Hey Al Gore, let’s make a deal!

From reader Desert Rat about

Hey Al, I understand that Current TV is having financial problems and is up for sale. I have some unused carbon credits that I would consider using to purchase your highly successful network. Let me know if this will work for you. Also, since I am a Michigan resident, thank you for taking Jenny Grandmole off of our hands. As she stated previously in Michigan years ago, “in five years, you will be blown away.” I’m still waiting. Al, as a follow up, my wife purchased six toy pinwheels from the local dollar store and I have started a wind farm to help supply energy for my 2,800 square foot home, and the 3 acre lot next to me. Please advise as to when I should see results. Thank you.

See, how it works is, I give you 375,000 carbon credits in exchange for the channel. I don’t think there has been a study on the dangers on the environment of television signals. They are airborne, so I’m actually shocked we don’t know the toll it will place on the environment. I think this new revelation may push down the price tag on your channel, Al. I have so many carbon credits because I do not presently have a television channel, and since I don’t, I’m not using the power it would take to have one. So I’m literally swimming in carbon credits.

Come on Al, let’s make a deal. I take this nasty environmentally shameful power-sucking behemoth off your hands, and I will also promise to keep the focus on energy. I project that the channel will make millions of dollars as soon as I take Granholm off the air and replace her with a beautiful woman with a brain.

Waiting for your reply.

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Jennifer Granholm’s swipe at Mark Levin isn’t about his ideology, but hers.

Mark Levin linked to a story in about what former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, reads on a daily basis. She cited a number of progressive and liberal columnists, as well as liberal journalists and news outlets. But, she also had to tell all of us how she hates Rush and Mark Levin.

“If I had to name people I don’t like, I’d say Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin. It’s that breed of real toxic-spewers who are really damaging to our discourse. I’d be embarrassed to have my mom or dad listen to them. I don’t think they shouldn’t be on the radio but when the rhetoric inflames and exaggerates to the point of lacking integrity, that bothers me.”

Mark Levin reacted,

Heh, heh.

I live in Michigan, and can talk for hours about how exactly Jennifer Granholm screwed over this beautiful State for many years to come. And, of course it is because of her leftist ideology that she obviously practices on a daily basis. The easiest way I can think of to persuade the reader that her ideology is the problem is simply to take what she said and translate it. Hey, we lived with her for eight years, Michiganders know her.

“If I had to name people I don’t like, I’d say Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin.”

The easiest target is Rush Limbaugh. A heavy-set cuddly teddy bear of a guy who is wildly popular in America. She isn’t really targeting Rush though, she just used his name because it’s a house-hold name. Because he’s wildly popular…because America is conservative.

Granholm doesn’t like any conservatives especially Palin. See, Jennifer used to be a female Governor when Sarah Palin was getting all the attention. Stay with me here, I’m trying to help you understand how liberal women think. She went so far as to say that Palin was getting all the attention, not because her ideas are popular with the American people, or because her ideas are common sense, but because Palin is very pretty.

Don’t underestimate how the basic female “she’s prettier than me” lament is at play here. Granholm, always teased about her facial moles has had them removed for her new TV show on a channel no one has heard of. In the photo used for the Atlantic article, Granholm is shown mole-free in a blue shirt up against a brick wall.

A brick wall, just like the State of Michigan encountered in about 2009. That reminds me, I have remember to ask David Limbaugh if he would change his twitter pic.

Jennifer’s target is Mark Levin, and I think I know why.

When Granholm was swinging the axe on the last few sectors of growth in Michigan, Supreme Court Justice Stevens was announcing his retirement. Granholm was on the short list of replacements, but Obama nominated Elena Kagan instead. Kagan must be a genius or something, according to Granholm’s logic, because she’s nothing whatsoever to look at.

So Granholm was passed over and was named to Obama’s Economic Team, (I’m not making this up) and got a neat amount of money to teach at Berkeley. She was born in Canada, so she can’t be a VP nominee, but there are going to be openings on the Supreme Court in the next four years, and since there are no requirements save Senate confirmation for Supreme Court Justice, she may just end up on the short list again.

Since Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation has filed one of the key briefs in the Obamacare SCOTUS argument, Granholm mentions Mark Levin as a direct swipe at his “meddling” in the progressive takeover of the nation. Jennifer is if anything, a fantastic team player.

Now that Granholm is officially media, like Palin and Levin and Limbaugh, she feels empowered to chime in what she thinks about these people.

So can I, Jen:) Back to translating…

“It’s that breed of real toxic-spewers who are really damaging to our discourse. I’d be embarrassed to have my mom or dad listen to them.”

