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I’m a wife of nearly 20 years, a mother of two teenagers. My husband is a mechanic, I am a seamstress. I’ve worked as a cleaning lady, a bartender, a waitress, a grocery clerk and in management, an insurance salesman, and seamstress. I’ve lived in a house, a cabin and a trailer.

I’m a conservative, and I argue against liberalism, no matter what party it resides in. I belong to the Michigan Republican Party and have been involved for the past 4 years at the local level. I am a tea party conservative, or, constitutional conservative, meaning that I learn as much as I can about the founding of this nation and help others understand.

Politics is an argument, and you get pretty good at it when you’ve been married so many years, and of course, listening to Mark Levin helps a lot.

After many years of struggle, my husband and I have our own land and home and are continuously improving our property.

I thank God I was born in America, and pray to God we can get it back on the right track.


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  1. Donna Sopsich says:

    Oh Jen—you do have a way with words! Thanks for fighting the good fight!

  2. sharprightturn says:

    I just found your blog through a Mark Levin link on his FB page. Love your point of view, your background, and your passion.
    Thank you for your comment on your side bar about why we must speak up. I was always taught to not talk about religion and politics, but your point is great…..both are being ATTACKED by our government.
    I have similar thoughts to yours and try not to continually press those views onto people I know (FB, neighbors, etc) and usually confine my thoughts to my blog page and to comments on the internet.
    No more!

    Keep up the great work.

  3. says:

    Mark Levin can only show you, as a living example, of what the Founders tried to prevent!!

  4. Hugh Whiting Jr. says:

    I find your blog to be a breath of fresh air. I am involved with the party in Massachusetts (sigh). I feel constantly frustrated with the weakness and cowardice of those who run the State party. They are particularly yellow bellies on social issues. I can only imagine you have had similar problems in your state. I have said many times if my the party, such as it is in MA comes out pro gay marriage, pro abortion I will have no choice but to leave. God bless you and keep up the good fight.


  5. Nancy Ceglarek says:

    just found your blog — my sister from another mother! Love Mark Levin to always tell it straight. Surrounded by liberals all my life — and not knowing it — I'm a late bloomer. I knew I didn't fit in there but could not find any connections — then I realized I was surrounded by libs but never drank the koolaid! So the fog has lifted and I've been working through the mess for less than ten years. And the starting line "about" you is where I start: conservative principles over party — that's searching for truth wherever it leads, not party politics. I love your relationship with Jesus :) I've been married 41 years and many years ago my husband said in fact "me and JC are tight" and I loved how simple that was and your quote reminded me of that. And double meaning for us is Jesus and husband share the same initials JC :) I'll be here in Indiana, not far, if you need a loyal friend. Let's stand together in the face of fear and go for it…

    • Jen Kuznicki says:

      Thank you Nancy, it is an honor to meet you, thank you so much for your kind words:)

    • Chery Thomson says:

      Nancy, love your comments. JC is our best friend too! We are from Midwest but live in DFW area of TX. I have been in politics and have always ignored party but look at person starting with school board all the way up. I can't believe I was on huge MSNBC chat line so long ago before they took a dive into the deep left! I too am unsure at times and overwhelmed but as a friend numbed Nancze in OK says, "Who will if we don't!

  6. Chery Thomson says:

    Just found your blog. I too am a wife, mother, conservative and seamstress. I was born in WI my husband in Hillsdale, MI. We have lived in TX for past 25 years and are involved in conservative politics for many years!
    You are the voice of many who don't have a blog, are fearful but still are deeply concerned! Way to go!

  7. scizzorbill1 says:

    Found your website on Bad Blue. As a constitutionalist, I feel right at home here. Looking at the column on the left side, I read your remarks on AGW deniers. I blogged on another site that I am not a denier, nor a skeptic, I am a total global warming/climate change atheist. Looking forward to reading your comments on the crucial situation we face today.

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