Mitchell’s Basal Instinct

Andrea Mitchell and Chris Hayes of MSNBC that the Paul Ryan pick for our next Vice President is simply an appeal to the base, and not appealing to women.

Yet their dear leader, Barack Hussein Obama, understands women because he is guaranteeing them several forms of birth control as well as abortion pills as a free service in his trillion-dollar health insurance scheme.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases in America. 75% of all households are managed by women, making 95% of all household spending decisions. Women buy the groceries, pay the bills, budget for extras, deal with the banks and credit unions, economize the household energy use, keep the family in line with the budget, make the doctor appointments, field the phone calls, in short, American women take charge of, and for the most part, manage the family finances well.

But, according to Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the left, the most important thing that faces the American woman today is worrying if their birth control pills will be bought by someone else.

I think Andrea’s words, ” This is not a pick for suburban moms. This is not a pick for women. This is a pick for the base,” are what a condescending man would say.

The basal need of stopping pregnancy is the foundation of the modern Democrat party. Women have lives only if they make it out of the womb, because of the Democrat party. Sex is the only thing considered in the woman’s life, and all consequences of life irresponsible for it. If you can have sex indiscriminately, and without consequence, then you are ready for the government to really control your everyday life. The modern Democrat party has a negative and basal view of women, really, after years of saying women aren’t good at math, they offer government solutions that include consumer protection programs and birth control. Look honey, we know math is hard, but we are going to fight tooth and nail for you, here’s a condom, put some ice on that.

It is the modern Democrat party that reduces a woman to a common whore. No planning, budgeting, concern for prosperity involved. Here’s your pills, sweet thing, now don’t worry your pretty little head, I like it when you ask me to buy you things…

Compared to Paul Ryan’s obvious concern for the financial crisis the Democrat Party has created, women in America don’t give a rip about birth control and abortion pills disguised as quintessential women’s healthcare.

We deal with numbers and debt and functioning household budgets on a daily basis. The majority of women in America are not leftist women whose primary task is to act as prostitutes for the statists. Like a local female manufacturer put it, she has been following Paul Ryan for some time, and is absolutely elated that he is put in such a prominent position.

Women of America are happy to have Paul Ryan speak for them, in their concern over keeping their entire household from bankruptcy and making a path to prosperity.

Leftist women like Andrea Mitchell are still stuck on what’s going on in the bedroom.

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Wasserman-Schultz And The Democrat Party Are Doing Away With Social Security

Real Clear Politics has a video of the DNC chair saying this about the field of GOP candidates:

“They seem — this is a collection of candidates who are desperate to do anything, say anything to woo their electorate, their voters to support them. Rather than stick to principles and embrace the notion that when you’re running for office or when you’re serving in office, you have to stand up for the courage of your convictions and be measured on those convictions, not stick your finger in the wind and choose a conviction on any given day that works for you politically.”

As if she understands what she just said, and right after she said it, Chris Matthews plays a clip of Obama barking about extending the payroll tax cut.

Social Security and the elderly are getting ripped off every time Obama opens his mouth. While Schultz says he is fighting for the middle class, the Democrat party is forcing your grandparents to do with less and less.

Pelosi was Obama’s enabler last election period, and Wasserman-Schultz is his enabler this go-round. Is standing up for seniors just “sticking your finger in the wind,” or is it keeping promises? It sounds like the Democrats’ core principles are decimating Social Security.

The Democrats are saying that they are for tax cuts that hurt the elderly. Every time they push for a payroll tax cut, they take away more and more money for Social Security, after two years of denying seniors a cost-of-living-adjustment in their checks. If anyone is doing away with Social Security, it is the Democrats.

But hey Schultz, stand up for your convictions, if the elderly in your electorate you wish to woo in 2012 to hang on to your seat understand that you are willing to make them eat dog food instead of living out their retirement years without fear, good luck! Just think, if every middle class family does not contribute $1000 (their figure) to social security this year, what does that mean for seniors?

