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Now and Then
by Rshill7
Jimmy Stewart’s doing his thing again, in one of those quintessentially American, old Westerns. Made back in the good ole days, when modern movies actually showed, and with respect mind ya’, people in church…humble, thankful, with heavenly-bound, expressions of grace right before family meals too…themes of honesty, eternal truths, good versus evil, the good side almost always triumphant, unless a variation on the theme had even deeper goodness to reveal. Those ever-endearing qualities America treasured.
“Back at the ranch“, a fairly young Stewart’s backed into a corner, even as the great outdoors touches his spine, which is firm and straight…resolute. A half a dozen hombres pressing in, ready and willing to do him harm. He clutches his Colt Revolver, grits his pearly grinders, eyeing each one with contempt and deep, knowing, suspicion, with a dash of disgust thrown in. Disgust we watchers can feel.
He says to all of them, individually and collectively…(it’s all the same with hombres). “I’ve got six bullets in this gun, he says. Which one of you wants to be first?�?
I love the “old�? values, but in the interest of putting silver linings around a host of clouds, there are some things better today. Would that we could add the good of today with the good of yesterday. How cool would that be? Aside from the instantaneous connectivity we now enjoy with each other here in the internet age, I can still grit my teeth if hombres approach me with evil intent. Only now I can say, “I’ve got 33 bullets in this pistol and 40 more in this rifle. Which one of you 73 hombres wants to be first?�? Yep, that’s technology right there.
You know, we’ve dramatically improved many things, while ruining so many of those things the improvements should have sweetened. I’m dreaming about American values from the 40’s, some of it’s music as well, alongside electronic marvels from the 2000’s. Low taxes and high mobility. Blossoming opportunity too. Where achievement is celebrated and repeatedly attempted, and only the infirmed depend on Government largesse, others, if need be, are aided by friends, neighbors, family, and church.
Call me a dreamer, but dream something yourself. I’d hope it were similar to mine, but freedom is freedom, and your dream is yours alone. One dreamer ought never stifle that of another, nor force feed theirs to anyone, as we increasingly see today. Let’s have open debate and let the most beloved dreams prevail.
Present the several sides to our youth and let them decide which one seems right to them…laying out banquet tables of fare, allowing budding wisdom to choose. We’d soon see which dreamers outnumbered which, placing firm foundations under airy castles.
Dream something. Be somebody. God made you purposely…for purpose. May God show you that purpose.
Gotta go. Here comes the sandman.
-Rshill7- 6/8/13



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