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Gun Ownership and Women: What the Media Won’t Tell You

157967227When thinking about gun owners, the media tries to make everyone conjure up an image of an angry white man living in a rural town. This could not be further from the truth as people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities like to use guns for protection and hunting. In fact, the common myth is that women are against guns and want to reduce violence by getting rid of the second amendment. Again, this is a foolish myth perpetuated by liberal politicians and the media. Here are four things the media won’t tell you about women gun ownership.


Shooting Sports

It is easy to think shooting sports are a boy’s game. While many men love to shoot targets and practice with their buddies, women also enjoy this activity. In fact, since many females have better concentration than their male counterparts, they can often win the competition or give it a good showing. In just the last decade, the popularity for women to head to shooting ranges has soared, and it is likely to continue. If you head to a range, you are likely to see this play out as many women, single and married alike, love to shoot their rifles and handguns at paper and moving targets.


Guns and Holsters Specially Designed For Women

Without a doubt, you should avoid listening to the media and politicians who want to brand guns a man thing. Instead, you should look to the gun manufacturers who are making models and gearing them towards women. Not only are the makers producing guns which are easier for women to carry, but they have responded by producing customized bags for women to carry a concealed weapon.



Speaking of concealed weapons, a well-trained and armed woman is going to avoid problems more often than her counterparts who opt to call the police. While the local cops are helpful, they cannot fix every situation. For this reason, as a way to stay safe, many women apply for a concealed weapons permit. This is the case whether a female has a legitimate fear such as an ex-boyfriend who is stalking her. Other times, for general safety, many women opt to receive training in gun safety. That way, in the future, they can get a concealed weapons permit. And most importantly of all, - 77% in the last 7 years, to be exact.



Now, many think that all women vote liberal and fear guns. This is not always the case as the NRA has plenty of female members who vote with their conscience. While people in San Francisco, New York and other liberal enclaves vote for liberal politicians, this is not the case in the heart of America. No, in fact, many women who want to keep their guns will vote politicians out of office who do not abide by the constitution. To see this in play, just think about the Colorado referendum where two anti-gun politicians were voted out of office. Both men and women were fed up with these politicians trying to take away their rights. For this reason, liberals and Democrats cannot count on women to vote for them any longer as many females now vote with the second amendment in mind.

Without a doubt, a woman who wants to protect herself and her family should apply for a concealed weapons permit. When doing so, she can take matters into her own hands and avoid becoming a statistic.

Darren Davis is a truck driver and avid hunter from Tucson, Arizona. He has written published articles about travel, politics, reviews of and rifles, and much more.


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