twice demolished Republican candidates for president by sweetening the pie baked by other government-centric Republicans.

The real free-market way for the government to handle business is to get its filthy little fingers off the scales and out of the way.

When a senator who is our salaried employee frequently misses votes and begins complaining that he’s missing his kids, perhaps he should utilize what’s left of our free market system and find a different line of work, instead of introducing the greatest nation on earth to European mediocrity.

This article appeared at Conservative Review on October 9, 2015.

Benishek Declines Run

Don’t let the door hit ya.

Dan Benishek isn’t running for a 4th term, even though he said he was going to in the spring, and even though he said he was only running for three terms after he said he was running for two.  He decided on three after he found out about the Congressional Retirement Plan.

So a friend asked me what I think about his change of course.  Well, let’s see, what have we learned about politics these past few months?  I guess I’ve learned that a politician is capable of coming up with a bullcrap story in order to stop the truth from sounding so bad.  There was no reason for Benishek to run for a fourth term, and maybe he put it out there to gain negative feedback to help someone else.  I don’t know, just speculating.

It has been my long-held suspicion that the win against Jason Allen in 2010 set up a path for Allen to run for the seat.  Benishek only won by 15 votes, and he was, at the time, the so-called “insurgent.”  We fought hard against Allen, but a lot of times, too many conservatives on the ballot caused us to fight among ourselves and granted Allen, who was and is the consummate career politician more momentum than he deserved.

But that argument is all over now, Benishek has been so far up Boehner’s uh, “friendslist” that he either easily abandoned his conservative qualities or had none to begin with.  After five years of debating this crap, I’m with the rest that say he was the latter.

So now we have Allen, Casperson, Pettalia and at least one more vying for the Republican nomination.  Allen is a corporatist, and a full-on government expansionist.  Casperson was good at one time on calling out the environmentalist bullcrap, so judging from the ridiculous float Lon Johnson had at the Posen Potato Festival, he should be able to carry on and win a fight against that loser.  I cannot ever condone what he did during Medicaid Expansion and prevailing wage, but I’d pay to watch him debate Johnson.  Pettalia is my state representative and a deal-maker, it is my opinion we need constitutionalists in office, and he’s not the one.

I know there’s another guy named Jon Terry who is pretty set on running, but honestly, though he seems fervent, he’s been in DC advocating for some good things, I just don’t see how he will be able to turn advocating for ways to take advantage of government largesse into fighting government.

I think Cannon can beat Johnson.

Allen and Casperson are former roomies in Lansing, and all three Republicans are part of the club.

So to answer my good friend Jennifer, who asked what I think about all of this?  I think we need a conservative.


Pledging To A Party Without An Identity

Trump signed a pledge to a party without an identity.

If a pledge contained what the party really stands for right now, no one would sign it.

“We aren’t facing different times, we are again facing the same problems that are created by the policies of the Democratic Party and endorsed by the actions of Republican leadership.  The problem was never that Trump would go third party, or that he isn’t legally bound to the pledge after signing it, the problem is that the party is now run by fakes and phonies who act as sycophants to Democratic rule, and they must change course, lest the party become truly obsolete.”

Please read my commentary at Conservative Review!

Screenshot 2015-09-10 at 10.09.09 AM

Defund, Dismantle and Let It Die

When the first of the Center for Medical Progress’ videos came out showing how depraved Planned Parenthood is, the initial reaction by the organization’s leadership was that they apologize for the “tone” of the doctor who so famously and cavalierly discussed the prices of unborn children’s legs, livers and other parts.

A half dozen or so videos and eight weeks later Congress is back in session, and we are told by the Senate Majority Leader that nothing can be done about restricting public funds for Planned Parenthood, because it might lead to a government shutdown.  Clearly the priorities for Congress are to keep government alive, and to heck with the hundreds of thousands of souls who were alive going into Planned Parenthood, and whose bodies were dismembered and sold to the highest bidder as they left.

Most Americans are not even aware of these videos and don’t realize what Planned Parenthood has been doing, because the media is simply not covering it.  It is up to the pro-life members of both houses of Congress to make it known what is happening in a long drawn-out national discussion about who the American taxpayer chooses to support.  And if we were living in thoughtful times, with leadership that protects the sanctity of life, we would have that discussion, get with our members of Congress and demand action.