Notice she said “breed.” As if understanding of freedom and liberty and the enlightened foundation of this nation contitutes some sort of strange breed of people she cannot fathom. It doesn’t take deep thought to be a progressive/liberal, on the other hand, it takes an open mind and love of nature and humanity to be a constitutional conservative. If being a constitutional conservative is a vile “breed” that needs to be rubbed out of public discourse, what does that make Jennifer Granholm?

Notice she thinks she has the power to control what her parents listen to. Control is a tendency of progressives and liberals. She said she would be embarrassed to “have” her parents listen to constitutional conservatives. Are her parents still in Canada? Maybe they do listen, has she asked them?

Control and describing people who have a certain love of country as a “breed,” are some of the reasons Jennifer Granholm reads what she does and who she is ideologically. Socialists, progressivists, National Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Fascists, are all about control, concern for people’s thoughts, their individuality, and setting people against one another.

She is exactly what Mark Levin describes in Ameritopia as a “mastermind” who, in order to rule over people, would control freedoms and limit liberty. Her ideology is foreign to our nation, and thankfully, unpopular.

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The End For California, Granholm Is Moving In.

Jennifer Granholm and her husband are moving to California to teach at Berkeley. According to the Lansing Journal, Jennifer will write a book

During the worst “episode” sounds like she just happened to be at the desk when a typhoon hit. Jennifer has wreaked havoc on Michigan, and look out, California, here she comes.

“They said, Californy is the place you oughtta be,” yeah, because once you’ve completely devastated the engine of the world, you need to enhance the resume by finishing off a larger state.

No joke, she is going to teach about job creation.

If radicals teach at Berkeley and no jobs are around for the graduates, did they ever really teach?

I can see the forward of the book now, “Once you kill the engine, the automobile industry is simply a wreck.”

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Granholm, Here’s A Quarter..

If Jennifer Granholm had left her governorship after two years like Sarah Palin did,
everyone would have been better off.

Granholm made a comment to MIRS news that she believes Sarah Palin is unqualified to be
President because she left her governorship when “the going got tough.”

Of course Sarah did not leave the governorship because the going got tough, like she ran
away or something, she saved the state money because she had to constantly defend herself
from bull$#!+ charges as an elected official, which cost money to the state she loved.

How has life been better for Palin after leaving her elected post? She gets crap from
stupid, insolent, vapid morons like Jennifer Granholm on a constant basis, not to mention
from the elite of the Republican Party like Karl Rove. Or are you just jealous, Jennifer,
that Sarah is making money, and may run for President? OOOhhhh, yeah, that’s it, Jenny
is Canadian, so she can’t run for president, and no one wants to pay a speaking fee to a
woman who fantasizes that her expertise lies in economic growth evidenced by the magical demise of the State of Michigan.

Granholm is the worst governor this state has ever had, and I’ll go
further. Jennifer Granholm does absolutely nothing for the cause of increasing the
representation of women in government. Unfortunately, she made the case for so many
sexist men, when they argue against women in leadership positions. Granholm was absolutely
the most reckless, emotional, authoritative woman that could have taken the reigns of a
state. She wrecked it, and now says in this interview by MIRS news editor Kyle Melinn that
what the state needs is transparency. Hm. Jennifer, you had the state for eight years! We needed transparency for all of them, instead you, yet the one thing you have the authority and ability to change, you wait until the last days to cry about. What a joke. Here’s a quarter..

I’ve embedded the podcast to listen to the entire interview by MIRS:

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MIGOP: Money or Soul?

With the blessing of the current MIGOP chair, Ron Weiser, and the new Governor-elect, Rick Snyder, Bobby Schostak is poised to become our next GOP chair.

All across the state, new members have been elected to positions within the Republican Party, who came to the party through frustration with the system and the tea party movement.  They are all being massaged to support Schostak because, he, after all, raised so much money for the GOP in the last election cycle, and it is believed that is what helped put the GOP over the top.

This attitude rankles tea partiers and campaigners for conservatism, especially since, according to the , Schostak has given personal contributions “to Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former Vice President Al Gore and Gov. Jennifer Granholm.”

The MIGOP has some work to do. The convention in late January will most likely be as cantankerous as the last one, with the tea party factions all looking for a conservative to lead the party forward, and they will not go quietly into the night.

What I see happening is that the moderates in the party, willing to accept anything to continue what they perceive as what they did right, pushing for one of their own.

So, the GOP in Michigan has a fight on their hands, will we sit by and believe that money is the reason the GOP won? Or is it because of the tea party that came in full force to elect conservatives, and where they failed, they will hold those that won accountable? “Principle Over Party,” was the mantra, perhaps that will be changed to “Money or Soul?”

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