Michigan, Close Your Primary

We must close our primary in Michigan.  It is a falsehood to believe that open primaries are better than closed primaries.

With the elections of 2010, it is obvious that Republicans can convince the populace that our ideas are better than the Democrats.   As Republicans, how can we believe that with a majority in the House, a super-majority in the Senate, and a Republican Governor, we cannot lock them in?

Why do we assume it is alright for candidates to declare which party they will run with, but not require the voters to take a stand?

Close the primary. Make folks register up to at least a month before the election.  Sure, the Republican Party right now is going through some changes, however, more people understand that conservative values win an election, and that is the most important evidence thus far.

Caucusing will get ugly IMHO, and we all remember the 2010 convention, don’t we?

As far as the idea of a closed primary costing taxpayers, the argument of the rights of the individual should be employed.  I want Republicans electing Republicans.  It is not disenfranchising the vote when we insist that those who wish to vote for a Republican, to declare that they are a Republican.  We mustn’t spend any more time giving our nomination process away.

As for the argument that since Obama is the only one on the ballot, that Democrats will just register as Republicans, and pick our candidate, and then switch back and vote for Obama…that makes me laugh.

You mean to tell me, that Democrats all over Michigan are going register as Republicans?  How are you going to convince a Democrat to register as a Republican and vote for a Republican, but then back to the Democrat?  There will always be the specter of cross-over votes, but with a plan to register voters, rather than the semi-open process we have, we will be more able to have a fair election.

The caucus idea is being floated by mostly Ron Paul tea party types.  Those who loathe the Republican Party, but want to direct it.  I’m a tea party Republican, but I will not stand by and allow my Republican Party to be taken over by isolationist peaceniks who will not stand for Israel.

I stand by, as county chair, to argue in favor of, and ready to register as many Republican voters as I possibly can.
Jennifer Kuznicki, Presque Isle County Republican Chair


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