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Taking Sides…Us and Them

by Rshill7


They say that we, “us”, populate the “stupid party”. Do us? Rather, do we?  Should we even couch it in terms of us and them, or they? Maybe.You decide.


What does stupid mean to “them”? They consider themselves the smart party. What does smart mean to them? Does it mean the ability to weather any political storm without consequence? Increasingly, it seems that it does.


“Us and them.” Who is us, and who are them? It depends on your point of view.


As usual, I’ve many questions. “Them”, for me, brings to mind George Bernard Shaw and Woodrow Wilson. Ever heard much about them? Skip a few generations and add Obama to the mix. Take a few steps step back and consider Marx and Engels. There’s reading aplenty. Progressives never rail against those do they? They tend to rail against Christianity, the personal lives of our founders, and traditional views of virtue.


“Us” for me, means people like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, any number of Founding Fathers, and most recently, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin; even Rand Paul from time to time. Surely you’ve heard about them, rather, parts of us. I truly admire and respect the aforementioned us.


I’ve purposely mentioned some of those that both sides demonize with regularity. Do any of you see demons in any of them? Members of both sides tend to see them in the other. Add Obama, Pelosi, and Reid to the mix, among others.


George Bernard Shaw was fine with a guy named Hitler, a Socialist, no objections, spoke quite comfortably about him, while also being able to write good plays and prose. Shaw seemed to be disjointed in his soul, while not believing in such a thing. He also had respect for a guy named Mussolini, a lifelong Socialist, but thought his demeanor and facial expressions needed tweaking. Thought he looked too dour. Fix that though, and voila, a great leader in his opinion.


Shaw visited some German concentration camps, and proclaimed them not nearly as bad as others made them out to be. I’ve seen YouTube videos of him commenting on them. Old news reals, digitized. They made my skin crawl. It crawls anew today relating them.


Shaw also thought that non-productive people should be “humanely” euthanized. Margaret Sanger, the mother of our abortion industry, had similar thoughts; thoughts which abound today among “them”. As a result, millions of black babies have been killed in the womb, and repeating those actions has been a Supreme Court affirmed, human right, for 50 years. Would Shaw and Sanger be Democrats today? Of course they would, especially with “being a Republican” the only seemingly viable alternative.


Democrats of the mid 1800′s founded the KKK. They threatened political opponents with death, burned crosses on the lawns of black folks, and didn’t want them to have the vote. These atrocities occurred well into the 1900′s. LBJ, one of them, figured out a way to have them, from his point of view, and using the N-word to describe them, “voting Democrat for the next 100 years”, and Democrats of all colors today, demonize any black person that dare vote otherwise. Those facts are simply American history, truth. How many current Democrats speak of their history and disdain that history? If you can name one, I’d be pleased to listen. Remember to use truth if you do. In this case though, it’s unavailable.


The guy who preceded Churchill thought he could ameliorate and/or appease Hitler. His name was Neville Chamberlain. His name today, a by-word of delirium and naivety to us, with all due something-or-other of course. Respect, noticeably absent from the “something”, and conspicuously missing from the “other”.


Wilson oversaw the beginning of the Federal Reserve. He also oversaw the direct election of Senators, the 17th amendment, both in 1913. A year of infamy that few use the “I word” to describe.


Have you a condensed view of them? Picturing some of us similarly? Fast forward. We’re in a time machine with every button and dial H.G Wells could imagine, we’ve pushed a few haven’t we? Let’s push a few more.


Smart, in the amoral progressive sense, seems to mean lying with impunity. After all, who is the higher authority to them? There isn’t one. Stupid to them is adhering to what they term, ‘ancient’ concepts of virtue, honor, the rule of law, and obeying that rule. When members of us break those rules, other members call them out and turn their backs on them. They immediately become part of the them. When some of them break that rule, they are defended tooth and nail. They receive standing ovations and such, in House and Senate chambers no less. They constitute that higher authority and we constitute nothing, other than that scrap of papyrus known as The Constitution of the U.S.A.


Please notice that I’ve capitalized the word ‘Constitution’. It’s a capital document. Enshrined in the Capital of Freedom, the Citadel of Liberty. In the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, we see the verbal reciprocal of the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. We realize that a few words can be worth a thousand pictures, indeed, tens of millions of pictures, embodied in human lives. In dreams fulfilled. In aspirations achieved.


Those I describe as us, have members known as the Tea Party. Their ideals? That selfsame Constitution. Living within one’s means, whether it be the few (you) or the many, (our Government), which rightly rendered, should be the people, us. We believe in the enumerated powers and none beyond. We understand that power corrupts, which is the overriding reason for adhering to that Constitution in the first place, the last place too.


One of “them” named Joe Biden, waaaay back in 2006, said that he doesn’t trust the Bush administration with the type of data collection, now on steroids, the NSA was engaged in. He’s curiously silent today on PRISM. Noticeably silent on that behemoth being built in Utah. A Utah resident, a business customer of mine who lives there, claims much of it is underground. The part above ground alone houses a million square feet. Al Sharpton also says he’d be upset with Bush having and using PRISM, but is fine with Obama having and using it. Consider both sources.


The crimes of Nixon pale in comparison with what this President and his administration members get away with. Yet members of them would still crucify him, and he’d still resign with humility.


Today though, every Government agency most can name, and then some, have been compiling enemy lists and actively pursuing those enemies. We believe our Constitution sacred, those unalienable rights carved in unalterable stone, save that which is spelled out in the amendment process decribed therein. They consider it a living document. I suppose to them, it could not only consume a bowl of oatmeal, it could also consume every keystroke anyone in the world has ever made, while simultaneously consuming itself into nothingness. To us though, it is static, unchanging, permanent.


Of course, my US is your THEM, however, by the time you realize how wrong you’ve been, it will no longer matter will it? That’s my opinion. As of today, I’m still allowed to have one.


Thanks for listening.





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