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Andrea Mitchell and Chris Hayes of MSNBC that the Paul Ryan pick for our next Vice President is simply an appeal to the base, and not appealing to women.

Yet their dear leader, Barack Hussein Obama, understands women because he is guaranteeing them several forms of birth control as well as abortion pills as a free service in his trillion-dollar health insurance scheme.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases in America. 75% of all households are managed by women, making 95% of all household spending decisions. Women buy the groceries, pay the bills, budget for extras, deal with the banks and credit unions, economize the household energy use, keep the family in line with the budget, make the doctor appointments, field the phone calls, in short, American women take charge of, and for the most part, manage the family finances well.

But, according to Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the left, the most important thing that faces the American woman today is worrying if their birth control pills will be bought by someone else.

I think Andrea’s words, �? This is not a pick for suburban moms. This is not a pick for women. This is a pick for the base,�? are what a condescending man would say.

The basal need of stopping pregnancy is the foundation of the modern Democrat party. Women have lives only if they make it out of the womb, because of the Democrat party. Sex is the only thing considered in the woman’s life, and all consequences of life irresponsible for it. If you can have sex indiscriminately, and without consequence, then you are ready for the government to really control your everyday life. The modern Democrat party has a negative and basal view of women, really, after years of saying women aren’t good at math, they offer government solutions that include consumer protection programs and birth control. Look honey, we know math is hard, but we are going to fight tooth and nail for you, here’s a condom, put some ice on that.

It is the modern Democrat party that reduces a woman to a common whore. No planning, budgeting, concern for prosperity involved. Here’s your pills, sweet thing, now don’t worry your pretty little head, I like it when you ask me to buy you things…

Compared to Paul Ryan’s obvious concern for the financial crisis the Democrat Party has created, women in America don’t give a rip about birth control and abortion pills disguised as quintessential women’s healthcare.

We deal with numbers and debt and functioning household budgets on a daily basis. The majority of women in America are not leftist women whose primary task is to act as prostitutes for the statists. Like a local female manufacturer put it, she has been following Paul Ryan for some time, and is absolutely elated that he is put in such a prominent position.

Women of America are happy to have Paul Ryan speak for them, in their concern over keeping their entire household from bankruptcy and making a path to prosperity.

Leftist women like Andrea Mitchell are still stuck on what’s going on in the bedroom.

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2 Responses to Mitchell’s Basal Instinct

  1. task says:

    Years ago women often elected to get abortions because there was a stigma associated with unwed sex and obviously children born out of wedlock would be testimony to that behavior. The feminist left removed the stigma and have gone much further by encouraging the behavior. The evident result is the fatherless, matriarchal family. Now what is their solution to the greatest threat to freedom and the civil society? It is not only prophylaxis but, more importantly, it is abortion on demand which is supposed to become more difficult the closer a woman gets to parturition yet they oppose that because it represents a compromise of Roe vs. Wade. And because their solutions created even larger problems what do they now do? They support and encourage the welfare state, where government becomes the chief patriarch as a substitute for the sperm donor and which has the added bonus of supplying the votes needed to perpetuate this biological and social anomaly.

    You have to sometime marvel over how stupid many women can be when they buy the line perpetuated by the feminist left that they are as capable as men at supporting themselves. That is patently dishonest because it does not take into consideration that most woman will be burdened by significant family responsibilities that most men never have to deal with and in a society where out of wedlock births and divorce are now the norm and even increasing it is becoming even more challenging for women to cultivate functionally productive and responsible human beings as they simultaneously engage in the work force required to support themselves and provide for the taxes that are minimally returned to subsidize the consequences of a society hell bent on creating psychologically damaged children and the adults they ultimately become.

    Children are the future of our species. This is where we are supposed to place the greatest emphasis pertinent to our productivity. The two-parent family always was and always will be the best social milieu to raise responsible, productive and mentally satisfied human beings. Ask yourself what party has done the most to undermine this concept?

  2. alnjen says:

    Wow! Thank you, Ma'm. Love how the Lord gives 'gifts' to people, and how you, my dear lady, are using yours! : Thanks, Jen, as well! Always good at using yours, my lady. :)