The Democrats are dividing their own electorate to prop up this failure of a President, and they are happily decimating social security.

The truth is, Schultz is willing to write off the vote of seniors in her counties, about 14% of the people she supposedly represents, because they are not the majority…yet.

This from from January 3, 2011:

JUDY WOODRUFF: The start of the new year marks another milestone for the baby boom generation. The first of the estimated 79 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 will turn 65 years old this year, at a rate of 10,000 a day, according to the Pew Research Center.

And there are big implications for everyone. The number of people enrolled in Medicare will grow from 47 million in 2010 to roughly 80 million when the last of the baby boomers turns 65 in about two decades, while enrollment in Social Security is expected to rise from 44 million to some 73 million. At the same time, the ratio of workers paying taxes to support the programs to beneficiaries will drop.

Yup, and with the amount of people no longer looking for work, workers are dropping like a rock under this Administration.

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Slack-Jawed Chris Matthews Thinks You Are Stupid

Paul Ryan is out to kill half of Chris Matthews’ viewers. The other half is already brain-dead.

NewsBusters reports that Matthews, the host of HardBall on MSNBC said that Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan “is going to kill half the people who watch this show,” referring to the aged who watch his show.

So, probably in some sort of mind-controlling advertisement slated for some time in the near future, Paul Ryan will unleash his medicare death spiral that will cause the death of half of Matthew’s viewers. (Just a guess, don’t quote me.)

“I’m with the smart people here,” Matthew’s said in , nevertheless, the smart people across his table explained that everyone over 55 is exempt from any changes in medicare.

That just goes to prove that the liberal guests Howard Fineman and Richard Wolffe should definitely be wearing “I’m with stupid” t-shirts. It’s a crazy, upside-down world.

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David Shuster, An Idiotic American.

David Shuster said some really pathetic things about Americans yesterday on the  Stephanie Miller Radio show.  He made fun of Dick Cheney, a statesman who has more wit, steel and class in his little finger than Shuster will ever have, and he made a terrible mistake in making fun of Rush Limbaugh.

I said this before about Dick Cheney, that you sometimes wonder when somebody goes through some serious medical complications, as we all have had with relatives in our family, sometimes it changes them, and sometimes mental faculties are not there.  Unfortunately, that’s part of life, and whether that explains for example some of the bizarre things Dick Cheney has said over the years and done, who knows, and I just sort of wonder with Rush Limbaugh, with the drug addiction that he had, and some of the medical challenges he’s had, and even his latest stint in the hospital, that maybe there was something that’s happened to him medically that has caused him to lose his mind.  (laughing)  Because — even more so than it was when he lost it before, because this stuff is crazy.  David Shuster

The funny thing is, he is making fun of people who have very difficult and challenging medical problems, not just Rush and Cheney, but Americans in general.  I think Shuster should remember that his idol, Obama liked to snort cocaine in high school, and cocaine usage definitely does affect mental capacity and some of the long term effects are paranoia, impotence and a laundry list of other ailments that would lead any thinking person to believe the user has lost his mind.

The problem is, some Americans are so idiotic, and they’re being encouraged by these morons in the media who play off their stupidity in the ultimate kind of cynicism.  It’s just revolting.  David Shuster

Rush Limbaugh had a dependence on a drug a long time ago, and he kicked it, he went into drug rehab, and came out a better person than David Shuster could ever hope to be.  David Shuster plays at calling names and making fun of great men because David Shuster will never be a great man, and he knows it.  In fact, David should be called Davey because he is still in a mindset of a six year old, using his overblown sense of self-worth to smear great men who do great things.  Not only that, but Davey likes to call good Americans idiots because that is what a person with a six year old emotional capacity does.  I am throwing his words back at him, because people like Davey can only understand certain things, and mudslinging is a huge percentage of what they know.  The rest of what they know, they cannot say until Obama tells them.

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