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Bone Pickin’s

by Rshill7


Collectively, the Republican Party is a damn fool. 

They need to learn how to explain the difference between foolishness and wisdom, uncommon sense versus common idiocy, intelligence versus stupidity, a better life for your children versus “equally poor” socialism, freedom versus subjugation, economic power versus eternal stagnation, opportunity versus spirit zapping welfare, picking oneself up by one’s bootstraps and accomplishing whatever your dreams can imagine versus taking whatever the government is willing to toss your way.
The Republican Party “elite” (imbecilic know-nothing, suicidal, weenies and assholes) are a big bunch of dumb ditty dumb-dumbs with their heads ever encroaching on Marx’s “Utopian”, “Arcadian” hell-hole. Someone should cite them for trespassing, then figure out an effective way to slap the crap out of ‘em.
What they are most proficient at is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They are like an anti-Vince Lombardy. Coached by doofuses and dingbats. Democrat light.
Here’s a little hint: There is no redeeming value whatsoever in the Democrat Party. You are trying to sell their stale product that’ll give the entire world food poisoning once eaten en masse. Economies are already dying from the disease, and your prescription is more poison?
This is how you do it. “If I can make you feel about my product the way that I feel about my product, you are going to own my product.”
The problem is, you don’t even know what your product is, was, or needs to be. You are simply bad impressionists trying to do the demmy dance.
In other words, YOU SUCK.
Study at the feet of Ted Cruz. He’s the brightest star on your possible horizon and you all are a cloud filled sky trying to obscure him. Guess what? You can’t. You’ve either inadvertently forgotten, or have purposely ignored the old adages: “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” “Hop on the train or get run over by it.”
Rshill7 6/5/13

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