Slack-Jawed Chris Matthews Thinks You Are Stupid

Paul Ryan is out to kill half of Chris Matthews’ viewers. The other half is already brain-dead.

NewsBusters reports that Matthews, the host of HardBall on MSNBC said that Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan “is going to kill half the people who watch this show,�? referring to the aged who watch his show.

So, probably in some sort of mind-controlling advertisement slated for some time in the near future, Paul Ryan will unleash his medicare death spiral that will cause the death of half of Matthew’s viewers. (Just a guess, don’t quote me.)

“I’m with the smart people here,�? Matthew’s said in , nevertheless, the smart people across his table explained that everyone over 55 is exempt from any changes in medicare.

That just goes to prove that the liberal guests Howard Fineman and Richard Wolffe should definitely be wearing “I’m with stupid�? t-shirts. It’s a crazy, upside-down world.

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