Gas Prices Going Down Because Of Obama’s Crippling Economy

that in states like Michigan, Missouri, and Texas, gas prices will or are falling to below $3 a gallon seems like good news, until you realize the reason.

Prices for oil, gasoline and other commodities dropped last week along with world stock markets over concerns of another recession.

When economies slow, demand for fuel falls as drivers cut back on trips, shippers move fewer goods and vacationers stay closer to home.

Economists caution that gasoline savings, while welcome, won’t matter much to people if the worst economic fears come to pass.

‘Your bill at the gas pump goes down, but it’s going down because there are worries that people won’t have jobs,’ Professor James Hamilton, of the University of California in San Diego, said.

‘The news has not been good.’


Meanwhile, Obama says that voting for a Republican next November will

“The only class warfare I’ve seen is the battle waged against the middle class,�? he said.

Waged by who? The Republicans? How? Obama has been presiding over the worst economy the nation has ever seen. The green scams, the anti-drilling policies, the regulatory leviathan we have is only getting bigger under this POTUS.

As he goes from campaign stop to campaign stop, President Obama is trying to sell another stimulus to the middle class while we are afraid of losing more jobs like we did under the first.

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  1. Glen S. says:

    Anybody with an IQ can see that Mr. Obama doesn't always lie, he only lies while his mouth is moving, Wake up Washington, we don't want another helping of your CHANGE. Mr. Obama is a One-Term President. We need Leadership, not salesmanship. We don't buy the HYPE any longer.

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