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Results Talk, Obama Walks
By Barry Dale
There is a classic American saying:  Results talk; BS walks.
While watching the State of the Union responses by Senators  and , one cannot help notice the stark difference in their governmental approach versus the Democratic Party, President Obama, and the Republican establishment.
This is not about Mike Lee and Rand Paul.  This is about the fact that their qualities and their ideas are representative of the constitutional conservative movement, albeit from two different perspectives.  I could as easily mention Ted Cruz, Washington, Madison, Coolidge, Reagan, Mark Levin, and many millions of citizens, past and present.
Mike Lee, like many conservatives before him, represents ideas and positive results based on American founding principles and historical, proven values.
Barack Obama represents BS built on ideology that is, frankly, anti-American within the guiding framework of our history, though he often cloaks it in the language of Americanism. The result is miserable mediocrity or outright failure, along with bigger, more authoritarian government.
Perhaps it is no accident that when the American ship is speeding along with confidence and the wind at her back, America is always facing “Leeward”.  Or toward the Reagan Library.
Below is a link to Senator Lee’s bio.  Compare it to Obama’s biography from birth to adulthood.
Lee is rooted in the prosperous, conservative state of Utah.  Utah has flourished in spite of handicaps long imposed on it by the federal government and some by Nature.  Obama hails from the corrupt politics of Chicago and the disaster that is the state of Illinois.
Lee was born into a love for America, the Constitution, the rule of law, moral values, and a passion for liberty.  Obama was born into Marxism, educated by far-left, hate-America Ivy League professors, and guided for 20 years by a blame-America pastor and the teachings of Saul Alinsky.
No wonder Obama feels the need to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”.  He can’t stand it.  Regardless of any admirable qualities he may possess, his ideology and “leadership” are extremely harmful to our nation.
Lee sees the Constitution, law, and ethics as very necessary restraints on government.  Obama sees them as obstacles to go over, around, or to obliterate in order to grow government, centralize its authority, and increase its raw power over the states and the citizen.
Lee’s way leads to more liberty, economic and personal prosperity, a vibrant and charitable civil society outside of government, and greater resources to help those who truly cannot help themselves.  Obama’s way leads to less liberty, a selfish society that DEPENDS on government for sustenance, individual misery, the worst economic recovery in modern American history, national insecurity, and division between races, ethnic groups, and “classes”, a la Karl Marx.  Obama’s way injures those it pretends to help, along with subsequent generations.
We fought a Revolution, a Civil War, a couple of World Wars, and a Cold War to preserve the founding principles and values held by those like Mike Lee.  Many of our enemies were lead by Marxists, socialists, and centralized government authoritarians that espoused various forms of the ideology drilled into Obama since birth.  It is the pathway to servitude and, for most, Hayek’s ‘Road to Serfdom’.
Yeah, ideas and their results matter.  John Adams warned, “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”
We are at a fork in the road.  Should we cut a muddled middle path?  One that means just a bit less authoritarian, centralized, bloated government that decides which unalienable rights, and in what measure, it may grant to our progeny and us?  Evidently the GOP establishment has been trying to create such a path.  Now they are just lost in the wilderness without a compass or enough sense to navigate via the Heavens, let alone our Constitution.
We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be steered, gently or otherwise, in the wrong direction.  We would be a disgrace to ourselves, to our families, to future generations, and to all who came before us.  I’d rather not take that result to my grave without a huge fight.
Most of us know all this.  The real question today is, “What are we, individually and together, willing to do in order to lead American down the right path?”
The meaningful question tomorrow, after we are gone, is “What did we DO?”  (Our kids will want the answer.)
As Yogi Berra advised, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

If the right-of-way is blocked, gather as many others as possible to blast and bulldoze your way through it.  Many more will follow.


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