David Shuster, An Idiotic American. | Jen Kuznicki

David Shuster said some really pathetic things about Americans yesterday on the  Stephanie Miller Radio show.  He made fun of Dick Cheney, a statesman who has more wit, steel and class in his little finger than Shuster will ever have, and he made a terrible mistake in making fun of Rush Limbaugh.

I said this before about Dick Cheney, that you sometimes wonder when somebody goes through some serious medical complications, as we all have had with relatives in our family, sometimes it changes them, and sometimes mental faculties are not there.  Unfortunately, that’s part of life, and whether that explains for example some of the bizarre things Dick Cheney has said over the years and done, who knows, and I just sort of wonder with Rush Limbaugh, with the drug addiction that he had, and some of the medical challenges he’s had, and even his latest stint in the hospital, that maybe there was something that’s happened to him medically that has caused him to lose his mind.  (laughing)  Because — even more so than it was when he lost it before, because this stuff is crazy.  David Shuster

The funny thing is, he is making fun of people who have very difficult and challenging medical problems, not just Rush and Cheney, but Americans in general.  I think Shuster should remember that his idol, Obama liked to snort cocaine in high school, and cocaine usage definitely does affect mental capacity and some of the long term effects are paranoia, impotence and a laundry list of other ailments that would lead any thinking person to believe the user has lost his mind.

The problem is, some Americans are so idiotic, and they’re being encouraged by these morons in the media who play off their stupidity in the ultimate kind of cynicism.  It’s just revolting.  David Shuster

Rush Limbaugh had a dependence on a drug a long time ago, and he kicked it, he went into drug rehab, and came out a better person than David Shuster could ever hope to be.  David Shuster plays at calling names and making fun of great men because David Shuster will never be a great man, and he knows it.  In fact, David should be called Davey because he is still in a mindset of a six year old, using his overblown sense of self-worth to smear great men who do great things.  Not only that, but Davey likes to call good Americans idiots because that is what a person with a six year old emotional capacity does.  I am throwing his words back at him, because people like Davey can only understand certain things, and mudslinging is a huge percentage of what they know.  The rest of what they know, they cannot say until Obama tells them.

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