Lawmakers need to expose Planned Parenthood for what they are doing, the almost 330,000 abortions per year, the mutilation of human remains, the sick attitude of its leadership, the alleged sale of baby body parts for profit, and they need to have a full investigation of the organization for the sake of our nation’s human rights reputation. The allegation that Planned Parenthood is selling the remains of aborted babies’ for profit should be thoroughly examined, and people on both sides of the discussion should demand it.

Many weeks ago, the Speaker of the House said he needed more evidence before he would be able to decide to try to defund Planned Parenthood.  It was since found out that his health advisor’s sister founded one of the baby body parts companies discussed in the videos. Perhaps he will follow through. Perhaps he won’t. Regardless of his actions, the American people should not be kept in the dark any longer on this very important human rights issue.

But what has happened in the past, is that the pro-life leadership has made decisions for the people without asking the people what they think.  If the American people saw those videos, Planned Parenthood wouldn’t get one red cent of taxpayer money, and it is quite possible the organization would have to stop killing the unborn altogether.

A pro-life Congress must act regardless of what the Senate Majority Leader thinks Obama will do to any bill passed.  The American people must know what is going on, and at this point, the only way they will is if people of principle on Capitol Hill make it known.


This article first appeared at CNS News.

Michigan Iran Deal Protests-Stabenow and Peters Must Say No To Obama Deal

Michigan patriots are organizing protests against the Iran Deal at the offices of our two usually lock-step with Obama Senators, Peters and Stabenow.
We shouldn’t pay Iran to annihilate Israel, nor should we be making deals with the world’s lead sponsor of Islamic terror.
Stop the ObamaBomb Protest at Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s and Sen. Gary Peters’ offices
WHEN: Tuesday, September 8th 5PM – 6PM
LOCATION: All Senate branch offices statewideSen. Debbie Stabenow

3280 Beltline Ct, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (MARK GURLEY WILL BE PRESENT)
719 Griswold Street, Suite 700 Detroit, MI 48226
1901 West Ridge, Suite 7 Marquette, MI 49855
3335 South Airport Road West, Suite 6B Traverse City, MI 49684
432 North Saginaw Street, Suite 301 Flint, MI 48502
221 West Lake Lansing Road, Suite 100 East Lansing, MI 48823
Sen. Gary Peters
Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building, Suite 1860 477 Michigan Avenue Detroit, MI 48226-2594
124 West Allegan Street, Suite 1810 Lansing, MI 48933
WHO: Michigan Oak Initiative in Cooperation with the Center for Security Policy
WHAT: Press conference, Prayer vigil, and protest calling attention to the Iran Nuclear Treaty
WHERE: PRIMARY LOCATION: Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s Office 3280 Beltline Ct, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
                 SECONDARY LOCATIONS: All Senate branch offices statewide
WHEN: September 8th 5pm to 6pm
PRIMARY CONTACT INFO:   Mark Gurley: Director, Michigan Oak Initiative (616-884 -5314)
Secondary Contact: David Wells: Media Director, Michigan – Oak Initiative (616-862-9627)
Event is open to the press.

Conservative Review Announces Mark Levin as Editor-in-Chief



Welcome Chief Great One.  


From USA Today:


Conservative talk show host Mark Levin is becoming the editor-in-chief of Conservative Review, a big coup for the website that was launched just a year ago to provide a voice for the anti-establishment movement within the Republican Party.

Levin is a best-selling author and one of the top talkers in conservative radio — theWashington Examinerreported that his show on Westwood One-Cumulus now reaches more than 7 million listeners on 300 radio stations nationwide. “It is clear from prior election cycles, that electing Republicans to Congress is not sufficient,” Levin said in a statement. “It is time for bold, new conservative voices to guide the Republican Party and the conservative movement, just as Ronald Reagan did for the GOP in the 1970s and ‘80s.”

Conservative Review has made a name for itself in part because of its scorecard for ranking “true conservatives.” Analyzing thousands of votes, the group gives its top scores to provocateurs like Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas while Speaker John Boehner gets a failing grade for a variety of positions like supporting “fast track” for trade bills.

Breitbart news and other conservative outlets have cited the CR ratings in their coverage of lawmakers, and Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon said he is “very very impressed with the detailed methodology they use to score.”

Lee described the site as  “a great resource for any conservative looking to keep Washington honest.”

The publication is also announcing the addition of several other heavy hitters from the “throw-the-bums-out” movement, including former Cruz speechwriter Amanda Carpenter and John Gray, former legislative director for Sen. Rand Paul.

I write for Conservative Review as well as CNS News.