Granholm, Here’s A Quarter..

If Jennifer Granholm had left her governorship after two years like Sarah Palin did,
everyone would have been better off.

Granholm made a comment to MIRS news that she believes Sarah Palin is unqualified to be
President because she left her governorship when “the going got tough.”

Of course Sarah did not leave the governorship because the going got tough, like she ran
away or something, she saved the state money because she had to constantly defend herself
from bull$#!+ charges as an elected official, which cost money to the state she loved.

How has life been better for Palin after leaving her elected post? She gets crap from
stupid, insolent, vapid morons like Jennifer Granholm on a constant basis, not to mention
from the elite of the Republican Party like Karl Rove. Or are you just jealous, Jennifer,
that Sarah is making money, and may run for President? OOOhhhh, yeah, that’s it, Jenny
is Canadian, so she can’t run for president, and no one wants to pay a speaking fee to a
woman who fantasizes that her expertise lies in economic growth evidenced by the magical demise of the State of Michigan.

Granholm is the worst governor this state has ever had, and I’ll go
further. Jennifer Granholm does absolutely nothing for the cause of increasing the
representation of women in government. Unfortunately, she made the case for so many
sexist men, when they argue against women in leadership positions. Granholm was absolutely
the most reckless, emotional, authoritative woman that could have taken the reigns of a
state. She wrecked it, and now says in this interview by MIRS news editor Kyle Melinn that
what the state needs is transparency. Hm. Jennifer, you had the state for eight years! We needed transparency for all of them, instead you, yet the one thing you have the authority and ability to change, you wait until the last days to cry about. What a joke. Here’s a quarter..

I’ve embedded the podcast to listen to the entire interview by MIRS:

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  • Scott

    Here’s a quarter? I'd have only given a nickel.