Republicans Are Holding All The Cards In Debt Ceiling Talks | Jen Kuznicki

The Republican Party must vote unanimously against raising the debt ceiling.

Get past all the rhetoric, look past all the social consequences, ignore the media and do what’s right.

I put a national debt clock on my website about two months ago. Now, I can see, as well as you can, that the per citizen portion of the national debt is over $46,000. I don’t make that in a year. But it has been at about $46,000 for the past two months because we have reached the ceiling, and we are a little over it. It’s bursting at the seams, and easing it will only allow the debt to get bigger.

Raising the ceiling is out of the question, because the Democrats in congress are completely irresponsible, and that $46,000 will be allowed to go up, but my wages won’t.

I am the grassroots. We did not spend every free bit of time last year to elect Republicans, sacrificing time we would have otherwise spent with family and friends, and sacrificing the money it took to travel, send mailings, go door to door, light up the phone lines, go to rallies and so on so that any of them could turn into a bowl of oatmeal when we need leadership.

We took action against this economic destruction, it’s time you draw a line.

Now the President has devolved this argument into suggesting that we need to raise the debt ceiling, and when we do that, we promise to punish millionaires and billionaires and oil companies.

How in the hell does that help me with the $46,000 I now owe that I cannot pay? Don’t try to argue that I don’t actually owe the money, that it is just put there for a reference, because we, as Americans, owe it. The deficit occurs when you guys spend more money than you take in, and now you’ve gotten so good at that, that we are actually considering allowing it to continue? Is everybody nuts?

We aren’t spending money on millionaires and billionaires and oil companies, he is suggesting we take more in revenue from them so we can spend more. Stop me if I’m being too clear!

The full faith and credit of the American People is my back. It’s my husband’s back, my children’s backs, and when they grow up and have families, which is natural regardless of the nation’s economy, they will have to work harder for less pay, I cannot imagine it.

The newest trick the Obama administration is considering is bypassing the congress altogether and relying on an interesting interpretation of the 14th amendment. But as Mark Levin pointed out on last night’s radio show, if he does that, it will be an impeachable offense.

As Javier Toro found out in the Wall Street Journal’s piece, “,”

With less access to credit, many families are finding the only way to make ends meet is to cut spending.

“Every single month you’re struggling, struggling, struggling,” said Javier Toro, 49, a father of three. He makes $13 an hour as a customer service representative at a non-profit that administers a program offering free energy efficiency upgrades to homeowners. The program, funded by the 2009 stimulus law, ends in a few months as government funds dry up. He’s paying about $100 a month to keep current on $3,000 in credit card debt, but making no headway paying down principal. To make ends meet, he’s cut his cable and Internet service, and the fixed telephone line to his rented home.

He said, “You don’t see when this is going to stop.”

And it won’t stop unless all Republicans stand firm on the debt ceiling. Americans are cutting back, government has to, and the 14th amendment compels the President to. Republicans, do not allow the debt ceiling to be raised.

Listen to Mark Levin:impeach.mp3

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    Mark nails it! Good post.